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Surrenders Gun

11/30/2008 7:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the NYPD paid a visit to Plaxico Burress' house this afternoon, and retrieved what appears to be the gun that triggered this whole mess.

The cops arrived with a manila envelope, but a search warrant was NOT inside.

We're told Burress was not there, but authorized someone inside his home to give police the gun that apparently fell down his leg at a nightclub Friday night and accidentally fired.

It would appear reports that he dumped the gun somewhere in New Jersey are not accurate. As we reported, Burress will surrender tomorrow, and plead not guilty to a felony weapon charge.

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Phil Balkin    

To Poster #5...

You say let's wait for the facts. And then you say it's obviously a foolish mishap. Is that a fact? Or is that your two cents that you're telling us not to leave until we have the facts? Just curious... - PB

2062 days ago

Phil Balkin    

...it seems like I'm not the only one who thinks #5 is a hypocrit... - PB

2062 days ago

Obama Campaign    

Everyone here act as if he slapped their mom's. Yes, it was stupid to have a Gun. But, can you blame some of these ''high paid guys''.. Everyone is out to get some of them for one reason or another he was probably just afraid to be out partying with out protection. true, he should not have had it on him. But, come on, do you really think he is the only one in these clubs with a weapon. if he was able to get in, i am sure there are plenty more that has slipped by. People on these forums give the ones they admire a past. Anytime it's some one that's ''different'' from them, they start bashing and wishing the person would fall off the earth.. Soon, this will be behind him and he will be right back on the field and these guys on this forum will be hating on another ''money maker''..

2062 days ago


His conduct and attitude are why he no longer plays for the Steelers

2062 days ago


There are so many things wrong with this story. First of all, he should have been at home with his wife instead of at the club with sluts. Second, he was drunk that's why he dropped his gun in his pants. Third, his friend helped him hide the gun. Fourth, he's an IDIOT!

2062 days ago


And God said; Here is all your talent go forth and have a great life! Satan says; psst; heres a gun go have some fun. I wonder who he listen to. (Moron!)

2062 days ago


I'd carry too if Hixon was always trying to steal my job.

2062 days ago


He had a gun. BIG deal. I say, everyone should carry a gun. Shoot stupid people in the face. Just for laughs.

Ok, so I'm kidding but seriously..it's not like this guy stole a 7 year old's bike or beat up a nun with a wide tooth comb, he didn't even take advantage of some unsuspecting person who just so happened to drop the soap.

How 'bout we try to catch real bad guys who steal, murder, and attack people. Millions of people have illigal firearms. He's not special in that regard. Although, he did shoot himself with his illigal firearm which does make him 'special'.

2062 days ago


1. No permit to own a gun in NYC.
2. Expired Florida carry permit, not accepted in NYC.
3. No NYC carry permit.
What good are gun laws? No one in power seems to obey them. Even Rosie O'Donnell's security carry guns and she's anti-gun. Try him, convict him and give him the mandatory three years in jail. Without equal enforcement there is no point in even having the gun laws.

2062 days ago


To #3:::
What does bringing a gun into a club have to do with abusing dogs? Plaxico was very stupid to bring a gun into a club but in no way does that compare to what Vick did. The hating and judgment everyone shows is really disgusting and TMZ with its mis-information fuels the fire. Hopefully he really does take responsibility for his selfishness, dumbness and now dangerous mistakes.

2062 days ago

Phil Balkin    

To Poster #23...

You say let's wait for the facts. And then you say it's obviously a foolish mishap. Is that a fact? Or is that your two cents that you're telling us not to leave until we have the facts? Just curious... - PB

2062 days ago


Hey its me Plax man.Come on give me a break.The broad said hey Plax is that a gun in your pants or are you just happy to see me.Well yeah it WAS a gun.And i was happy to see her and my dam Johnson hit the friggin trigger and -well you know the rest.

2062 days ago


I also wish he shot off his johnson.

2062 days ago


Give a crackhead a rock and he smokes for a day. Give him a job in the NFL and he smokes for a lifetime.

Thank God for mandatory minimum laws that will take this ignorant fool off the street for at least 3 years.

2062 days ago


Yet again, just another tired never-ending case of "you can take da hoodalum outda da hood, but can't take the hood outda da hoodalum". One more example of an increasing number of nut jobs screwin' up the chance of a lifetime. Gimme a freekin' break. When will they ever learn?

2061 days ago
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