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Batman's Pissed -- Bale in Etiquette Stand-Off

12/4/2008 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One autograph hunter needed a Bale-out last night -- when he got in the Dark Knight's way. You never mess with the Batman when his wife is waiting...
Christian Bale: Click to watch


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Little Napoleon there, is lucky the guy didn't open a can of whoopass and a package of condoms for his wife's new ride

2147 days ago


That guy deserved it...not that bad on Christian's part!

2147 days ago


When a law gets passed to keep big douchebags from trying to pick fights with celebrities whom we as a society claim to "enjoy" it'll be a good time in the thirty mile zone or as the paps pronounce it "da tirty milzzeone".

"Yeah I heard ya! Relax! I'm stalking you for profit man! Relax!"

SO tough!

2147 days ago


He looks so thin, is something wrong??
Is he taking something??

2147 days ago


Well, if that guy was a fan, then I guess he isn't anymore...Christian needs to tone it down a bit...I'm sure the autograph seekers (especially ebay dudes) can be annoying, but he's going to lose real fans this way if he does it with them...Wifey can wait a few seconds...

2147 days ago


Batman needs anger management classes pronto!!

2147 days ago


He was hot in AMerican Psycho... what happened to him? I know he went all manorexic for The Machinist, but seriously.. pick up a friggin' sandwich!

2147 days ago


The scene cut right before Bale turns and says "HEY." So, for all we know the guy grabbed him or something.

2147 days ago


What a jerk! Listen, Christian, with movie tickets at over $10 a piece, you can take ten seconds a sign an autograph for an excited fan. You may be a good actor, but you definitely are not very gracious.

2147 days ago

Zebedee Doodah    

There is part of scene missing. I think photographer guy was trying to grab Batman's man-parts.

2147 days ago


Californiadreamer, you are sooo right!

I hope there comes a day when nobody wants this jerks autograph.

2147 days ago


I don't like it when celebrities are rude like this. They earn mult-million dollar salaries and live a lavish lifestyle that few of us would even dream of, yet half of them treat people like second-class citizens. They should be so grateful for the blessings that they have. I used to love Reese Witherspoon until I saw her being really condescending to the press, and then I never felt the same about her. And now that I have seen this clip, I won't like Christian Bale anymore either.

2147 days ago


Christian looks like a nervous wreck these days with a panty bunch up his wad. So his wife is waiting? Big deal. All the guy wanted was his autograph not a photo of the two of them together with his hand on Christian's a$$. That was rude.

2147 days ago


He is more Bateman than Batman. Something is really wrong with this guy. Just watching him makes me want to crawl out of my skin. He always looks like he's tweaking.

Maybe he realizes that Tim Burton's movies were way better. Batman retiring to protect the reputation of a politician? What kind of garbage is that?

2147 days ago


I'm on Bale's side. His wife is more important than some guy asking for an autograph that he's going to sell on Ebay.

2147 days ago
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