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"Twilight" Star's Pipe Dream

11/26/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She's blazing at the box office -- and "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart was blazing on her front steps in L.A. a few days ago as well.


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Get a life you idiots...who said its really pot? why is it really any of your ALL anyways??what's the big effin deal?
stop hating on the girl..she got the part for a reason..get a life and stay out of hers...

2126 days ago


nothing wrong with smokin some buds. if anything she needs to smoke more so she can relax during some of her interviews.

2126 days ago


Dummy!! If you're gonna smoke outside, smoke a joint you idiot! There are TONS of Americans who toke, but thankfully don't have a number 1 movie at the box office and have paps looking to take our picture. Clearly she's 18 and VERY naive. That will end quickly as she ends up in rehab next month :)

2126 days ago



2126 days ago



2126 days ago


Leave her be, you judgmental twits. If only the pappos sat outside YOUR house, I wonder what kind of dirt we could get on you. But, you live a private life, so all of your sins take place outside of the eye of the world. Get a life, freaks.

Oh, and for the record, its a bowl, not a bong. Snoogins.

2126 days ago


I personally think that this is none of anyone's business what she does as long as she doesn't do it in the public eye but this is uncalled for. Yes I realize people do that but I used to only believe stupid people do that then this girl that seems intelligent enough goes and does that in the open where many of her fans, TEENAGE fans can see this and think wow this must be okay. Way to set an example girl. Next time she should use her head and not do something so stupid and reckless as sitting on her front porch and smoking weed where everyone and their parents can see it. Also she's going to start looking terrible in her movies and maybe even getting kicked out of business deals because she looks like trash and can't be directed because she thinks her sh** doesn't stink and she's all that. Trust me on this I have friends who are stoners and now all they do is nothing useful to society. Way to go gurl, I hope you're proud of yourself.

2126 days ago


Obviously this girl doesn't realize how famous and popular she at the moment. Still thinks that she can do stupid stuff like this and not have it all over the Internet.

Thanks for the insight, TMZ!

2126 days ago


Geez...girl really needs to eat something she looks like a ghost, hopefully she will get some Burger King after smoking that joint!

2126 days ago


I'd say she got caught red handed!! opps what a dummy!

2126 days ago


As long as she only uses pot and not alcohol, meth, cocaine or heroin. Pot is not a bad choice, its just that the powers that be declared it illegal so anti Vietnam protesters wouldn't have such an open mind and share their opinions of an unpopular war. Pot isn't as bad as alcohol, yet alcohol is legal. Why is that???

2126 days ago


Maybe she has glaucoma?

2126 days ago


70, your reaction over Kristen being critized makes it ironic that your telling others to get a life.

Why is it any of your business what others think of her? Her being slammed for smoking pot in public doesn't affect you so why act like it's a personal attack against yourself. Take your own advice.

2126 days ago


Everyone worrying about the message this will send to kids need to stop and think a moment. If it was legal, the government could regulate (not to mention tax) cannabis, and therefore make it harder for minors to get it. How does that work you ask? Because drug dealers dont check IDs. I bet you could go up to any kid and they will tell you it is easier for them to go get a bag of pot then for them to go buy a six pack. Marijuana itself does not cause health problems, its the way you ingest it (IE smoking usually). Marijuana is actually quite beneficial to some peoples health. It alleviates the pain and nausea associated with chemo therapy and cancer, relieves the pressure behind the eyes caused from glaucoma and relieves the symptoms, and has been shown in european studies to slow and in some cases stop the spread of lymphoma cancer. Our prisons are so over crowded we are letting rapists and robbers go before they have served even half of their sentence, while non violent pot smokers are still getting locked up. Prohibition doesnt work , I thought we learned that with booze. Educating America is the only way to stop the failing "Drug War".

2126 days ago


dum dum! and kinda trashy. oh but i still love her. she's beautiful and different

2126 days ago
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