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Gordon's Maybe-Mistress

Sacked for Big Mouth

12/4/2008 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The self-confessed skank behind the Gordon Ramsay affair allegations got fired from her job as an infidelity spokesperson for -- get this -- allegedly opening her mouth too damn much!

A website that specializes in hooking up married people behind their spouses backs called The Ashley Madison Agency allegedly fired Sarah Symonds as their UK spokescheater because she wasn't "discreet enough" for their liking. Symonds wrote a book about being a mistress and has been named the "other woman" in several high-profile affairs.

The "Hells Kitchen" star had steadfastly has denied any affair. We've been attempting to contact Sarah -- no luck yet.


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Obviously she, & others involved, have no self worth!

2151 days ago


So she's had affairs with other married men? Is this her perfession? I think we have names for people like her!!! And I doubt
a high profile person like Chef Ramsay would be anywhere near this woman. Can you say money hunger HO?????
People like this should be ashamed of themselves? Do you have no respect for other people (especially the wives of these men)? Shame, Shame, Shame.

2151 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

She can't have it both ways; be a professional mistress to the rich and famous, and then talk about it for profit or otherwise.

When I first heard this story, it reminded me of a line from "Analyze This". When asked why a happily married man would need a mistress, Robert Deniro's character replied, "That's the mouth my wife kisses my kids in the morning!"

I guess the other kind of ATM is just as much a cash machine for Miss Sarah Symonds.

2151 days ago


I was not really surprised when I heard that Gordon Ramsey cheated. But, a 7 year affair? Wow. She already was famous for being the mistress for a British governmental official. I saw her on Oprah making no apologies for her behavior. She is attractive, but not a stunning beauty. But, I guess it is not always about that. 7 years with a well known mistress in local hotels? I guess he wanted to get caught.

2151 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

He'd better deny it! His wife would take their four kids and bankrupt his ass!

2151 days ago


NO Gordon NO.....say it ain't so!!!!!, cuz if this turns out to be the truth, then I would say you will be living in Hell's Kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining room, and just about everywhere else. Your wife will NOT be yelling YES CHEF, she will be screaming.....MONEY,MONEY,MONEY!!!!!!!

2151 days ago


I don't know which I find to be more sleazy. The agency she worked for or her.

2151 days ago



2151 days ago


I liked him in the show Hells Kitchen , if you can make it though there.........

But , I think all men need that little "strange " sometimes- I dont think any woman I know, myself included, that did not have a man at least flirt with the idea of some stage of cheating- but the thing is if he can go back home( if his Lady allows him to ) that is what he'll do because in reality she is just something to do, not someone to take home to the family or have kids with.

OK, IM done

2151 days ago

northern gypsy    

hummm.....wonder if G.R. is as bad-ass in bed as in the kitchen ??? must be...if it lasted 7 yrs...

2151 days ago


#9, get with the times, this is not the 50's. It's not just men that want the 'strange'. Wanting and doing are not the same. I love watching GM's shows but if he did cheat...shame on him.

2151 days ago


Who would f**k her????

2151 days ago

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