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Ted Kennedy: Sittin' on the Dock and O.K.

12/1/2008 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ted Kennedy spent the weekend at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, MA with his son Patrick -- using the assistance of a cane and golf cart to get around.
Ted Kennedy: Click to watch
It's been a rough year for Ted -- he was diagnosed with a brain tumor in May, had brain surgery in June and suffered a mild seizure in September.


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Kennendy's are all murderers starting with Ted Mary Jo family must be celebrating KARMA BABY.........

2116 days ago


I am a democrat and I think Ted Kennedy is a disgrace. he has ridden his brother's coat tails his entire life. I feel sorry for him but he is getting what he deserves (karma).

2116 days ago


Quite the brainial swelling there, Teddy.

2116 days ago


Have to agree with Jason, want to know the truth? Read Leo Demure's book Senatorial Privilege - 1986, he's guilty. This is not a nice man with moral values.

2116 days ago


I so LOOVE the comment my OMG, you said it perfectly!!!! Great!!! Couldn't agree with you more!!!

2116 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Hey, all you fourth grade drop outs who want to bash Ted Kennedy: today he was awarded an honorary degree from Harvard, something that university RARELY does. How many honorary degress from Harvard did you get today? (Tools, I am talking to you: none!)

2116 days ago

Roger Moore    

Ted was old school Kennedy, back in the day when they killed their women one at a time, not like John-John.

2116 days ago


31 you are kind of a dim bulb. Kennedy at the time of Mary Jo's death was under the influence we all know it. He evaded the law by going home an sleeping it off and then waited till he was sober to show up. The fact he paid off the family 90 grand says it all. When a drunk kills someone at the wheel it is murder it has always been murder. If he did that today TMZ would be all over him and the people of the US would see him pay. At the time his family name covered it up his money bought his freedom. Justice has never been served it this case Mary Jo has never had her day in court

2116 days ago


35 you mean the Kennedys that gave us vietnam, mary jo, booze during the 1930's. The kennedys that the whole time JFK was in office he was hooked on pain killers for his back. You mean the Kennedys that screwed every woman that they could find. You mean the Kennedys that gave is the bay of pigs, Cuba cuban missle mess. Peddle your crap else where we are old enough to remember everything. Why do all the democrats always elevate to sainthood such trash. Harvard gave him the honors because of all the family money they gave to harvard read up on and have you mommy help you with the big words. I for one will never let him off the hook for Mary Jo.

2116 days ago


He kinda looks like Rosie O'donnel from a far

2116 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

At least we knew about Ted Kennedy's accident...John McCain's accident, the one where he killed a guy at the gate of a Virginia military base back in 1964, was never made public because he also had a powerful military daddy to cover it up. Rumor is that he was pretty drunk at the time...
And yes, they are also the Kennedy's that gave us the Special Olympics, the Peace Corps, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Profile in Courage awards.
Ted Kennedy himself is respected by every member of the Senate, Democrats AND Republicans. He has consitently been named one of TIME mag's "10 Best Senators." He is well known for working across the aisle and his legislation.particularily concerning health care and education has affected almost everyone in this country.
OMG - if you knew anything about history besides what you google, you would understand that JFK actually saved us during the Cuban missle crisis...if it wasn't for his leadership, Castro would have had missles in Havana, pointed at the US 90 miles away, courtesy of the Russians. I guess that would have been OK with you.
The Kennedy's, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton have all done alot for charities and human rights around the world. Can anyone tell me what the hell Nixon, Reagan, or Big Bush 41 have done for this country since they left office (besides the work that big Bush did WITH CLINTON!!). They didn't do alot, besides sit around at the lavish retirement estates and look at their Presidential Libraries.

2116 days ago

Roger Moore    

Joe jr, Bobby, Jack all dead but Ted still alive. It really goes to show you the good die young. Ted is a drunken worthless piece of crap, the only reason he is still alive is his brain tumor is starving.

2116 days ago


Regardless of any of the previous 40 or so opinions of Ted, it's time for him to retire. He's no longer capable of being an effective Senator. The citizens of Massachusetts deserve to have representation.

As for his many past sins, I hope he gets what he deserves. JFK was a great man and a great President but the rest of his family tree has been an embarrassment to his wonderful legacy. Ted was the most rotten branch and really needs to go away before he further embarrasses his family.

I wonder what MADD would say if his Mary Jo “accident” happened today.

2116 days ago


you have to shake your head in disbelief when anyone tries to deny ted kennedy is a murderer.

i fear for this country and this world because of ignoramuses like "bye bye bushie". people who let their ideologies get in the way of morality and facts are scary indeed.

2116 days ago

Jason Miller    

Big Bush 41 has been knighted by the Queen for all he has done. He has concentrated on Katrina and the Tsunami. The fact that he did some of it with Clinton makes them both better. And what did Clinton do so great on his own post-presidency?? Make a lot of money off shady Middle Eastern and Central Asian politicians?

Reagan was already suffering from Alzheimer's so your comment about him is a cheap shot.

Oh and don't get me started on Carter. I have met that man. I know people who have worked at the Carter Center. It is a sham that Carter continues to call the Carter Center a non-profit. Carter uses it as a bully pulpit to speak out against our politicians and allies such as Tony Blair. He also uses the Carter Center hypocritically to lobby for fair elections while on the side being friends with shady Middle eastern politicians from very non-democratic countries. Carter also uses the Carter Center to help him meet with rouge leaders against the advice of our government.

Ted Kennedy's degree from Harvard is EXACTLY the point. Americans will do anything for a Kennedy especially in Massachusetts. Even Republicans are not immune to this Kennedy syndrome. I am sure it did not hurt Arnold being married to a Kennedy.

While Ted gets his Ph.D. just for his last name, I am working hard for a legitimate Ph.D.

But I will let TMZ get back to Paris Hilton and Lohan!!!!!!

2116 days ago
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