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Brits Go Crazy For Brit

11/29/2008 6:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's lip synching was on target today when she greeted Simon Cowell and the folks of the "X-Factor" for her third comeback performance of "Womanizer".
Britney Spears -- Click To Watch!
The now famous arm dancing routine reverted back to the drone-like performance from Germany.


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vile comments    

this song is so boring, she's a lipsyncher and all her music sounds the same. i can't understand the hype about her so called comeback.

2156 days ago

RIP Cadillac    

The audience was thrilled judging by the atmosphere. As was yesterday's Paris audience as well. So is there really something to complain about? She's an entertainer.

2156 days ago

Big Bear    

The folks in Europe called Britney crazy?? They just met her in person and they already know she is nuts??

2156 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

What was also said was what a demanding, arrogant diva she was to everyone. Her puppeteers are still micro-managing every single aspect and moment in her life, but they can't hide her massive ego very well. No one was allowed anywhere near her on and off stage. So now she just goes through the motions of lip syncing to the same song and doing a phoned in version of what is supposed to be 'dancing'. She can't sing, does a crappy job lip syncing, and can't dance to save her life, yet the Britards scream triumph! I guess she's excited to be walked on her leash in a new neighborhood where they don't seem to seem to mind her crapping on the neighbor's yard. I guess it's more stimulating for her than sitting around all day, filling ashtrays, ignoring her kids, talking endlessly on the phone, and obsessing over diets and sex. It must practically kill her to be treated like a mindless, irresponsible tween whose every move must be carefully planned and watched, lest she do something stupid yet again and decrease the Miss Piggy's income!

2156 days ago


I do like Britney...but her lipsyncing and general performance was awful. The contestants out performed her.

2156 days ago


I know I should have to give up espn and pop tarts, but for some unknown curious reason I find this little hillbilly kind of doable.

2156 days ago


#1 REMOVE WEAVE! Go for the "Posh" do or something
#2 SING..... everyone else is doing it!
#3 Move the feet ....dancing requires more than just arm movement

then we'll have a comeback

2156 days ago


I know that a lot of people think that this was her worst performanceof the three, but I like it the best. I do think that since it was a singing show she should have sung it live, but oh well. I think that she should hire a new choreographer. I think that give her some time and she will be back to the old Britney. She hasn't performed in three years, give her a chance.

2156 days ago

colbys woman    


2156 days ago

damn ur dumb    

She is a SINGER. Therefore, SING b*tch!!!!!

2156 days ago

damn ur dumb    

She is not singing live because she is not afforded the same benefits as those in the studio. You know, like being able to alter her voice to make it sound more appealing. Machines can do amazing things nowadays. Because of these machines, anybody can become a singer, not to mention it is less work for talent scouts who are only concerned with making money than taking the time to find someone with real talent. They choose quantity over quality.

2156 days ago


Her dancing is so bad its comical. The steps look more like a walk through than an actaul performance....

2156 days ago


It reminds me of my girlfriends and I singing into a hairbrush when we were 12. Who knew then we could go on tour with that act?

2156 days ago

damn ur dumb    

third times a charm? how about three strikes, you're out.

She was done before she started. Using that same tired routine she used at the 2007 VMA atrocity. Why doesn't she dance like she used to? Well, antidepressants and sedatives tend to do that to you.

2156 days ago

laughing out loud ..    

you people need to give her a break. look at where she was a year and a half ago. she's doing so much better now, and she is getting her life on track. good for her!!
granted yes she is lip synching, but a lot of stars do it while on tour and dancing. though yes .. she's done better "dancing" with oops i did it again, etc.
i think she's doing well for just getting back on the stage after over 4 years.

2156 days ago
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