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Britney's Return to "Live" Performing

11/28/2008 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If by "live" you mean she was alive, then yes -- this counts as a live performance.

Britney Spears performed "Womanizer" at a German awards show yesterday. At least she looked conscious this time.


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78.katie..... you have alot to learn, real singers sing and dance retard.....

2091 days ago

vile comments    

"At least she looked conscious this time."

emphasize on "at least". this song is so boring.

2091 days ago


It is amazing that a no-talent white trash trailer park skank has an audience willing to watch her. Unreal.

2091 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

86. It is amazing that a no-talent white trash trailer park skank has an audience willing to watch her. Unreal.

Posted at 2:16PM on Nov 28th 2008 by Crackhead

Britney is going to continue to draw audiences and sell videos. It doesn't matter that she lip syncs or that she has emotional problems or that she doesn't dance as well as she did before. She will continue to have popularity and to be able to make money as a performer.

Deal with it.

2091 days ago


Yes, to have popularity and to be able to make money as a performer is all that matters in life. If you're an idiot.

2091 days ago


Yes, You go Brit!! I'm so glad to see that some People out there are speaking up for her. For way too long the uneducated, mindless haters have ruled this young lady's cyberspace!! Thank you compassionate, caring few!! The rest of you can kiss off, you wouldn't recognize real talent if it sat on your keyboards and whistled " Yankee Doodle" in your face!!

2091 days ago


she has never been a good lip syncher or dancer. she has always relied on her looks the few moves seen here. the sad smile at the end is heartbreaking.

2091 days ago


I think she really sang, she may have lip-synched some but I think i could hear her actually singing. I thought she did great!!!

2091 days ago


Pay attention kiddos! This is the result of the effects of Ecstacy.

She will never dance as she did in her heyday because her brain is no longer capable of either learning the moves or coordinating her body to do what it's supposed to do.

I just feel so sorry for her. She was too dumb to realize what she was doing to herself and now she's lost everything that's precious. Forget about the money and the fame - I'd rather have a fully functioning brain any day.

Someone mentioned she should quit while she's a little ahead. Go get a nice house to raise your kids in, take some parenting classes, teach dance or something .... You really cannot go back. Move forward in a different direction and get a real purpose in life (like SP and JJ). Please.

2090 days ago

Countess Rain83    

im glad she actually put in the work of learning the dancing routine this time and am glad she looks more fit, but they could of given her a better outfit that doesnt look like granny panties......

2090 days ago


You make such a big deal of Britney returning to the stage not a fat slob but for lip synching (again!) What idiot pays to see someone lip synch??? Britney's lip synching is equal to Danny Bonaduce playing the bass on The Partridge Family with no strings!

2090 days ago


She did a great job. She is on her way to being a Super Star again. Love the look...

2090 days ago

Greg's Wifey    

that would suck to have to "be back". poor brit. she got famous at 15. i feel bad for her. no wonder she went nuts. good for her for doing the best she can for her kids. she's not like, amy winehouse or something.

2090 days ago


come on guys the performance was great, if the reception was lukewarm it's because the audience were MOSTLY OLD FARTS, really have a look, not many young people, just pompous middle aged people, where was the young crowd? probably waiting outside 'cause they couldn't afford tickets, lcok closely it's not hard to see that.

2090 days ago



2090 days ago
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