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Iron Mike Plows Through Iron Gate

11/28/2008 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Mike Tyson is coming to visit you for the holidays, make sure you leave the door unlocked.

The out-of-control boxer was waiting to enter a gated community in Las Vegas Thanksgiving morning when he became frustrated with how slow the gate was taking to open -- so, according to KTNV, he rammed his Black Escalade into the gate until it fell down. Tyson smash!

But Las Vegas Metro Police say the destruction was a total accident. They issued a sobriety test on the scene, which Tyson passed. After Tyson destroyed the structure, he was ticketed. Get this -- cops actually allowed him back inside the private community to finish his visit.

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2158 days ago


Seriously, what has this man done to his face with those cheesy tattoos? He looks like a pit bull to begin with ... wait that gives pit bulls a bad name, so I take that back. The face art and grill just add whole 'nutha level of odd.

2158 days ago

my 3 cents    

Don't get Hulk mad. Hulk mad.......Hulk bashes!!!!

2158 days ago

damn ur dumb    

He's an animal. Forget anger management. This man needs to be shot with a tranquilizer gun and put away.

2158 days ago


Anybody who can blow through 300 Million Dollars and end up broke isn't dealing with a full deck anyway. Does it really surprise anyone that Mike Tyson did this to a gate? He bit a big old chunk of ear off of Evander Holyfield - what's next Mike? I don't know why he dosen't try that extreme cage fighting. Should be right up his alley. Plus it would help to get some of that aggression out of him. SCARY DUDE.

2158 days ago


amazing what one women can do to a man thanks robin givens

2158 days ago

Kid Charisma    

The cops said it was an accident. Before everyone here took out their tranquilizer guns and passed judgment, did you ever think that maybe it was an accident and he got his foot stuck on the accelerator? It happens to me all the time except I run over garbage cans.

2158 days ago


I agree: "Amazing what one women can do to a man. Thanks, Robin Givens." I've seen news reports here and there about Mr. Mike Tyson and his bizarre behavior, but I still like him. The gate was probably raggedy to begin with and moving slowly--and I may have FELT like ramming thru it myself if it were me. But like I say: "Amazing what one women can do to a man. Thanks, Robin Givens."

2158 days ago

pattie in cali    

this guy is out of control, nothing more than a has been. your done wacko mike, you need to go away, stay away from people, you no better than the rest of us, calm down, grow up, try being an adult. its nice, stop being a downer. we all know your here, grow up.

2158 days ago


It's a new Escalade. I doubt the gas pedal sticks and I doubt his foot got stuck. The only thing defective is his temper.

2158 days ago


He is a retard, the guy is really a retard. He has mental problems always has! Lock the crazy bastart up and lose the key. Indiana locked his ass up we don't like rapist. Robin Givens did'nt make him the way he is, Didn't he beat her as i recall and as a teen he tryed to rape a girl. He is a animal period!

2158 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Posted at 12:54PM on Nov 28th 2008 by Kid Charisma

Please. Spare me the rant and the poor excuses. Whatever the case, this man has only himself to blame for whatever judgment is being passed on him.

2158 days ago

To see or not to see    

Hello! Grammar Rehab Center calling

#5. 12:19PM Catrocky wrote: "amazing what one WOMEN can do to a man thanks robin givens"

If you write "women" they sould be at least two because this word is the plural of "woman"

2158 days ago


Whack job, needs to be on an electronic collar

2158 days ago



2157 days ago
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