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Beckhams Take in the TomKat Circus

11/28/2008 3:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David and Victoria Beckham and fam celebrated the American holiday of Thanksgiving, by Scientolojoining the TomKats at the Big Apple Circus in NYC.

Tom gave little adorable Suri the day off from parading through the streets of Manhattan so she could enjoy the festivities, along with her siblings/Nicole Kidman's children, Isabella and Connor.

As usual, Katie walked a tight rope between dead eyes and vacant stare.


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11. Chantal..... you must be living in a bubble because what you see isn't what we are seeing. Katie seems very sad, she's to young to look miserable. And who is Jada Pinkett-Smith to tell anyone about Katie and Tom? I'm sure if Katie and Tom were having a miserable relationship they wont tell any of their star friends because just like many other celebrities they don't like to share their real life with others. Tom is a whacky guy, he's beliefs are insane and I'm sure that Katie has been brain washed. Ruuuunn KATIE Runnn…. Have you all noticed ever since she got married to the whack job Katie doesn't work, whatever happen to her tv shows?

2121 days ago

Skanks R Us    

Thats strange,, Kati and Suri, look completly normal to us

2121 days ago


Suri NEVER smiles. She is paraded around for public view with those silly big dresses and dress up shoes, CONSTANTLY!!!! Its as if Tom says (orders) his wife: " I am off to make another bad movie, YOU parade my kid around all day, and dont come home until she is PHOTOGRAPHED at least 5 times so the world can SEE what kind of beautiful child I created! POOR KATIE, POOR SURI. Instead of Save Katie Committee, there should be "GET SURI TO THE GAP AND THEN WITH SOME OTHER KIDS COMMITTEE!" ha ha I crack myself up!

2121 days ago


OMG! Thats Connor and Isabela on either side of them too! Big day at the Cricus, oh thank you daddy, thank you daddy! TomKat trys to act all normal and down to earth but BOO on the Circus folks for allowing them to SNAG front row seats, its like, look we are a normal family out, BUT we get FRONT ROW SEATS cuz we are RICH! $

2121 days ago


2. Well, at least Suri is in away from the cold.....since her mother feels no need to ever put a coat on her.

Has anyone ever seen this little girl smile? Or playing with children her age? I can't wait for her tell-all will the hottest thing since Christina Crawford's "Mommy Dearest".

Posted at 1:14PM on Nov 28th 2008 by not2breckonedwith

I suspect that book might be titled "Daddy Dearest" or "My Mom The Android"

2121 days ago


I wonder if the older kids spend much time with Nicole.

2121 days ago


Celbutards at their finest.

Fact: Tom, John and Will are gay. Katie, Kelly and Jada are well paid for what they do and their own reputations, behaviours are protected by the Cult they belong to. If any of these women speak out against Scientology or the gay men they are paid to protect ...

Google Lisa McPherson.

Katie looks terrible. She has done for a while now. It's rumored that she understands what it means now to be a part of the Tom Cruise Circus and wants out. Obviously she can't just LEAVE Tom like that. He will "dump" her as he did Nicole, citing that like Nicole, Katie knows what she did when asked about the marriage breakdown.

Tom Cruise could not sire a child with any other woman prior to Katie.

Tom Cruise paid the father of Katie's baby a lot of money to keep quiet.

2121 days ago


Is anyone else sick of seeing celebs in the front row of every sporting/entertainment event?

2121 days ago


I feel their marriage is not dealing with some serious stuff--you never hear of them having romantics away trips anymore--they celebrated their 2 year anniversary with the other 2 kids---thats a no-no--he before got a plane and flew her to napa valley and they had wine in a middle of vineyard--thats romance>

2120 days ago


One day katie is gonna want her life back, I hope it is not too late for her when she decides to make a break for it. Run Katie run, no amount of money is worth losing yourself!!! run katie run.

2120 days ago


I think they have lost that " lovin feelin" ... the Lust stage is ova

2120 days ago


So I figured Katie and Victoria would at least sit near each other and chat like normal women. Oh wait....


2120 days ago

HA HA    

You people are sooo jealous !!! I think Tom and Katie are wonderful parents ! They are always with their kids and they look very happy. You really need to stop hating and get your own life !

2119 days ago


Suri does not wear socks or coats. Decidedly strange. Tom wants to portray a certain image, I guess. Suri always looks confused, and the Momma looks like she is from Outer Space. He IS from Outer Space. Ever hear him talk ??

2118 days ago


I ued to be a BIG FAN of Katie and I'm VERY Concerned about her. She NOT only doesn't smile lke she used to but she keeps losing wait, looks like death is coming. I truly think after having the Baby nad putting up with Tom, she's in a DEPRESSION. But she won't be getting help (therapy) for Scientoly don't believe in therapy is you are depressed.

What goes around, comes around. remember how Tom bashed as a Non-Believer of Depression AFTER having a Baby Baby Blues, and insulted Brooke Shields. WELL, IT certiantly looks like NOW Katie is having this Problem. Will she get help? NO Their religion doesn't Believe in it. I feel so sorry for Katie.
Katie used to be Beautiful. Her weight has taken that from her, of course she is still attractive but she just doesn't have that HEALTHY Beautiful look she had. The baby didn't do this to her It's the dieting. The dieting is also PREVENTING her of NOT getting pregant again and Tom admits he wants her to gain weight so she can get pregnant again.

2061 days ago
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