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Jewel Heist Mystery

11/28/2008 2:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Winona RyderA hugely expensive bracelet on loan to Winona Ryder has gone missing in Spain, but it's Winona who feels like the victim.

Here's the lowdown. Winona was in Madrid Sunday for a Marie Claire event. Marie Claire had given Winona a Bulgari bracelet and a ring to wear, worth $125,000. She also got a dress, shoes and some other stuff to wear to the shindig.

After Winona left Madrid, the bracelet and ring turned up missing. There's a report in a French magazine saying Winona claimed she went to the front desk at the hotel and gave the jewelry to the front desk, but the surveillance cam doesn't show her doing that. The intimation -- Winona stole the bling.

In fact, we know what happened. The morning after the event, around 6:00 AM, Winona checked out of the hotel. No one from Marie Claire was around to collect the stuff, so she left everything in her hotel room.

Our sources confirm the bracelet and ring did indeed turn up missing -- the dress and other stuff weren't taken. We're told Winona never said she had taken the jewels to the front desk, and whoever planted the story may be covering up for someone who had access to the room after she left.

So far, Winona has not been contacted by the police.


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damn ur dumb    

I see she is at it again. People still loan to her? That's their sorry loss. That bracelet has become one of the many items her sticky fingers has claimed false ownership to.

2154 days ago

my 3 cents    

Don't really want to touch this one but, "What goes around, comes around".

2154 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Who just checks out while leaving a $125,000 bracelet and ring behind? She is suspect......

2154 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Watch her get scared as the investigation takes way and she tries to plant it somewhere so that it is "miraculously" found.

2154 days ago


Oh plese. I don't buy any of it. In other words, I don't believe that
Winona stole anything. This is just a story waiting to happen, as to
blame someone with a past - Ryder. PERFECT for TMZ.

2154 days ago


I don't think they can really press charges against her since they actually loaned it to her, even though they had intent to get it back. The only thing they can do at this point is try to sue her. That's what I think anyway. SOL when you loan someone something and expect to get it back. If you want it back for sure, you better A. know you can trust them with your life, or B. not loan it. The company is rich they will get over it. And no one will ever loan her anything again i'm sure. But I'm sure they will try to sue her. And Winona is a dumb b. She has just ruined everything else she had left for her. I bet she never gets a good movie role for sure this time again. And she definately will have to buy everything she wants to wear from now on or straight up go in and take it. No loans for her!

2154 days ago


Brilliant. Maybe she taped the jewelery to the "Please Don't Disturb" sing and hung it out on the knob so the staff could safely find it.

2154 days ago


Is she really that stupid? Or could Marie claire be a tad bit more stupid than her in lending the blasted jewels in the first place?

2154 days ago


I would not be too quick to judge THIS ONE people. I bet there is an
explanation to this. This would be too obvious and everyone knows
Winona's past. She knows her reputation as well as probably works
hard in trying to get past it. I beieve strongly that something else

2154 days ago

damn ur dumb    

I'm with #2. If she did not take it, payback is a b/tch. Someone could have used her past to their advantage and saw a golden opportunity. Whatever the case, she is still to blame. Only an idiot leaves something of that value sitting around the room even when they leave for a couple of hours, let alone check out! It was loaned to her, so the responsibility of ensuring it was secure was hers alone.

2154 days ago



2154 days ago


I wouldn't leave a ring and bracelet behind that cost that much. The dress and shoes, maybe (depending on the cost), but even if nobody was around, she should have tried to contact someone. Her story has changed from leaving it at the front desk to leaving it in the room for the Marie Claire staff to pick it up/ Are you kidding me? I guess they were supposed to have a key or expected the front desk to just hand over the key to another room. Yeah, right. Klepto is at it again!

2154 days ago


1 mistake and for the rest of her life if something goes missing around her, shes a thief. For all the ppl that automatically assume that she took them because she stole once must remember she's innocent until proven guilty and at this point she hasnt even been accused of taking them.

2154 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

I bet she uses the line that she used before .. "I was rehearsing for a role" (that never happens)
She is always unemployed.. what roles does she take.?.. The Heist?

2154 days ago


What's the next story? The hotel is haunted and a ghost took it? Someone stole it and ieven if it wasn't Winona, she should have to answer for not keeping items that were on loan in a safe manner so that they could be returned. If I borrowred something from somebody (especially something as expensive as what she had), I would take care of the items and not just leave them lying around to get stolen.

2154 days ago
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