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Laura Dern -- Gas Crisis, What Gas Crisis?

12/2/2008 12:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The economy sucks, people are struggling to make ends meet -- and Laura Dern is paying double so someone else can pump her petrol in Brentwood.
Laura Dern: Click to watch
While the cost of self-service gas hovers just below $2 in California, Dern paid at least an additional $2, plus tip, to have someone else pump it and wash her windows at the full service station.

That "Jurassic Park" money has one helluva life span.


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14. Gotta love living in Canada. in the last 4 weeks gas has dropped almost in half!!!! we're at .74 cents done from $1.35. WOO! SUCKS TO BE AMERICAN!

Posted at 12:11PM on Dec 2nd 2008 by Nikki M

At least I know it's down and not done.

2151 days ago

im mom    

first of all, i live in brentwood and know this gas station. this must be old footage because the price of gas has dropped EVEN at this station. secondly, she is not at "full serve", as I can see the pharmacy across the street, so i know she is at self serve. if you guys really knew what you were talking about or filming, you would have seen that this gas station is what we would call old fashioned, there are actually attendants there that will wash your windows and help you pump your gas. and that is why we live in brentwood and you don't. must have been a slow day at the country mart so you had to go harass people at the gas station. go back to filming all the losers at the nightclubs you brentwood wannabe paps

2151 days ago


TMZ needs some Midol. Laura was SUPPORTING THE GUY'S JOB, as much as you so sharply pointed out about the economy, duh, she's letting the guy work .........ever think of that ?

2151 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Oh the scandel, the scandel

2151 days ago


She should move to Oregon . . . there are no self service gas stations here.
No one pumps their onw gas . . .

2151 days ago


I miss living in Oregon for that reason. Plus I hate having to pay sales tax and state tax.

2151 days ago


4. The real question is, who is this Laura Dern and how the hell did one of the TMZ photogs know who it was?

Posted at 11:07AM on Dec 2nd 2008 by Sono

See what dorks the media has created out of people? Laura Dern was in HUGE box office movies like Twister and Jurassic Park. She has more talent in her left pinky than Britney and Lindsay combined. If it's not one of the attention whores, Britney or Lindsay, then these people think it's a nobody. What a shame.

Good for Laura Dern. She's stimulating the economy, giving this guy something to do at work and spending her money on full service gas instead of drugs. Get a life, people.

2151 days ago


She's great!......look at it this way she is helping out the economy!

2151 days ago


I will just be echoing people's sentiments, but she is helping to stimulate the economy and give a guy a tip that I am sure he appreciates esp. during the holiday season. Good for her!

2151 days ago


Odd. I'm from New York, have never pumped my own gas, but our prices are nowhere near double the national average. Maybe 10 cents more? Talk about price gouging.

2151 days ago


Hello #22 she wasn't in Twister that was Helen Hunt. Duh

2151 days ago


What do you bozos at TMZ think will stimulate the economy, poeople spending money, or not spending money? When I see your show on television, it reminds me how stupid human beings can be, even if they are pretty and patently talentless.

2151 days ago

Ray Bolger    

Is this the best caption the think-tank could come up with? Thats pretty MF'ing lame.

Dern was also in David Lynch's "Blue Velvet", "Wild at Heart" and "Inland Empire". Movies your mommy won't let you watch.

And where the hell is Ray Bolger? I'll tell ya, Ray Bolger is looking out for Ray Bolger!

2151 days ago


TMZ is so lame! This video is a couple of months old! For gas stations that DO have full service areas, it is not $2.00 a GALLON more, silly.... it might cost $2.00 more for the whole tank. Sheesh, TMZ.

2151 days ago


14. Gotta love living in Canada. in the last 4 weeks gas has dropped almost in half!!!! we're at .74 cents done from $1.35. WOO! SUCKS TO BE AMERICAN!

Posted at 12:11PM on Dec 2nd 2008 by Nikki M

Wow you must be clueless Nikki, in Canada gas is 74 cents per LITER, at the US its 2 dollars per GALLON! It actually works out to be CHEAPER IN AMERICA. What a bozo you are Nikki.

2150 days ago
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