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MILK Does the Body Good

11/28/2008 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 68-year-old loose cannon resurfaced at some event, looking like she could use a gay best friend.

After a boycott of orange juice was started due to the negative publicity surrounding her political campaigning, Anita's contract with the Florida Citrus Commission was not renewed. In 1998, Miami re-authorized an ordinance protecting individuals from discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Despite being a devout evangelical Christian, Anita divorced her first husband in 1980.


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This proves that beauty is only skin deep and UGLY is to the BONE!

2154 days ago


Wow after all this time, I thought she was burning in hell somewhere. Oh well, she'll be there soon.

2154 days ago


You people don't let up with your cruelty to others.
Where is all the lefts love and acceptance?
Is there no room for Grace. Maybe you don't know what Grace is. Receiving goodness that we don't deserve.
That is what Christ came to do for all who would believe in HIM>
Love covers a multitude of sins.

2154 days ago

tom richards    

i guess if one disagrees with progressive social morals, one's comments are classified as `hate'? ok, that's makes sense. this `shut-up' tactic might work in some venues, but certainly not all. hey commie-centrics, deal with it!

2154 days ago


You sewer-dwellers on the left are always ready to show that your are not tolerant. loving and accepting, despite insisting that you are. Bryant was against 'gay rights' being taught in Florida public schools - and since then we have learned how completely right-on she was.

TMZ, your radical left-wing whining has grown tiresome.

2154 days ago

Real Stats!!!    

Sarah Palin's mom???

2154 days ago


Wow, amazing how many close-minded bigoted fundamnetalist Christians are still out there in this day and age. Karma's a bitch and so is Anita. My god is all-loving and non-judgemental. And Anita's god is not, therefore there is a toasty place down south waiting for her.

Grow up Christians, open your mind, homosexuals are around, not going anywhere and chances are a loved one of yours is gay. I hope you love them, but you probably won't.

Pity your lost souls. Sorry you're so brainswashed. Its sad for your own life and well-being.

2154 days ago

April Harding    

"...don't take those hate mongers so seriously.They are either homosexuals or just plain evil. Anita Bryant was/is against homosexuality. A whole bunch of people are....most of them rremain silent, which is a pity because the homosexuals, as a group, are loud, obnoxiously and vicious.

Posted at 2:56PM on Nov 28th 2008 by goodforanita!..."

Ok goodforanita... ( err...pot),, this is Kettle.
Also what "visious" homosexuals do you know? LOL and I know plenty straight pwople who are "loud and obnoxious"
wow.. your comment really makes me shake my head at your stupidity. I will pray for you.

2154 days ago

Di from Chey    

I'm not the "stupid" one. I have my morals and you don't. And, you can't do anything about it. It is I who will pray for you but you're already standing at the gates of hell on this one.

2154 days ago


We didn't say we hate them
We did say that their life style is against God's Word. It is sin !
You may have temptations but THe Holy Spirit gives you help not to give in. As in other temptations (adultery etc)
If we do sin we have a mediator Jesus Christ.
there is room at the CROSS!

2154 days ago


Thank You Anita your actions way back in the 70's forced the Gays out of our closets and into the streets.Have you considered moving to California?

2154 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

I loved everything about the 70s except gas lines, inflation and this beyotch Anita Bryant. Even as a small girl I knew she was hateful and so impossibly discriminatory that there was just no getting your mind wrapped around it. She was the devil personified. Take it from me, I saw it live on TV and read it daily in the papers. True and pure evil is Anita Bryant.

2154 days ago

Di from Chey    

Gaye, your'e comments are spot on! I don't think most people hate homosexuals. I don't. When I think of one, I think of their know man on man; woman on woman and it just turns my stomach.

2154 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

By the way, nice flag earrings Anita! But in her mind the only real Americans who should wave the flag are white, homophobic Christians. Exactly why she's wearing these earrings. Get a clue.

2154 days ago


oh boy. looking at good ol anita i suddenly feel like some good ol anal! anyone in?

2154 days ago
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