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Brits Go Crazy For Brit

11/29/2008 6:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's lip synching was on target today when she greeted Simon Cowell and the folks of the "X-Factor" for her third comeback performance of "Womanizer".
Britney Spears -- Click To Watch!
The now famous arm dancing routine reverted back to the drone-like performance from Germany.


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I feel sorry for the pathetic losers who waste good money on anything "Britney", the reason her face keeps popping up everywhere is that her fan base is as looney as she is.

2161 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Britney is still young enough to join the armed services. I think she would make a Heck
of a Marine.

2161 days ago


She should sing live to her stupid fans now if she's not doing the elaborate dance moves she used to do. All I see is basically walking around, not any real dancing. So she should STOP lip syncing and just give live performances then.

There's no reason for the lip syncing anymore if she's not dancing the way she used to.

She should just quit while she's basically ahead.

No one's buying it anyway. She has mental problems. None of the songs mean anything coming from her because of that. In her videos, she's pretending to be at clubs, pretending to have friends, pretending to be partying .... none of that is true and will never be true. I thought singers drew upon their life experiences? What does she have to draw from now? Going to bed at 9:30? Not having a real life anymore? Controlled by her daddy like a 5 year old? Come on peeps! Let her go, and Britney, just go. Find a new direction. This ain't workin' for ya anymore honey.

2161 days ago


I think it's cute the way she adjusts her mic throughout her performance as if we're gonna hear something come out of it. Or how she tries to say thank you when the performance is done. Poor thing actually thinks her mic is on. Seriously though, lip synching or weird arm dancing or not Brit's still hot and I'm still rooting for her, besides I'll take her lip sycning over Christina Aguilera's bizarre 'Lady GaGa Stealing' I mean 'Future Shock' crap anyday. :-)

2161 days ago


Don't diss the Corps. She would not be considered--ever!
I'm guessing as soon as this media blitz is over, she's over.

2161 days ago

Britney needs to go away - for good    

LMAO at DJC "Poor thing thinks her mic is on"! Britdonna needs to either REALLY join a circus or go to Louisianna and be a shrimp farmer. Just because people scream & clap doesn't mean that really like you. They are just caught in the moment. (Or what probably felt like hours to them). Oye.

2161 days ago


This video brought tears to my eyes. It's so wonderful to see Britney back on track. I love you Britney!

2161 days ago


Christina never dances she just sits there are sings. If you noticed Christina ripped off Britney's dancing at the VMA's and did a whole dance routine and what else did she do? LIP-SYNCED!

2161 days ago

Lenn K.    

If watching the video I've learn one thing and that's Britney can't sing a lick or now can't even move her tailbone. Say what you want about Christina, but there one thing about her she can sing.

2161 days ago


It was odd to see Simon Cowell giving her a standing ovation. I wonder what he REALLY thought.

2160 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

she should let us empty her bank account like we will do to yours.

-Live internet criminals on PhishingBedroom-

2160 days ago


Christ, I'm so sick of the Aguilera/Spears comparisons. I'm not a fan of either, never have been and probably never will be, but as far as talent, Aguilera blows Spears away, in all aspects, period. Two words that simply don't go together are Spears and talent.

2160 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

10. She is not singing live because she is not afforded the same benefits as those in the studio. You know, like being able to alter her voice to make it sound more appealing. Machines can do amazing things nowadays. Because of these machines, anybody can become a singer, not to mention it is less work for talent scouts who are only concerned with making money than taking the time to find someone with real talent. They choose quantity over quality.

Posted at 7:05PM on Nov 29th 2008 by why you ask?

I think they choose sex appeal quality over singing quality. Just get a hot babe who can shake it and turn the guys on, and then run her voice through the enhancement machines.

If Britney was dancing and wiggling and slutting around on stage as well as she used to, she could put on a show that would be acceptable to lots of people, irrespective of the lip-synching. Her fans don't care about the electronic voice enhancement.

If I was her handler, I'd have her working hard in the dance studio every day, in the hope that she could get some semblance of her dancing chops back. At this point, it's the only hope for her career, IMO.

2160 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

Look at me...I can do that!

2160 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

68. Christ, I'm so sick of the Aguilera/Spears comparisons. I'm not a fan of either, never have been and probably never will be, but as far as talent, Aguilera blows Spears away, in all aspects, period. Two words that simply don't go together are Spears and talent.

Posted at 10:56AM on Nov 30th 2008 by FlamingoNut

This just goes to show that popularity and talent are only marginally related to one another, at best.

2160 days ago
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