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ATL 'Housewife'

Scores Diamond With Turkey

11/28/2008 8:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Who cares if her last sugar daddy was "technically married?" Kim from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" ain't ever gonna do better, at least in the bling department.

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ya right    

I never cared for KIm, but I honestly did feel a little bad for her in the reunion show. I thought Lisa hit a good point at the end when she said that Kim has an obsessiveness with lying that she needs to get help with. I agree 100%. They all may have fabricated a bit o make themselves look better, but Kim really crossed the line when she said she 'had cancer' and was going through treatments, but then retracted her statement by saying that they actually didn't find cancer but found 'a bunch of other things' that she rather not talk about. She does need help, not only for herself but for the sake of her two kids and the embarrasment that they will undoubtedly have to endure. If it is that obvious to a simpleton like me ---- I think it is a shame that producers are not actively trying to help her and instead displaying her obvious mental health issues for our entertainment. Remember Paula Godspeed from American Idol, anyone?

2153 days ago


I love how Kim feels she's so beautiful. Hey Kim! You're mediocre at best! Oh, yeah I forgot, I'm just jealous! And as far as you being a good mom, forget it! Wearing a low cut top at your daughter's birthday party was outrageous!

2153 days ago


I love Nene, but I do feel she overreacted by screaming at Kim during the reunion show. And then there was the other ridiculous Lisa, who was also going to flip over the couch to hurt her. Poor woman...I don't think anyone deserves to be intimidated on national television. Clearly her lies could be seen and heard, there was no reason to threaten her. Nobody screamed or harassed Sheree and she deserves it. That man Sheree is disgusting inside and out.

2153 days ago


The Real Housewives of Atlanta has potential to be the funniest show on TV. Housewife Kim, to my friends and I is the best one of them all. She's quite the backbone to be the only white chick in a pool of classless hotlantians. There will always be haters in life, when people have/do/say things others cant, what else can people do but hate. Although she may never be the next Dolly Parton, shes enjoying herself, and if she sells a few million records, great for her. These housewives let America into their personal lives, for our entertainment, if you dont like it, change the channel. What can I say besides people love to hate.

2153 days ago


Tranny overdosed on bling. Too bad those two little girls of hers have to look up to her. Barf...

2153 days ago

ashanta flowers    

She is pathetic! She is a liar and a slut. I hope whoever "Big Poppa" wife is, she slaps that ugly hair piece off her head. She is so fake and full of bull.

2153 days ago


Chase, honestly! "Although she may never be the next Dolly Parton, shes enjoying herself, and if she sells a few million records, great for her." I was fine with what you were saying until this statement. Do you honestly think she could ever sell a few "million" records? Maybe if she was young enough (which she's NOT) she could be one of those people they make fun of on American Idol. They all believe they can sing, too! I would love to meet the few MILLION people who would actually buy a record from this woman. In case you haven't seen it, please look up the parody that Bonnie Hunt did of Kim and NeNe on Youtube! It is so hysterical, all of my friends have passed it around and around. Everyone is laughing their asses off!!

2153 days ago


Someone needs to show this tranny where her lipline is, and show her how to stay within it with her disgusting 80's baby pink lipstick. She stays within the lines as well as my 3 year old nephew does in his coloring books.

2153 days ago


omg..its the second time this week im commenting on this "real housewive of Atlanta" which this imposter is not real, a housewife, nor lives in Atlanta..hows Gwinettt county going for you "Phlem"..good to see shes eating at Atlantic Station,,drove the 20 minutes into Atlanta to go eat at Gesiha House..huh?? I like how the Paps are in ATL now where were you guys when my friends and I were popping bottles with Young Jeezy and Dallas Austin at Geisha House..I say leave those old Hags alone Bravo and contact the Real Atlanta Girls....we'll make the city proud or shock the World...well Nene can come cause must always have a girl that can hang around!

2153 days ago

Proud American    

Kim is not a housewife, she's a mistress. Since when did it become socially acceptable to be a home-wrecker, and flaunt it in public? She has two young daughters that are exposed to this. Are they to believe that what their mother is doing, is ok? The whole thing is repulsive. What happened to morals and values? If this man wanted to be with her, he would have divorced his wife. How can you call someone your man, when they're sleeping in another womans bed? Kim needs to get her priorities straight, and stop selling herself short for material things.

2153 days ago

Seerr Max    

I hate to say it,....but she does look like a tranny. I remember watching The Bonnie Hunt Show, and this idiot showed up unannounced. and wanted to be on Bonnie's show.She was on the air for a few minutes, talked about her 'sugar daddy' and went on and on about her blossoming singing career. She tried to break into a tune,.....and go gosh, thatbitch cannot sing, was pretty bad.

2123 days ago

Nana Banana    

Loved the comment" a skank other skanks would call a skank.". I'm going to use it. And ITA!

1437 days ago
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