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NBC's Bigoted "Momma" in Big Trouble

11/26/2008 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of all racists featured on NBC's upcoming reality show "Momma's Boys" may have been targeted because of her extreme bigotry -- and things could get even worse for her, once this clip gets out.

Khalood Bojanowski (common spelling) -- whose son Jojo is one of the bachelors on NBC's soon-to-air "Momma's Boys" -- has had her MIchigan house vandalized and her German shepherd killed, all before the Dec. 16 premiere of the show.

Cops are investigating whether the attack was triggered by her insane racist comments on the show. But Iraqi-born Khalood is so worried, we're told, she's already been flown to L.A. to get "a security briefing" by a major security firm.

But seriously: Watch the vid ... Omarosa, meet the new reality bitch queen.


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This woman has some serious anger management issues along with being a bigot. I pity any woman that will end up with her son because you just know she will find a reason to hate her. I just may watch this show to see who the unlucky bachelorette is.

Oh, and whoever killed her dog is SICK!

2120 days ago


It is a free country, and just as she is entitled to be a stupid backwards idiot, we are entitled to express what we think of this piece of trash and her stupid simple minded defenders.

2120 days ago


Im from michigan and I heard about her house being broken into and her dog suddenly died but this show or story was not out fro the locals to even know about her racists comments so im not sure the dog was killed by revenge. it could be a simple break in and the dog was killed because it was a threat to the person breaking in its bad in michigan people losing jobs left and right and theft has become a way of survival for alot of people it so bad people will break in your house with you home so i think this article is false

but I can say one thing is after seeing that video that B*tch can move back to Iraq we dont need her kind in america we have enough rasict a$$holes that where born here we want rid of

from the News :
"The Macomb County Sheriff's Office does not believe the death of Bojanowski's dog and the burglary have anything to do with the TV show. "

2120 days ago


parents need to let their kids decide who they want to marry. you'll end up getting the direct opposite of what you wanted by telling them who they should date or marry. Keep your damn mouth shut, and let them figure it out for themselves. Personally, I think the guy in this case would have to be racist like his mom, if he grew up in that household but hey at least he's trying to cover it up.

2120 days ago


Where's Michael Vick?

2120 days ago


That is beyond sad that some idiot killed her dog because the dogs owner is a moron. That person is indeed just as bad this "woman". By the way, whoever said about her being ok with what she's saying as it's freedom of speech, I think we can all agree that speech such as this crap has no place in any society. For the people replying with their own racist remarks: Pot, meet Kettle.

2120 days ago

MI resident    

The house was NOT broken into because of the show, nor was the dog killed because of it. 2 completely separate events. Not to mention the dog died a week before the house was broken into. Also, what you won't see is why she doesn't want her son with that of another race. How many black, asian, Jewish parents would be proud of their child bringing home another race/religion COMPLETELY different then their own? Ignorance is bliss, and anyone who thinks anything bad should happen to this women is indeed just as sick as those that B&E and poisoned the family pet.

2120 days ago

MI resident    

She is NOT Muslim! What an insult! She's Chaldean ignorant nimrod. What ethnicity are you? Perhaps they ship you back to where your family is from.

2120 days ago


I thought these kind of racist thing were past, I'm not from U.S.A. but I lived there long time ago(35 years ago).Today I am proud to see how a black Man became a President ,how marriages between black and white are very common these days,I wish to be Jewish ,These woman should be in Jail and never be on tabloids or in TV. never again...this is serious(sorry for my English )

2120 days ago

Bleep Blop    

The dog had to go because he was a racist too! You can't trust those German Shepherd's.

2120 days ago

agent smith    

Those using the word 'sheeple',might just be one for using an over used word, lol.

2120 days ago

Bleep Blop    

Doesn't every Jewish mother want their son to marry a "nice Jewish girl". That pretty much implies all of the other races are inferior. How is that any less racist than this?

2120 days ago


53. she is a freaking lunatic muslim bitch! she is not white, she is brown and she a muslim which makes her worse! I dont know why she was allow to be in this country knowing that she came from Iraq, she is probably a terrorist. No wonder the USA bombed Iraq because they have crazy muslim bitches like her there that need to die,

Posted at 5:06PM on Nov 26th 2008 by adriana
She's actually an Iraqi Catholic. Looks like she married a Polish man too by her last name. Also, since she is Arab, she's technically Caucasian, not "brown." BTW, you're even more of a racist b/c you think she's a Muslim and therefore a terrorist. And you want her to die on top of everything else? Girl, you have serious issues. You're just as bad as she is. Get some therapy! Shame on NBC for perpetuating stereotypes.

2120 days ago


this is ENTIRELY no different than when a black man brings home a white woman. I have seen movies that do the same thing as this, but it's a black family not accepting a white person. So...whats the big deal. If it was a black women, we woudln't be seeing this on TMZ.

why are you all bent on reverse racism.

society has you all brain washed.

2120 days ago


It's just terrible that the dog....who is completely innocent ......was killed over this woman's BS......whoever killed the dog is worse than this woman I think and she is pretty bad.....

2120 days ago
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