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Robert Pattinson's Internal Hair War

12/4/2008 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In the age-old battle of man vs. hair product, man always loses.

Robert Pattinson's douchey, '80s new wave, over-gelled bird's nest weave proves there is actually something more ridiculous than his awkward close-ups, pauses and lines in "Twilight."


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I'm no 12 yr old, but I find this man to be absolutely gorgeous. I agree with the previous comments that reference his many interviews- he's humble and slightly insecure...and all those quirks are incredibly endearing.

As for his performance as Edward- If you heard any of the interviews, I believe he was trying to portray Edward as being awkward and slightly off. He is playing a vampire in the 21st century who would love nothing more than to kill everyone around him, and yet has to act human. It's an awkward part!

1963 days ago


I have to say...I'm a 36 year old woman...saw the movie with my 12 year old and ended up buying the books afterwards...have read them all in less than a week. Personally I think Pattinson did a great job of portraying Edward...the awkward pauses aren't awkward if you've read the book and, taking it one step further, if you've read Midnight Sun...he actually did really well.

As for a douche...I don't think so...I agree with some of the other comments that he's actually fairly surprised and no doubt overwhelmed by the attention but he always tries to give original responses during interviews...lets himself be "dorky" and vulnerable...laughs at himself...I'll have to try to find 30something equivalent! lol

1963 days ago


This picture reminds me of Winnie the Pooh and The Blustery Day. Maybe the person who wrote the caption is just envious of Robert's hair.

1963 days ago


Haha! His hair is always crazy, but this is crazier than usual! I wouldn't be suprised at all if he's made it that way on purpose. He always seems so mystified as to what the big deal about his hair is. But hey, crazy hair or no crazy hair, I'd totally do him, hes probably the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen. (and I'm 23, so there goes some of your "only 12 year old's like him" theory!)

1963 days ago


I"m 23 and i thinkk that he's hot.. He was great in twilight! I just wish that everyone would stop bashing him!! What is it to you about how he has his hair or if he shaves and what he does on his free time. Get a grip people!

1963 days ago


I'm 29 and I think he's totally hot. He was fantastic in the movie. Absolutely love the hair.

1963 days ago


Dracula never had bed head.

1963 days ago

Leno sucks, Conan rocks    

God, what pathetic little fangirls. You are obsessing over a smelly, dirty, pale douche. That movie sucks and its fans are losers for obsessing over a craptastic film and the hack actors (hactors?) who are in it. The only good thing about this movie is the fact that its existence allowed South Park to point out just how stupid its followers are.

1963 days ago


The book and movie were excellent. No movie is the exact same as the book, so if that was people were expecting they should not have gone to the movie.

As far as Robert Pattison playing Edward he did an excellent job portraying such a complex character. The connection and chemsitry between the main characters was something you do not see in most movies.

As far as his hair its nice and full it was probably windy that day, and from what I have read the studio has forbid him to cut it at all as they have him under and contract to film the next movie in the book series.

and by the way I am not a little teen Im 27

1963 days ago


i love this guy but not his hair hes so hot and cute i am ten and i have been reading the first book of twilight and its amazing i want to marry the book character and ive never seen the real edward cullen until the picture i just saw i cant quit reading i love him.

1963 days ago


i think number 21 is right he is the bomb he is so hot i cant stand it he is gorgeous i cant take my eyes off him.

1963 days ago


I am not 12 years old. I am twenty one and i want to pull that messy hair of his and put him to work!

1963 days ago


32 yr old cougar here!
n' I'd luv to yank on that "greasy mess of a hair do"
he's probably not allow to have it cut!

1963 days ago


Dude he's hot, his hair is hot. He doesn't style it, it just does that. He's also totally NOT a douche

1963 days ago


Cheeky buggers!!! Have you seen the state of the TMZ' staffers hair!!! especially the dude with the long, ratty blonde do who looks like he's been dragged through a rat infested hedge backwwards! Ye GADS!!! and you have the cheek to ridicule Rpatz??!!!??? and btw, his performance as Edward Cullen was superb. Perhaps if you read the book, you might understand. TTFN

1963 days ago
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