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Jewel Heist Mystery

11/28/2008 2:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Winona RyderA hugely expensive bracelet on loan to Winona Ryder has gone missing in Spain, but it's Winona who feels like the victim.

Here's the lowdown. Winona was in Madrid Sunday for a Marie Claire event. Marie Claire had given Winona a Bulgari bracelet and a ring to wear, worth $125,000. She also got a dress, shoes and some other stuff to wear to the shindig.

After Winona left Madrid, the bracelet and ring turned up missing. There's a report in a French magazine saying Winona claimed she went to the front desk at the hotel and gave the jewelry to the front desk, but the surveillance cam doesn't show her doing that. The intimation -- Winona stole the bling.

In fact, we know what happened. The morning after the event, around 6:00 AM, Winona checked out of the hotel. No one from Marie Claire was around to collect the stuff, so she left everything in her hotel room.

Our sources confirm the bracelet and ring did indeed turn up missing -- the dress and other stuff weren't taken. We're told Winona never said she had taken the jewels to the front desk, and whoever planted the story may be covering up for someone who had access to the room after she left.

So far, Winona has not been contacted by the police.


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The hotel she stayed in should have had a safe where she could have put it. she's not very bright, folks, anyway and marie claire sounds not very bright either.

2070 days ago


#25 - Alicia - Well Alicia, how do you know it is not in writing or somehow previously arranged? That may be why Marie Claire picked up the tab so quickly- all possibilities. I don't have ANY FACTS, BUT NEITHER DO YOU EINSTEIN. Don't judge her until FACTs are out. No doubt it does not look good......

2070 days ago


Yes, # 32 - I know.......:#32. its not Wyonna's problem, Marie Claire is responsible.

Posted at 9:38PM on Nov 28th 2008 by jj

2070 days ago

Heartless Greg    

So let me see if I got this right........ This moron left $125K worth of jewels in her hotel room, because there was no one to give it to? Is this the story this thief wants the world to buy off on? Why the hell did these people even give her anything "on loan"...... They didn't think it would go missing? Geez the more I see of people, the more attractive maggots appear!

2070 days ago


How can something "turn up" missing? If something turns up, it is found. Americans - learn to speak English!

2070 days ago

Humpty Dumpty    

Rule #1. If you leve it in your room in a hotel, it will get stolen. Every place that issues travelers checks will tell you that. every travel agency will warn you of that. Stupidity is not a crime. Winona just didn't get the brains that other people got. Would someone please get her some supervision!

2070 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

Sherrrrrr, she MEANT to return it....uh-huh, yep, oh yeah.

2070 days ago


Don't like her, don't care.

2070 days ago


Jewelry of this caliber is always insured. If it's not, it's the stupid people who loaned it's fault. If she stole it, good luck proving that. The room's electronic key logs will show who had access to the room. The thief will be caught.

Look at it logically, if Winona stole it, could she ever wear it again? So what motivation would she have for the theft? What high would she get off stealing something that's already been handed to her? It's incomparable to shoplifting and there seems to be little motivation for her.

A hotel worker or two trying to set her up to steal the items however...

2070 days ago


The correct jeweler's name is Bvlgari

2069 days ago


Thats a damn shame. They should have followed her ass after the event or something and got the jewels from her. Shoot, for $125,000 worth of jewels, bitch better come correct. I bet nobody will trust her with any free "ish" for an event. She better consult her local Target for some jewels. 'Ol thieving ass!

2069 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

We really don't know what happened, and we're all just guessing. Here's my own guess:

Someone set her up, knowing that with her reputation, she will be blamed and will have a hard time being believed. It would either have been a carefully planned maneuver, or else she was just dumb and careless and left the jewels lying around, and someone saw the advantage and grabbed them.

The reason I'm in favor of this scenario is because she would have to be really stupid to try to pull a stunt like this and expect to get away with it.

But like I said, we really don't know, so all this is pure speculation.

I'll bet on my scenario being the most likely one, however.

2069 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

35. How can something "turn up" missing? If something turns up, it is found. Americans - learn to speak English!

Posted at 7:58AM on Nov 29th 2008 by I get annoyed

The phrase "turn up missing" is perfectly correct and acceptable American English. Just because it isn't used in England or wherever you're from doesn't automatically make it wrong.

It's true that the phrase sounds nonsensical when you take it literally, but there are plenty of expressions like this in the English language which take on a life of their own after their initial incorrect use ... or after someone deliberately used an expression in a whimsical manner and it caught on. For example, I believe that "people are staying away in droves" is an expression that was first written in England (perhaps by P. G. Wodehouse), and technically speaking, it's equally nonsensical.

I suppose you'd try to correct us for saying "truck" instead of "lorry", for spelling "color" without a "u", and for writing "defense" instead of "defence". Perhaps you also don't like the fact that we say, "the team is flying to Paris tomorrow" instead of "the team are flying to Paris tomorrow", as I believe you say it in the U.K.

2069 days ago



2069 days ago


Ah Mr Ed, you took the bait, many thanks. There's always one who will!

2069 days ago
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