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No Bail

For William Balfour

12/3/2008 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like William Balfour really isn't going anywhere anytime soon, as a judge just denied him bail at a hearing in Chicago.

Prosecutors revealed they found gunshot residue on the steering wheel of the car Balfour drove to the Hudson house. They also presented evidence that refuted several of Balfour's alibis, including his location at the time of the murders and his use of the subway to get to the Hudson house.

Balfour's lawyer still argued for bail on the grounds the state's evidence is largely circumstantial.

He was charged yesterday with three counts of first-degree murder and one count of home invasion.

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For wow (#30) - Answer... we really don't know if William drove the car TO the house, but we do know he isn't the one who moved it FROM the house to the place where it was found later in the day. Fact is, the car was driven by *someone* around 12:30 P.M. on Friday, Oct. 24 (day that Darnell and Jason were killed) and parked about 6 blocks away near Robeson High School. This is known because there are some security cameras around the school campus that captured the action and the time on the routine surveillance video. Police have stated that the video was not clear enough to actually identify the person seen leaving the parked car and walking away. BUT... we also know that it wasn't William, because police checked his cell phone records and verified that he was indeed at the girlfriend's house on the west side at that time, and had already been there since mid-morning.

The reference to "his location at the time of the murders" is also confounding. Early news reports stated that supposedly neighbors heard some gunshots between 8 and 9 AM, so of course when bodies were discovered that afternoon it was assumed that the early morning shots might have been related. But later reports identified the approximate time of death for Darnell and Jason as later in the day, perhaps 11 AM - 12 noon. As was also reported, the sound of gunshots in the neighborhood is a fairly regular occurrence, so neighbors didn't bother to call police after looking outside and seeing nothing obvious amiss. So... we actually don't know for sure that the sounds heard early in the morning were the shots fired inside the house.

But... we also read reports that stated that when police checked William's cell phone records, and identified the approximate location of the phone at those times, he was definitely in the area of the girlfriend's house by mid-morning. He had made and received several calls from his mother and sister, with whom he usually talked each day, and also spoken on the phone to his parole officer, regarding cancellation that day of his regular check-in meeting since he was babysitting (which his parole officer confirmed).

Point is... whatever "gunshot residue" was found on the steering wheel of the car could have been deposited there AFTER William was already out of the neighborhood.

I would be more likely to believe that he took public transit to go FROM the Hudson home to the girlfriend's house on the west side. We've heard that Julia had been fussing with William that morning about his taking their car and then missing a few payments, which left her with both a wage garnishment on her paycheck and no transportation to work. Perhaps he figured that leaving the car for her would put an end to the arguments since she would have something to drive. The Hudson home is just a block or so away from the expressway where the CTA train runs so it's no problem to get to the public transportation that would have gotten him back west in an hour or less.

I'm not sure what "evidence" is being presented here by prosecutors, but it's totally contrary to what's been previously reported to local media here by police. I also believe that if police had all this evidence against William Balfour, the charges would have been brought much sooner. Something else is happening here, and only time will tell the whole story.

2087 days ago


How manipulated the principals (in this action) are by their own lack of integrity and low-life desires. t's good to see they have this person in custody and the area won't have to be terrified this could happen to their loved ones too. The only thing that seems misleading is 1) didn't sister post she was gay and in love with another woman? Why don't they print the truth Think he must have gone berserk over the gay relationship? What a terribly sad thing for the mother, brother and son to pay for the sins of a woman obviously embroiled in bad relationships and making really bad choices. I think this guy must have been raped in jail, grew outraged over the wife's choices, and being a twisted individual, played out his rage to strike the woman. As much as people want to believe Gay life is great, it carries some heavy consequences of course having a relationship with a criminal minded person obviously does too. The family has been murdered, the remaining folks will have to forever live with this horrible grief and this guy will propably get the death penality. Maybe this mess will deter someone else out there who's thinking about getting into something similar, or coming out of the closet when silence is best and not paying attention to how their relationships negatively effect their innocent children.

2087 days ago


#21: Have to agree with you. This has been heart wrenching from the beginning. The little boy however, seemed to be with a very loving grandparent and perhaps a loving uncle. So for all he knew, things were pretty good. At least he had that going for him.

The timeframe of this is a little confusing. Julia was posting stuff on her blog right away. She stated she'd fallen in love and now she was paying for it (highly publized gay choices). The authorities were stating this was a domestic dispute from the beginning. They tested for powder residue right away on this William. Cops need to have supporting evidence to have a strong case and get justice. Hope they have enough.

Since we don't seem to have stop gap measures in our society any more, these are the horiffic outcomes. There is an old saying, "It takes a whole town to raise a child" maybe we should step up and voice some common sense instead of being silent when things are obviously wrong. When Julia started waving a red flag in the face of her criminal estranged husband she may have sealed the fate of her innocent family. Do we think perhaps not everyone is as sympathic to personal choices like dating/marrying violent people or being involved in homosexual relationships. That stuff has generally proven to be problematic. The fact remains using some smarts doesn't ever go out of vogue and rebelling against sound societal restraints generally proves to bite folks in the hinny nearly everytime. Geez what a bitter pill though. It's so awful for them and society too.

2087 days ago


7. The Geico Caveman Killer

Posted at 2:18PM on Dec 3rd 2008 by Imus


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2087 days ago


I still think Julia Hudson was involved in these murders!!

2087 days ago


He is a sick ****, and I really hope that he gets raped in his ass so much that he dies from "loss of blood" from his *******!! And even that is too easy!!

965 days ago
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