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ATL 'Housewife'

Scores Diamond With Turkey

11/28/2008 8:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Who cares if her last sugar daddy was "technically married?" Kim from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" ain't ever gonna do better, at least in the bling department.

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What a tranny.

2163 days ago


UGLY TRANNY with a face like a horse, you can saddle that old mare right up and ride her. She should have skipped the bling and begged to have her face remodeled, or at least ask him to ride Western so he's have something to hold onto with her mane got into his ........................ HER FACE IS REALLY UGLY over and out!

2163 days ago


I can't wait until her album comes out. Who would've thought you spelt cat "K-A-T"?

2163 days ago


Can you imagine what kind of desperate, needy, weeny-man would pay anything for this incompetent, amateur, skank gold digger? She's the kind of skank other skanks call a skank.

2163 days ago


I thought it was called the Real Housewives of Atlanta?
They need a better title"The Real HorseFace of Atlanta, The Real WHore of Atlanta, or The Real Have u Been tested Lately WHore of Atlanta

2163 days ago


Did anyone notice the fact that she was STILL lying her UGLY man-face off, when she is showing off her fake ass bling she supposedly got from who-ever the shameful piece of VD infested crap "big poppa" is?!?! She was leading the cameraman to believe she was getting married to him, then all the sudden she "slightly" mentions she isn't seeing the married assclown any longer! What "man" would wanna stay hidden, if he loves her enough to spend that kind of money on her?? Lastly, she throws her SUPPOSED best friend "she by sha-gay" under the bus, telling the world how she is still married and dates! We already knew that, but it is just like him, oppsss, I mean Kim, to do/say something like that! TMZ should stop wasting precious time, and film on such a waste of space air bandit! I would rather watch a video of Vic's dog poo! (Least that's something prettier to look at, then that tranny!!!!!) THANK YOU!

2163 days ago


She earned that bling dressing up as nurse stripper "Barbie"at the Cheetah in Atlanta which big Pops owns

2163 days ago


An obnoxious watch and ring for an obnoxious woman.

2163 days ago


got to give it to her she held her own . what i dont understand is she is not a housewife ? ne- ne rules but can be scary they all seem like ex hookers who fell into some $
loved the queen who came on and funny enough all the talk about kims wig .... dont all those ho's have on wigs ?? just saying

2163 days ago

Stephanie Goldmin    

She should have Bobby Trendy decorate her house for chrismas shes the new Anna Nicole Smith!

2163 days ago


I don't care what she says, she must be at least 48-50. Hag.

2163 days ago

Guess Who?    

She's such a slut. Married is married, he is still connected to and responsible for another person/family. He is NOT your man. If he wants you the way you think he wants you he needs to make whatever sacrifice to make you an honest woman. What a lesson to teach your daughters.

2163 days ago


Her eyebrows are worse than those of Boy George. All she is missing is the blue ear (sooooo 80's).

2163 days ago

Mr. Obvious    

a lot of jealous black b!tches hatin on here... you got nothing to worry about... ya see Kim expects the man to buy...
that leaves your fat blondie lovin, crack whore lovin, I aint buyin nothin men all to you selfs.

2163 days ago


I really hope she reads this. If you can see this, bitch, fust FYI- you make me and the rest of America want to vomit our guts up. Please, for the sweet LOVE of God, make yourself disappear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2163 days ago
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