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NBC's Bigoted "Momma" in Big Trouble

11/26/2008 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of all racists featured on NBC's upcoming reality show "Momma's Boys" may have been targeted because of her extreme bigotry -- and things could get even worse for her, once this clip gets out.

Khalood Bojanowski (common spelling) -- whose son Jojo is one of the bachelors on NBC's soon-to-air "Momma's Boys" -- has had her MIchigan house vandalized and her German shepherd killed, all before the Dec. 16 premiere of the show.

Cops are investigating whether the attack was triggered by her insane racist comments on the show. But Iraqi-born Khalood is so worried, we're told, she's already been flown to L.A. to get "a security briefing" by a major security firm.

But seriously: Watch the vid ... Omarosa, meet the new reality bitch queen.


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Man, that 1st amendment sure doesn't apply when it's speech the PC morons don't like.... Funny that. The only thing that would be illegal for her to do is act on her beliefs, and even then, you'd have to prove she did... Give me a break people... do I think it's asinine to have those opinions? Yeah, so? Rah Rah's "brilliant" comment about not being allowed to live here because of her beliefs..... cute. Morons are on both sides of this argument it seems.

Those who killed her dog should rot in jail for felony animal cruelty. Just because you hate her speech doesn't give you the right to silence her or cause her any harm. God bless the Bill of Rights. God Bless a country where you aren't killed for espousing stupid, hateful, or backward beliefs. People who want to censor this woman and her beliefs can take a ticket somewhere else more in line with their fascist leanings. Censorship of ANY kind has no place in the USofA. You don't have the right _not_ to be offended.

In the immortal words of Bob Zany: "If I've offended anyone tonight.... HOW 'BOUT THAT!"

2123 days ago


thats not 'insane racist comments'. plenty of other races dont like 'inter-marrying'. hell in india they threw a kid under a train for try to date a girl from a different caste!

2123 days ago

Go Suck A D**k!    

Who cares!!!! People will date who they like!

2123 days ago


Ever wonder why people who have little or no black population in their own countries hold racist beliefs about blacks? Go to Southeast asia and you'll meet folks who have never even MET a black person, but hold incredibly racist beliefs about them. Where do these come from? American TV. I grew up as an American in Asia, and it was 70's and 80's American TV that shaped the beliefs of my schoolmates about black people. This woman is ignorant, but she's a product of just the type of brainwashing racism that many Americans spewed during the elections.

And for those saying she should be deported for her speech - ironically we are bombing the crap out of her home country to supposedly impose "freedom and democracy" including the right to free speech. So what, she can't have free speech here in the U.S.? Or does freedom of speech only apply to non-idiots? Remember the edict, ""I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,"

2123 days ago


She is entitled to her opinion and beliefs. But she will also have to realize that her son will grow up and make his own decisions. She should calm down. He hasn't married the girl, just creating a lot of heat and friction in the hot tub.

Interesting that she strongly prefers a white women for her son especially considering that she is not white.

2123 days ago


5. So here you go TMZ promoting hate yourself! Isn't she entitled to her opinion......last time I checked, that is what this "free" country was all about.

Posted at 1:54PM on Nov 26th 2008 by lls

Your comment really doesn't make any sense. Are you for free speech, or against it? TMZ is allowing this woman a greater forum for her opinion, which, if anything, is actually promoting free speech (especially given the content of the opinion).

Along with ALL liberties come responsibilities. You have a right to your opinion, but others have an equal right to object to or otherwise respond to your opinion. If you think that criticism is in any way contrary to free speech, you're better off keeping your opinion to yourself, as you obviously don't understand the liberty of free speech well enough to use it responsibly.

2123 days ago


I had a mother in law like this. The more they make demands the more their kids hate their guts!

2123 days ago


The dog did not deserve to die.

2123 days ago


Gun-Nut...well said.

2123 days ago


What the F did her dog do?????? That makes me more mad than her comments!!!

2123 days ago


Wait a second.. now I am NOT Defending this woman, and how she feels, but everything that came out of her mouth, I have heard before, from MANY MANY Moms over the years! Yeah, okay, You may just be hearing this talk for the first time, but this is honest talk without the BS. My Mom has said it, My Friends Mom's have said it.. I've heard people, women, mothers, whatever, say it like it between each other before since I've been on the Planet! You're telling Me You've Never heard anyone talk like this before??.. I find that very hard to believe. Don't act like, "Oh, How Dreadful!.. What a Horrible Excuse for a Human Being, let alone a Mother!".. BS!.. You're Full of Sh*t! Don't even try it! Again, I'm NOT defending what this woman is saying, I'm just erked at the whole idea of people living in their glass houses with the balls to throw stones at others. Also, She has a Right to Feel the Way She Does, and You have the Right to Feel the Way You Do. Why do You Get to have the Freedom to Speak Your Mind, and She Doesn't?? BS.. Your Wrong!

2123 days ago


This is absolutely horrible, no matter what this woman has said or done, hatred for her or her words and actions should not be taken out against a poor innocent dog. That is simply sickening.

2123 days ago


For someone looking for perfection, she ought to do something about that triple chin she has.

2123 days ago

Jeremy Bosco    

Freedom of speech is one thing, but this is just... just...
Words can't even express how f'ing stupid this GD bitch is, and how much she needs to f'ing slowly and painfully be tortured, to where she screams for that sweet release of death, but it's never given to her.

2123 days ago


This woman sounds terrible, but its also revolting that someone killed her dog over HER comments. The dog obviously would have nothing to do with this, its just a dog. Whoever did it is a sick individual, and for THAT single action, I hope they get whats coming to them.

2123 days ago
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