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"Twilight" Star's Pipe Dream

11/26/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She's blazing at the box office -- and "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart was blazing on her front steps in L.A. a few days ago as well.


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C-L-A-S-S-Y! I don't care what she does in her private life, but good lord, can she look anymore lame for not being more discreet? I mean, she's all barefoot with her bf toking and crap, it's just low class looking. She looks straight out of a "Cops" segment, for crying out loud, and the girl just got a 12 million dollar payday to be in the sequel. I'd rip her a new one if I was her agent.

2104 days ago


She's smoking pot, not CRACK! She's in no danger of becoming Amy Winehouse- she's not club-hopping with Lindsay Lohan, she's having a toke and mellowing out on the steps. How does one conclude that this makes her an addict, or one who smokes every single day, like Bill Maher and Paul McCartney, who are hardly dysfunctional. Let's not jump to conclusions... I'd be more worried if she were swigging from a bottle of Crown Royal...

2104 days ago


It seems like both Stewart and Pattinson are either stoned or drunk in ALL of their interviews. Plus, it is somewhat sad that they do not seem to get why teen girls like the series, it almost seems like they are putting down the fan base. And seriously, smoking on your front porch!? Wow, not so bright.

2104 days ago


This girl has been in like 2 major movies. She is already getting a major attitude. Now she thinks she is untouchable apparently.

Kristen Stewart actually referred to fans who hung around the set of Twilight, etc. as "retarded"; she either referred to the ACT of hanging around the set OR the actual fans as that way. She needs to thank her lucky stars to have this role. This could very well make her a household name. Other than being the extremely fugly kid from that Jodie Foster movie Panic Room, oh, and The Wild, I don't know anything else with her in it. At least she blossomed well, kind of like Michelle Trachtenberg (sp?) She was hideous as a kid, too, but gorgeous now. Hopefully, Kristen Stewart's personality will catch up with her looks. Oh, and her brain too. Hope it doesn't rot too bad but from the sound of these posts, sounds like it is already on the way.

2104 days ago


OK, I was a dork in high school and never tried pot. Even in college so forgive my naivete here, but is there any way that she might be smoking something other than pot, like just tobacco and trying to make herself look cool or more cutting edge than she really is? Could it be just for image? She HAD to know she would be autographed, I mean she's been hounded since before the movie even opened. Remember when Demi Moore and some of the A list actresses got on the smoking cigars kick? It looked dumb but everyone thought it was funny and hip. Could she be going for that look?

2104 days ago


Seriously...its just weed...Obama smoked it why cant she...??? I smoke everyday...and i have a great job and my test scores in college were HIGHER than anyone in 7 years...Its not crack or heroin...SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY!

2104 days ago


I agree. I think she was on crack when Letterman interviewed her because she was real twitchy. She needs to get an education, not just a GED. You can't drive to Russia from London, dear. She's lucky Letterman didn't push that joke further.

2104 days ago


Not surprised at all. It kind of makes sense if you think about it. Stoned Kristen=flat performance in Twilight. Time to find a new actress for #2. Although she is pretty, I pictured Bella different in the books. It's a shame all the young girls will see her lighting up and think that it's cool.

2104 days ago



2104 days ago


you know how much stress this girl is probably under? it's better for her to be smokin' the pot then getting into anything more serious like so many other celebrities.. it probably wasn't the best idea to be doing this outside, but give her a break.

2104 days ago

oh hush up    

so what she smokes weed.. ohhhh she still made you ALL go see the movie... yes she shouldnt have done in the open, she should have rolled it into a doobie.. But oh well she didnt.. shes a stoner big deal.. Im sure all her movies are not gonna suck cause she smokes weed.. Enjoy her moives and her work and F off bout her pot smoking.

2104 days ago


Ok so I am not totally up on drug paraphernalia but does it neccessarily have to be something illegal in that pipe. I know this may sound naive but couldnt it just be like tobacco? And as for the interviews, it has got to be nervewracking to, i dont want to say suddenly but come on she wasnt that famous before so, suddenly become famous and have to do a bunch of interviews, and is up until all hours of the night. All this doesnt mean she has to be getting high. Not all up and coming actresses are drug users. I like believing that in general people are good, until they prove otherwise. So sue me and leave her alone.

2104 days ago


oh big wup.. who care she is 18 she is old enoght to smoke if she wants of course legall stuff i dont think she is smoking anything illegal she seems very mature for her age and also very family oriented she is not stupid to do something illegal in the streets so what ever,... i still think she is such a good actress and i dont just jdge for her twilight role.. and she is really pretty and mature.. i think she will be one of the biggest stars..

2104 days ago


i wonder if celebrities get better drugs than common folk.

2104 days ago


wow. she was my favorite actress......not so much any more. this explains a lot though. she always seems out of it and now i know why! i can't believe she wants to spend her hard earned money on pot and ruin her life like this! its just sad!

2104 days ago
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