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Cuthbert's Ex Suspended Over "Sloppy Seconds"

12/3/2008 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hockey Fun Fact: You can punch the hell out of an opposing player on the ice, but when you refer to his girlfriend as your "sloppy seconds" -- that's where the NHL draws the line.

The NHL suspended hockey's most hated player, Sean Avery, for talking trash to the new player dating his ex girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert.

Here's the deal -- Cuthbert's new boyfriend, Dion Phaneuf, plays for the Calgary Flames -- and during a practice session in Calgary today, Avery got the media's attention and said the following:

"I just want to comment on how it's become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don't know what that's about. Enjoy the game tonight."

Avery is out pending a hearing with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

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This chick has dated FOUR hockey players in the last year...FOUR! This loser, Mike Comrie (who also dated her best friend Shayne Lamas) Mike Komiserak, and now Dion Phaneuf! She also dated Emile Hirsh who went on to date Shayne Lamas....it's really kinda gross how these chicks share guys and move around as often as they do! Hope they use protection!!! Yuk!

2151 days ago


Elisha Cuthbert get's around...big time! She also cheats on her men...Justin Timberlake wrote about it when she screwed over Trace Ayala...she also dates men her friends have dated and dates friends of men she has dumped...real classy

2151 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Why did he even think he needed to make a comment like this ?

2151 days ago


He sounded retarded making comments. No, wait....that is an insult to mentally disabled people.

2151 days ago


What an a$$ f*^k this guy is! His fat mouth has really done it this time!

2151 days ago


He seems to be able to date well known women. I don't know why. He's not good looking at all, and has the demeanour of a male bimbo. He must be good in the sack or something.

2151 days ago


The NHL look like a bunch of idiots with this.

2151 days ago


Elisha Cuthbert is what those that love hockey call a "hockey whore". She bounces from left winger, to right winger to defensemen. So....Sean Avery is right. She is sloppy seconds, thirds, etc. He spoke the truth!

2151 days ago


NOSTRADAMUS: The NHL is pretty popular, where it matters. Maybe not in Southern US. But I would much rather watch it than NFL, NBA or MLB anyday! It's an entertaining sport. I'm thinking the reason some people don't like it, it's too fast paced for people who like sports like the MLB.

2151 days ago


good for him. cuthbert's a scank!

2151 days ago


you people that say he is an idiot or worse is doing the same thing he is. freedom of speech is our RIGHT. and if any of you think that this is the worse thing said in hockey, get out from under those rocks. its part of the game. i am sure even #99 has said alot worse. btw...he is NOT the greatest!!! i am sure when he said it, he didnt think it was a big deal, the truth, but not a big deal. people need to get a life and get on with the sport. period.

2151 days ago


This was just the last straw with Avery. I dont think this comment alone is the reason why he is getting suspended. He has said WAY WORSE comments about other players in the leauge. This is comment is sort of mediocre compared to some of the other stuff he has said. He bags on his team mates and had a penatly named after him.

I loved him while he was in LA but non of us really knew what was happening inside the locker room. He has been titiled the most hated player in the nhl. Thats taking it mildly when your own team mates hate you.

2151 days ago


Tellin' it like it is!!

Sean Rocks!!

2145 days ago


Way to make it obvious you're not over her.

If you liked it, shoulda put a ring on it.

2139 days ago
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