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NBC's Bigoted "Momma" in Big Trouble

11/26/2008 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of all racists featured on NBC's upcoming reality show "Momma's Boys" may have been targeted because of her extreme bigotry -- and things could get even worse for her, once this clip gets out.

Khalood Bojanowski (common spelling) -- whose son Jojo is one of the bachelors on NBC's soon-to-air "Momma's Boys" -- has had her MIchigan house vandalized and her German shepherd killed, all before the Dec. 16 premiere of the show.

Cops are investigating whether the attack was triggered by her insane racist comments on the show. But Iraqi-born Khalood is so worried, we're told, she's already been flown to L.A. to get "a security briefing" by a major security firm.

But seriously: Watch the vid ... Omarosa, meet the new reality bitch queen.


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Kirby Laine    

Now I like trashing NBC's choices of late as much as the next guy, but Ben Silverman might actually have something here. If the rest of the show is as entertaining as this mom then I smell a hit. I'm on board. Feel bad about the dog though. That's horrible.

2121 days ago


all you bloggers have forgotten the FACT that we have FREEDOM of speech,race and religion. i guess all of you hate your freedom and will line up for it to be taken away. sheeple!

2121 days ago


You know, I'm not usually one to watch reality shows, but my friend told me about this lady and I have to say that I really want to see what else happens to her. With all the pseudo reality shows out there, it's amazing to see one that truly doesn't end when the cameras stop taping. Agree with what's happened to her or not... this is pretty amazing stuff. Obviously she's done more than just this to have someone want to kill her dog! As sick as that is.

2121 days ago


Now THIS is a dating show. Screw the roses, bring on the Mothers! It's like The Bachelor on crack. The only difference is this actually looks entertaining enough to watch live. Touche from my TiVo.

2121 days ago

new yorker    

That poor dog was killed because of that bigot bitch!???? First the persons responsible for killing the dog NEED TO BE DRAGGED BEHIND A PICKUP TRUCK.... secondly, KILL THE BIGOT- not the poor innocent dog!

2121 days ago


Not that I agree with her views, but she has the right to have them. And so do the many Black, Asian, Jewish, etc people that have the same views she does about their own race.

2121 days ago


She belongs in Iraq - send her back now!!!!!

2121 days ago


I can't wait for this show. Bring on the drama, the tears, and the fake romance--- I mean true love.

2121 days ago


Who cares what they did to her house, but they killed an innocent animal? Whoever did that I hope they burn in hell.

2121 days ago


There is nothing wrong with this lady. It's a free country and if she doesn't want her damn son with blacks or Asians or Jews or whatever, she can feel that way! Who are any of you idiots to say she is sick? Not everybody is a clone and conforms to this twisted society we now live in. I say more power to ya, lady!

2121 days ago


I can understand why she would make someone angry with her, but why take it out on a dog? I hate Rush Limbaugh and want to smack him but I would never drive to his home and hurt his pets or his children.

2121 days ago


She's a hairy loser and she looks like a man. I'm just glad that she didn't poison her son's mind. Kudos to him for running his own life. Also, I feel bad for the poor dog. They should have gone after her instead.

2121 days ago


I happen to know this person. First, she does not hate anybody. The way the questions were asked for her interview, and how she was directed to respond for the camera were for the dramatic effect, for responses from such articles as this one. You have to ask yourself a question ... why would this crap come out now, 3 weeks before the premier of the show? Who got their hands on the house break in, and why did "they" try to tie it in with the show? Who are the ones who would gain by this? "NBC". If you knew her circle of friends you would know she is close with black, white, Hispanic, Muslim, oriental, and, yes, Jews. You have to remember she came from extreme persecution living as a Chaldean Christian in the Muslim world in Iraq. She has faced more persecution while living in Iraq than any race living here in the US. She despises racism. However, when 'prodded' during the interview about very specific types of people she wants for a bride for her son, she gives very specific reasons why should would not like black, Muslim, and Jewish. You will not hear the reasons as they relate to religious difficulties in marriage, or cultural challenges for a black white mix for her son and would be daughter-in-law here in the US. These reasons will not be part of any sound bite portrayed in commercials, media print, nor during the show. Why? 'Cause good stuff just doesn't make for good television and ratings. Period!

2121 days ago


She def sounds Italian...

2121 days ago


the least u want for your kids is what they are going to end up doing..GET OVER IT!! gee this woman needs to stay the F out of her son's life!!! WHY KILL HER DOG?? is not he's fault she's a stupid beotch!

2121 days ago
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