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"Twilight" Star's Pipe Dream

11/26/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She's blazing at the box office -- and "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart was blazing on her front steps in L.A. a few days ago as well.


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I cannot belive Kristen Stewart could be so moronic!!! I can't belive she did that at all, and she is just plain STUPID for doing it IN FRONT OF HER HOUSE!!!!! Her acting skills were never all THAT good (though my friend loves her) and now she's smoking junk?! I cannot even BELIVE what this is going to do to her career. She's lucky that they can't choose a new Bella or else she might be outta that movie. I just really thought she was smarter than that. Guess I was Wrong. What a dissapointment. I am just praying though that she won't turn out like Briteny Spears (but she's doing better now, I will admit that) becuase I thought she was a fun addition to the cast. Oh well.

2119 days ago


Okay, so I already said something but I have more. She seemed completely stoned when she was on Letterman! I mean, she said she was going to DRIVE TO RUSSIA! Come on! It's sooo obvious!

2119 days ago


I hope she is not doing anything stronger than pot... next time STAY INSIDE!!!!

2118 days ago


Haha!!! way to go kristen!!! :)

2118 days ago


Maybe she has glaucoma? hahaha

2118 days ago


eh, she's a teenager... who cares? plus it was kind of expected, she has the stoner look about her- some of the photo's she takes she looks completely out of it. as for the guy beside her he looks pretty hot LOL.

2118 days ago


She looks like she needs a blood transfusion.

2117 days ago


Who's to say that she was smoking anything illegal? So many people out there are just ready to judge because she is famous. There are plenty of people out there in the world that do drugs much worse than weed (not saying weed isn't bad or anything) but you aren't condemning them. I don't smoke weed or anything for that matter, but I'm not going to be casting stones just because it looks like she may. She still has more talent than I do.

2117 days ago


and.... that makes her just as real as i am.
she doesn't have to take a drug test for her job, isn't that the reason most people quit anyway? haha.

2116 days ago


I can't believe I just wasted 2 minutes of my life on this. Who cares? So she's smokin' a bowl, so what? Its ok if anyone gets stupidly drunk, but to do something to chill, and it's bedlam out there. The government should legalize pot, period. The only thing I can tell that she is missing is a cup of coffee. It's wake and bake, baby.

2116 days ago


Well this really wasn't unexpected. I think we should all just go smoke a bowl in her honor. It's the right thing to do.

...P.S I really like her dog, it's just chill'n too. Sweet.

2115 days ago


I love how everyone is giving Kristen so much crap about the "driving to Russia from London or Berlin" comment she made on Letterman. Am I the only person on this side of the pond who ever heard of a little thing they opened in 1993 called The Chunnel? You see, it"s this tunnel under the English Channel between England and France. It's train traffic but you can drive to the coast from, say, LONDON, load up your car on the train, cross the tunnel and you end up in France. And I'm fairly certain you can drive to Russia from France. Letterman's audience thought they were so cool laughing at his snarky comment "Let's hope for Berlin". I know he was trying to be funny but he's smart enough to know better. As far as the pipe pics are concerned, I wouldn't put it past her if she did it deliberately hoping it would get out. She's definitely not the type of person to adhere to this "role model" label that people want to foist on any young performer who has an appeal within the teen demographic. Some pick it up and run with it, like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, others, like Kristen, don't feel it is their responsibility or duty to set an example for others to follow. People need to stop being sheep and learn to live by their own standards that they come to through their own thought process, NOT blindly following someone else's life. Anyone who saw Kristen's movie Speak knows how talented she is and I do not think any less of her for smoking pot or whatever it was. I've followed her career since Panic Room and I will continue to watch her work in the future. Hang in there,girl.

2114 days ago


she's still dating michael???

2114 days ago


yessss, i have no interest in the movie twilight at all but props to kristen for being a fat stoner and blazin it on her front steps, what a badass. especially considering the level of paparazzi i'm sure she's been exposed to lately and the attention she knows her actions will receive. finally a REAL role model doing what she wants to do instead of focusing on a fake squeaky clean image. i hope all her fans go out and get high and realize that everything these sheltered anti-drug fanatics are saying is a load of crap. theres all these haters but fortunately for stoners, we can just get high and forget you people exist! real vampires get stoned, yup, blaze it er whattttttttttt.

2113 days ago


if i was a celebrity in a hit movie, i would make a point to blaze as many fat bowls and blunts in public as possible. garner media attention for the sad situation of the completely pointless and stupid war on drugs, kristen, norml could use some celebrity assistance. i think it helps to see a completely harmless and succesful young woman tokin it, it softens people's completely misinformed conceptions about marijuana use.

2113 days ago
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