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Shauna's Ex Still Stuck in Her Sand Trap

11/26/2008 10:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Though the divorce papers were signed, sealed, and delivered, Shauna Sand's hubby just can't get enough of her -- and the two ran (or wobbled in Romain's case) to the courthouse to call off calling it off.
Shauna Sand: Click to watch
If this isn't love, we don't know what is.


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Roger Moore    

Shauna is sexy, why does everyone diss her so bad. She had 3 kids and still has a knock out body.

2159 days ago


I am so sick of this talentless waste of oxygen. Her face looks like a wax work and not in a good way. I wish she would fall into a sand trap and never come out.

2159 days ago


She looks great but her eyebrows are always too dark. Makes her look like a tranny. I'm just picky. LOL

2159 days ago


They should save the papers so they just have to white out the date next for time......and they will file again.

2159 days ago


Clearly they are playing this game to drum up interest for a reality show.

Speidi meet your future.

2159 days ago


I don't think she looks real, really gross..

2159 days ago


She looks like a bad version of Barbie on cheese? Can someone slap that stupid look off her face? Biker, Happy gobble! :)

2159 days ago


I hope they don't get a reality show. It would be as pathetic as Nick and Jessica's or Katie and whats-his-face. I would rather chew glass and have crows peck out my eyeballs than watch those two losers. A colonoscopy would be more entertaining and less painful.

2159 days ago


She should stay divorced and marry me! I'd bang the crap out of that any which way 'till tuesday!!!!

2159 days ago


What is wrong with people? If you think this woman is hot your sense of beauty is WARPED. She looks like a freak, a mutant. She needs to sue her plastic surgeon because that nose is frightening and the eyebrows. And those hooker shoes, come on? Really?

2159 days ago


ugh a triple barf day with this trashy mess, the Hogan nastiness and Ass-Rod freak show - tooo much ickiness for one day.

2159 days ago


Three words: Too Much Silicone.

2159 days ago


first its greasey bear now this. she aint got no talent except her "looks". why in the hell you keep giving her her
15 min. is beyond me. you must need to fill in your "space". this folks, is sad.

2159 days ago

damn ur dumb    

"We've been back and forth so many times that we are just going to stay married"

Yeah, whatever. Give it 6 months and these attention whores will be filing for a divorce again.

Also, a lot of men like the plastic, cheap, sleazy look so she's only doing what is in high more power to her. Whatever makes that money, honey.

2159 days ago


My god, how pathetic these 2 losers are. These attention whores obviously are playing a game with the media. "We're getting divorced, we're not, we are, we're not". As if anyone cared about them. How selfish. How self centered. How pathetic.

I blame reality TV for creating these attention whoring losers, who think they must live their idiotic drama in the camera's eye, just so they can get the camera looking in their direction. Reality TV encourages people to act out in ways that, if they had the gift of distance, they would look at how they're acting and say "I'm embarrassed about how I'm acting".

To all reality TV people: grow up, get a real job and start acting like a normal human being. No one cares about your victory on "Survivor" or "Dancing with the hasbeens". You'll get your 15 minutes of fame, then the camera focuses on someone else, and you become a hasbeen. Get a life.

2159 days ago
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