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"Twilight" Star's Pipe Dream

11/26/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She's blazing at the box office -- and "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart was blazing on her front steps in L.A. a few days ago as well.


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haha, i love her even more than i did before. and michael is hot... she's lucky

2054 days ago

Zebedee Doodah    

I am thinking I would still like to have sex with her, even is she likes for to smoke of the marijuana. She is still beautiful woman of nice breasts, and would probably have sex with me while under influence of this.

2054 days ago

Bloofer Ladu    

Hey, if I had to do this movie, I'd have to do it stoned too. The books and all are so terrible, it must be hard to deal with them when you're not.

2054 days ago


To me this just makes things better. She is a real human who may not always do the right thing. But now you know that she's not just "Bella". She is real. As a green lover myself I think it's awesome. lol. And just because she doesn't really know what to say in interviews doesn't mean that all the green has gotten to her. At 18 with all this attention being put on her, there's a lot of pressure. It is possible that she gets nervous people! Maybe she should toke before an interview lol. Just because she's a celebrity doesn't mean that she has to be put on a pedestal and be judged. I'm guessing that more often than not normal everday people like you and I, sit on our steps too and light up once in awhile. Relax.

2054 days ago


Okay it could be anything in that pipe..tobacco?
really guys

and this is SO not worse that vanessa hudgens unshaved vajayjay!
or slutty cyruses pictures

2054 days ago


Why does it matter what she does???

it's their life so we shouldn't freak out about what they do I mean kristen and rob aren't gonna change just because of fame so I mean we should respect them for that and not think bad things just because of some photos we see I mean they do have lives besides acting and doing the celeb stuff so idc I love her still no matter what plus I already knew she smoked lol plus rob drinks and acts drunk sometimes when we see him in pix lol so its w/e they are still great at what they do and they aren't gonna change themselves because they are real inside and out and they don't care what ppl think I mean plus she is a strong independent person and just because ppl don't agree with her smoking or w/e doesn't mean she is a bad person I mean normal ppl get high? and drink and smoke so why should it matter if celebs do it? yeah they are role models but kristen isn't trying to be a role model for little kids I mean she is 18 and she is allowed to make her own choices so really TMZ and everyone needs to back off of celebrities personal lives

2054 days ago


Wow. On screen she is pretty. But in these photos she looks like just another unwashed loser stoner.

2054 days ago


this was so shocking!!!

she better stop

its making bella look bad

this better be for her movie the one she plays a stripper

2054 days ago


you guys need to stop being jugdemental. Let the girl do whatever the hell she wants to do. I have a new found respect for her. GO KRISTEN!

2054 days ago



Oh wow, I hate Twilight, and seeing this is just great!

Durr hurr stoner Bella!

2054 days ago


What a RETARD !!

This is the same RETARD that called her fans RETARDED for being excited about the movie before it came out.

The same fans that paid to see the movie over and over - which contributed to her getting more opportunity to star in the sequels. What a waste of money. They should recast Bella and get a professional actress that can handle the part and the publicity...

2054 days ago


An actor's life for me
A high silk hat and a hit of pot
A watch of gold til my face is shot
Hi diddle dee dee
You sleep till after two
You promenade a big cigar
You tour the world in a private car
You dine on chicken and caviar
An actor's life for me!

2054 days ago


Haha. That's my girl.

2054 days ago


Ok for all of you people saying teenagers are watching her do this and this is a bad example, that's crap. I'm a teenager and this had no affect on me at all. It's not like we are just going to smoke now because she does. We actually think for ourselves. You act like teenagers are stupid and we do everything that we see. Stop underestimating us and stop talking about her. She has a life and she is free to live it however she wants. I'm pretty sure most of the people who have commented drink and that is just as bad. Don't be a hypocrite.

2054 days ago


surprise, surprise.

2053 days ago
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