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Scott Weiland:

'I Still Drink'

11/26/2008 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Scott Weiland finally admitted to what everyone who watched the AMAs this week already knew -- that he still hits the bottle ... hard.

Scott Weiland: Click to watch
On his way to Vegas, the man who's been in and out of drug rehab AND who got a DUI last year, told us, "I still drink, I'm not perfect ... you know?" It's too bad.

Hours later, cameras caught Weiland with a drink in his hand at the Lavo Lounge at the Palazzo. No word on what was in that drink.


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I love him and i don't care if he drinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2159 days ago

arte help    

Give the guy credit, at least he's off the smack.

2159 days ago


Leave Scott alone!!!!!!!!! Who cares what he doe's, he is a grown man and has proven to accept responsibility for his actions!!!
Velvet Revolver Rules!!!!!!
Just saying................

2159 days ago


He is an AMAZING PERFORMER!!!! :-)

2159 days ago


TMZ's "producers" still think it's newsworthy when they spot a celeb smoking a friggin' cigarette, so it's no surprise that they'd take this opportunity to knock Scott Weiland for drinking booze while he's trying to stay off heroin. I hope Scott continues to find ways to stay as healthy as he can, without worrying what anyone in the Thirty Mile Zone has to say about his choices.

2159 days ago


I like him and I am glad to see him off dope at least.

2159 days ago


You know, I saw only a few minutes of the AMAs and he happened to walk out to present Pink's performance. As soon as he started reading his lines I thought this guy must be smacked out of his mind. These news don't surprise me. I guess he is not over from being fired from Velvet Revolver. Actions speak louder than words.

2159 days ago


The guy is a jerk. He canceled a benefit concert for a cancer foundation this year. Costing the foundation thousands and forcing them to cancel the concert and lose over a million dollars that was supposed to be raised to build a new cancer center. No sorry, no excuse from Mr. Weiland. Anyone that thinks that the bottle is more important than the lives of others is a jerk in my book. Talented or not, the guy screwed over thousands of people.

2159 days ago


LOVE, LOVE,LOVE This Guy!!! smooches to Scott Weiland!!!!

2159 days ago


Scott had a telephone interview with Kevin & Bean on KROQ the other day, and I was stunned. It takes the poor guy an hour to put a sentence together. It was very sad. Drugs have a negative lasting effect on the brain, and Scott is a testament to that danger. He needs to stop fooling himself and get help, and he has kids.......??

2159 days ago


This is a free country! As long as he's not DUI or hurting anyone but himself, he can slowly kill himself if he wants to!

2159 days ago


I didn't know he had kids...OK well, keep them out of the picture too, THEN he can do whatever he wants. Still a free country!

2159 days ago


I just think you guys are missing the point. It's not that he can't drink or that this means he's on drugs again. It's just that generally when you are sober you are supposed to be free of all drugs and alcohol, even if alcohol wasn't his drug of choice. Sometimes these things go hand in hand. Hopefully it's not the case.

2159 days ago


Scott is a music genius. Hot as fu@k too. I just hope he can control himself & not be another statistic. Two times and it has rendered me, punch drunk and without bail, think I'd be safer all alone...

2159 days ago


I've met people who are addicted to crack, meth , heroin and alcohol. And I really don't know how anyone can say these other drugs are worse then alcohol. I have seen full grown adults steal from their kids for liquer. I've seen spouses beat the crap out of their wives after they were all lit up. I've heard the excuses along with the hiding and running off. Alcohol should of never been legalized, it does ruin families and lives! So many of our young returning from the military, come home as drunks. Didn't matter if they were or weren't at war. They just came back total drunks. Crackheads are crazy and steal just like the drunk does. Drunks can't hold a job, they steal, they lie , they beat the hell out of family and they are the most selfish people you will ever meet. And the family embarrassement is awful and the drunk doesn't care, they care only about is where they can sneak in their next drink.

2159 days ago
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