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William Balfour


for Hudson Murders

12/1/2008 7:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1110_balfour_bn03-1Chicago cops have arrested William Balfour for the murders of Jennifer Hudson's mom, brother, and nephew.

Balfour was transferred to CPD custody today after they served an arrest warrant. Charges from the Cook County State's Attorney's Office are pending.

UPDATE: We're told the CPD had no new evidence against Balfour -- but they were finally able to scrape all the dirt on him into one pile, which was enough to make the arrest. Also, Balfour is still waiting to be formally charged -- and this could take a day, or up to a week.

Story developing ...

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No Avatar


about time they need to gun his ass down the same way he did those poor people he deserves what he gets and more

so what if he was black..... all seriel killers are white what is your point ......racist? i think so
that report was not famous really tmz does not report on the news just celebrity news
13. And a black dude raped and killed the Arkansas journalist "Anne Pressly". Didn't see a TMZ article on it.

Where is the reporting on black on white crime? Nowhere.

Posted at 5:51PM on Dec 1st 2008 by Zman

2154 days ago


What about the arrest in the brutal murder of Arkansas journalist Anne Pressly? Oh, that's right, it doesn't fit in with the leftist, liberal agenda....

2154 days ago


How horrible that this convict was let into that family and then he destroyed it.
Jennifer's utterly DISGUSTING PIECE OF TRASH sister had to have a man in her bed and he took out her whole family.
Thank God that Jennifer wasn't there! So sad that her beloved mother was.
Her brother was a known drug dealer
But, poor, poor little boy - what he must've gone through, so scared, so much pain.
If I was Julia, I would never be able to close my eyes to sleep.
She let the devil into her home!
May he fry in Hell for all eternity.

2154 days ago

ole man    

When they gonna arrest Julia...she is involved somehow....what a skanky bitch

2154 days ago


Forget the trial...give him the needle NOW Oh, I forgot, this is American Justice, the trial will start in about a year, go on for two years and then he'll sit in prison for 25 years waiting to be put to death.
American taxes at work!!!

2154 days ago

britstarr from mississippi    

thats one heartless guy there to have shot that little boy in the head, his proclaimed step son, there was no need for that ! and his myspace page has him laying up in jail crying he's alone and lonely, dude thats messed up that not once did he even say that he wanted to see the person who did this caught NO hes got the poor me's and his mamas a fool believing him saying my son wasnt responsible for these murders,they were picking on him right momz, okay explain why he did 7 yrs for killing a man whose car he was stealing and drove him on top of the hood into a tree, well mama get his commisary funds straight hes going to need it! god bless jennifer keep your heart strong!

2154 days ago


Well, whatta surprize! Now if only that disgusting pig Julia would fess up...that ugly cow knows more than what she's sayin'. Maybe they can have adjoining cells...

2154 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

O'Tay..... A public hanging will do. O.J Simpson will finally have a friend.

2154 days ago


I'm glad. If he's guilty, then this is justice.

2154 days ago


That 'fro deserves 10-15 years. I wonder if the sentences will run concurrently.

2154 days ago


This piece of crap is nothing more that a failure to the Hudson family. I 't s that sister the ugly beast that could not be without a douchbag. She destroyed that whole family including her son life. She should rot just like him.

2154 days ago


I agree with #4....Julia was not acting like a distraught mother when her and the father were doing the interview. I don't want to sound too quick to judge, maybe that's how she deals with things....but I never seen one tear and she said, "Bring THE baby home?" THE?? Doesn't sound to me like a loving scared mother, more like she was talking about a child down the street. Very sad.

2154 days ago


It is about time they arrest this guy! Everyone knew he had something to do with it all!

2154 days ago


It is very simple...this SOB shot an " innocent " little boy.....PERIOD !!!!!. He did NOTHING and then is shot not once but twice and then left in a car on some street. This piece of crap does not deserve justice. He deserves to die in the electric chair !!!!!

BUT you know what will happen, he will plead not guilt, waste tax payers money, be found guilty and since it is a murder conviction, it is automatically appealed. So by the time he is 60, he should have exhausted all of his appeals and will die !

I believe in fair justice for everyone BUT a case like this should simply by-pass the system and not waste anymore space, money, time or or valuable air for the rest of us !!!!!

2154 days ago


Maybe this guy is not guilty. And no I am not a family member of his either. I was so stunned and saddened when I heard of this tragdey that I just cried. But, there seems to be some unanswered questions regaurding his guilt or innocense. It has been said that he admitted to being at the house that morning and his car was seen in the neighborhood. Maybe he was there because he did spend the night and maybe his car was in the neighborhood, rather than in front of the house, because he wasn't supposed to be there and Julia snuk him in after her mother went to bed. Why would he or someone move and abandon his car at a school. If he committed the murders why wouldn't he just get in his car and drive away.Or maybe he parked the car at the school so it wouldn't be seen in front of the house that night. Did the camera at the school show when/what time the car was put there? Or maybe he was there when everything went down and he ran but knew who it was. Did the police ever say how long Julian had been dead when they found him. Why would he admit to being there at all if he is guilty. If he and Julia were arguing about the car at the house, then she lied when she said she found out about it when she got to work and called him. If he is quilty then I hope he fries but if he is not guilty I hope the police don't just pin this on him because of his past record. Why take the child away from the house period. I think whoever did this was going to hold the child for money but when Balfour was arrested they deceided to let him take the blame so they killed the child and planted his body in that area where he was found. Balfour was arrested at his girlfriends house and the van was found near there. Why wouldn't the police look all over that area for that van. Notice it was found after Balfour was arrested. Too many questions. Unless they have some concrete evidence I will give him the benefit of the doubt. It is not a known fact that he did this.

2154 days ago
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