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"Twilight" Star's Pipe Dream

11/26/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She's blazing at the box office -- and "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart was blazing on her front steps in L.A. a few days ago as well.


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i knew she was always ripped
i bet her and robert always hit up the bong together cuz they both constantly sound stoned as
"uhhh what""????

2105 days ago


She rocks and she's in LA...for all people not in the know, Marijuana has been decriminalied to varying degrees in varying cities in California. For example, if she lives in West Hollywood, you can have up to an eighth of an ounce for personal use and ITS LEGAL therefore SHE CAN SIT OUT THERE ALL DAY AND SMOKE AND WHY DIDNT SHE BRING HER BONG OUT (Im sure it could use some fresh air)

2105 days ago


This is horrible! She is a bad role model.I thought something was up with her while watching her through the movie. This is bad news for the young girls who look up to her. I didn't carry the ring that far for people could smoke weed!

2104 days ago


Omg!! Edward stop her!! She better be careful, charlie might have to arrest her.

2103 days ago


There is nothing wrong with MaryJane =] Get over it already!

2101 days ago


Wow, in picture 4/6 ... white trash much?

2100 days ago


She's my hero!

2099 days ago


If she were smoking something illegal, she wouldn't be on her front steps. Seriously, she's a smart girl. And what's the big deal? I smoke pipe tobacco myself. It's quite delightful.

2097 days ago


Photographic proof that she is human trash.

2097 days ago


Your ppl. are crazy . its no suprise that she is smoking CRACK. REHAB is specially invented for actors who get tried of fame and too much attention.... wtf ... the director said dat she doesnt tolerate B.S. .. well whats wrong with this pic? i wonder
people arent who they seem to be

Consider dat for once...

2096 days ago


Can you people please take it down a few notches?! To all of you that are hyperventilating on this website...PLEASE GO SMOKE A BOWL so you can take that stick out of ur bum. Who gives a flip if she smokes just because alcohol is legal doesn't make it any better than weed. It is actually worse under the influence of alcohol than it is weed. It is her choice to do what she wants with her body and she is only 18 and allowed to have fun. You would be surprised how many people in this world smoke weed and what type of high profile positions they hold. She's not bothering anyone so GET OVER IT!

2094 days ago


i wanna smoke a bowl with her

2089 days ago


so what if your stoner.

2088 days ago


Who Cares she is 17. She is doing what most 17 year olds do.

2087 days ago


Ok, for one... Honey; you're a role model now... to young girls... Keep the weed to a minimum and do it in the privacy of your own home... Geeze... I mean... I've had my fair share... but I wouldn't do it like this... expecially if I was just in a major motion picture with a targeted fan base of young girls in their teen/tween years.... Okie dokie?

And guys, don't bag on her boyfriend... love isn't something she can help- with rehab- like the pot...jk...but still.. you know what i can't help who you love... (But in my personal opinion Rob is wayy cuter and they seemed to have good on-screen chemistry)

Back to the pot- I'd really like to see what her PR is going to say about these pictures... Maybe they'll say it was tobacco... or maybe they'll say she was Smoking it to calm herself from the recent stardom.... Maybe she should lend some to Rob to help with his panic attacks?.... ;)

2086 days ago
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