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Looks Like

He Sprayed It

11/28/2008 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Alert! With his best orange self-tanner and favorite frosted Barbara Walters weave in place, Barry Manilow hit the "Today" stage on Friday.

FYI -- Manilow's music was used as a form of punishment in Colorado, where a judge forced noise violators to endure an hour of Barry's music ... and so far, the research shows the method was effective -- the number of repeat offenders in that particular court is down.


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I will never like the man again after his childishness with the view, refusing to go on stage if Elizabeth was there. he is not grown up enough he can ot share the stage with someone he differs in opinion with. What a baby. He looks ridiculous, go away barry no one wants to here you!
remeber in Austrailia they used his music in public areas to keep the kids from congregating, hahahaha, go away you childish aging has been!

2154 days ago


I didn't know skeletor could get an Oompah Loompah tan.

2154 days ago


Tasteless and over!

2154 days ago


Uh, Barry? You used to be cute, with the white piano and all. But those days are gone now, grown up and find some peace and love, man. On LKL you said you had no idea if you were paid for a promotion like you are not sure how and when you are paid for performances? HUH? I think, Barry, it's time for a reality check!

2154 days ago


OK, maybe I am being a little testy, but stop using Amber Alert to descrbe idiot celebrities that use too much tanner. Amber Alert was formulated as a means to get the word out when a child goes missing. A girl named Amber lost her life and this was brought about to honor her and to hopefully stop it from happening again. How dare you trivialize something like this. Show us some intelligence for once and come up with some other snappy way of mocking the stupid.

2154 days ago

northern gypsy    

right-on MOE...

2153 days ago


Runner up for the "Weird Michael Jackson plastic surgery" award.

2153 days ago

ACLU member    

This idiot will not pass the first round of American Idol. Frankly speaking, I just don't know why he is qualified to be a singer!

2153 days ago


Barry Manilow sucks and he's fruity!!

2143 days ago

Gill Waker    

His big fat ass wife like him that color so he glows in the dark and she doesn't flatten him in da sack

2123 days ago

Gill Waker    

I saw him with his significant other in New York where they have an apartment. sure she's big but she's very pretty and it's obvious they adore each other. so what if he spray tans? what harm is he doing anyone? Good luck to you and yours Barry and let all the nay and gay sayers go f@!* themselves. You rock! BB

2123 days ago

Gill Waker    

oh this is old news people. He has been with the same gal for years and word in SoCal is that they have kids. She was just in Vegas and will be there again. She was in London too. They are inseperable but private but if you know who to look for and where to go, you will see them. B is a smart cookie and keeps his personal life out of the public eye. He knows how to play it. They are happy and fake tan means diddly. As for vile comments about his ladys weight, these should be ignored. If Barry doesn't care then who are we to bitch?

2123 days ago

Gill Waker    

Geneva you made me laugh out loud.

Fat ass wife + orange plastic husband = fugly kids

Manilow hasn't had a hit in decades. Maybe fat ass is all he can get now. Perhaps he stays orange to stop her eating him? LOL LOL LOL LOSER!!!!!!!

**I believe in destiny and the future is ours to create - Life is what you make it**

2123 days ago

Gill Waker    

How nasty you people are!
Have you thought that he has to wear a helluva lot of make up to make these TV shows? I've see Barry off stage many times and he looks perfectly ordinary!! Why does everybody always make fun of one of our countrys best and gfted entertainers? So frickin what if hes got an overweight wife or whatever? Does it affect your life? No. We live in a democracy. We can love whomever we choose, He also hapens to be a really nice guy which indicates to me he has a happy home life so back off and go find someone who deserves your nastiness.

Kelly Merrow, LA

2122 days ago

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