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Phelps' Pal -- This Is NOT a Topless Photo!

12/4/2008 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This is just too awesome: The girl Michael Phelps took home to Mama wants to clear up the difference between taking photos without a top on with just your middle finger covering your nipple ... and topless photos.

Carolynn "Caz" Pal lashes out in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and here's the priceless quote: People "think my implied photos are topless photos and they are not. They are not nude. They are just implied." She says snaps of her with stars and bars over her boobs make her look skanky.

One thing she would not talk about: Michael Phelps.


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Shes not even a real celebrity. Please find someone else to report about TMZ. And fingers over nipples or not...shes still a nasty whore.

2147 days ago


Just has I expected. This bitch is taking advantage of all the publicity she can get. Ho please!

2147 days ago


She was "topless" before she got those huge implants.

2147 days ago


Let's face it; she wouldn't even give Michael Phelps the time of day IF he hadn't won all those medals. She's a smart cookie. She's hooking up with Phelps because of the publicity she gets; nude or not.

2147 days ago

joe the dic giver    

i live in vegas and i guarantee you that all these "waitress's" like this hoe, are all 1 sneeze away from being hookers. this skank trying to act innocent is pathetic. when you live in vegas, you can pick these hoe's out like spotting flies on rice. the only reason she is with him is cause of the fame & maybe some money she might get off him. he's not a rich celebrity so she is only in it for the fame. and whats up with that horriffic tattoo on her back? she must like it from behind cause why else would you get a tattoo that big unless you plan on having people planted back there for while

2147 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

I guess it's semanatics. If you are not wearing a top, you are topLESS. Covering up your nips with your hands does not make you less topLESS.

2147 days ago


another las vegas whore. c'mon now girl, the truth hurts.

2147 days ago


What a ridiculous statement. She is implying that if she removed her hand, she would be trash, but since her had is there, they are respectable photographs. Regardless of how she wants to classify these photographs, they are tasteless and she is far from classy.

2147 days ago


Wow, there sure are a lot of people hating on this woman! The only way this "skank" could hook up with Michael Phelps is if he chose to let her do so. You people think she's with him for the money. Well, maybe he's with her for the T&A. So, maybe it works both ways. If they are both getting what they want, then what's the problem? It's his money so if he wants to spend it on her, that's his business. If she's giving it up to him for the cash, then that's her business. Let's just hope he knows how to use a condom and avoids becoming her baby's daddy and paying her for the next 18 yrs for that T&A.

2147 days ago


I think Michael Phelps needs to get some sleep and wake up! This is not whom you want a serious relationship with. Get someone with class.

2147 days ago



2147 days ago


Interesting that she should feel that way. Her photo spreads "imply" that she's a young woman who has no problem dropping clothes for money and/or attention.

If you're going to pose for photographs that are nekkid or nearly nekkid, then admit it and say that you posed for them and the photos speak for themselves. Don't call it art. Call it what it is....T&A. Then either live with it or quit doing it.

2147 days ago


Is she truly that stupid? I hope this brainless ho take an exit stage left very soon. The more I hear about her, the less I can stand her or Phelps. If this the kind of woman he likes, then he needs more than facial surgery... he needs a brain transplant.

She complains about being made to look skanky... WHATEVER!

2147 days ago


i want nicole johnson for phelps

2147 days ago

Office Space    

Does anyone else think that her face is jacked up? Why do girls with hot bods have ugly faces? I know Phelps isn't cute, but with all that $$$$ he could at least find one of the rare ones who had the face and the bod.

2147 days ago
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