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Obam-alike Assassinated for Ratings

11/28/2008 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Less than a month after one young Black man was elected into office, another one is being assassinated on prime time TV.

In the shameless war for TV ratings, "Cold Case" has decided to kill a politician on the next episode -- one who happens to have several similarities to Barack Obama ... including a campaign built on "Change".

Not only is it in bad taste, but also with all the whackjobs who take their psychopathic cues from TV shows, is it dangerous to broadcast the murder of a pseudo-Barack on television?

Calls to CBS were not returned.


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Tasteless. CBS is desparate for ratings.

2066 days ago


Who the hell watches cbs anyways?

2066 days ago


And you published the news under this appalling headline in order to get page views - how is TMZ any different from CBS? Post should be removed.

2066 days ago


Kind of like the movie Death of a President a year or two ago where GWB gets assassinated? Didn't see you say anything about that.

2066 days ago


I am so sick of crime shows pulling anything out of the media and making a story about it. What happened to originality? Are writers that stupid? They can't come up with a story line on their own?

2066 days ago

damn ur dumb    

It's tacky to assassinate the likeness of ANYONE.....Dubya, Obama, whoever. I see they have turned just as tasteless as Fox.

2066 days ago

Old School    

So give us the email address and/or the phone #'s for the executives in charge at CBS so we can voice our opinions of NOT letting this cruel and tasteless show come on TV before some crazed idiots watch this and as you said get there cue from it BUT as Mccainisinsane said who watches CBS anyhow!

2066 days ago


Harvey, why would you ever permit one of your people to use the word assassination in any blog? This past election cycle proved that we still have far too many bigotted and hateful rednecks in our society. Whoever wrote this blog should be fired from your staff!

We need to protect this extraordinary President-elect, his family, staff, and Cabinet in many ways and that means the media must take the responsibility of never using this word or any related word that would entice the lunatics. For those of us who have lived through three (JFK, MLK, RFK) in America, we carry the wounding forever. As a 63-year-old, I do not want my 20-something son to witness senseless violence on our soil.

2066 days ago

Fly like an eagle    

While it may be in bad taste, as a public figure, he is fair game. After all, he is not even president yet, and they are already coming out with coins, DVD's, and naming schools after him.I am so over this Obama mania.

2066 days ago


The only people left watching network TV and network news are whackjobs...

2066 days ago


Woah brian, that was rough, man.

2066 days ago


tmz being a little hypocritical? it's ok to make "nailin Pailin" but this is out of the question.

2066 days ago

Now what now?    

It's no big deal to me. I need more info though. Cold Case goes back in time. How far are they going back on this one? If it goes back to the civil rights era it could make sense. Otherwise I can't imagine it being done well.

2066 days ago

La Mom    

VERY INTRIGUING TOPIC, TMZ! My opinion for what it’s worth:

Yes, I think it is in VERY POOR TASTE to create such an episode.

That being said, I think it is ALSO in VERY POOR TASTE to rip true crimes from the headlines, change a few names for the sake of artistic expression (a.k.a legal protection), then recreate the atrocious crime for television without ever ONCE contacting these REAL victims families. Bad enough a child or loved one’s terrible murder is recreated for television or film without informing the victims family. All this does is make ratings good for tv, but reopens the crime all over again for the victims family left behind without one iota of care of concern the PAIN these victims family’s must endure as a result. The Obama look alike is not the only person this has happened to. Hollywood stealing the murders of loved ones happens EVERY SINGLE DAY in these films and made-for-tv dramas, and there isn’t a damn thing anybody can do about it. It took an Obama look alike to grab peoples attention about this particular tv crime drama, yet EVERY crime show out there is based on a actual crime without so much as the courtesy of informing the victims family.

Hollywood forgets these are REAL people, they couldn’t give a rats azz who it hurts as long as they get ratings or Oscar nominations.

Worth a mention also, I hope not many Obama supporters start crying foul on this one. It only makes them, and the candidate elected look bad, if not worse altogether. Bush has put up with this crap for years. Obama’s not even in the white house yet, and already people are wetting their pants over this one. Get used to it. If you think media coverage of GW Bush was bad enough, you haven’t seen anything yet when Obama steps up to the plate.

2066 days ago


THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE FOR BUSH!!! CBS is pathetic and probably racist!! The only show that I watched was Ghost Whisperer which I will NOT be watching anymore! CBS can go to hell!

2066 days ago
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