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Robert Pattinson's Internal Hair War

12/4/2008 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In the age-old battle of man vs. hair product, man always loses.

Robert Pattinson's douchey, '80s new wave, over-gelled bird's nest weave proves there is actually something more ridiculous than his awkward close-ups, pauses and lines in "Twilight."


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It's a very sad day when TMZ has to take a picture of a man outside in the wind and post it on their site with a trashy comment... If this is all that is interesting in the world, we are in major trouble...

2095 days ago


Okay, So I love Rob, he's really hot, and hes a great actor!
Hes a very down to earth person and his hair is like his trademark!
I just saw this on the show and I was pretty mad! They shouldnt make fun of him!
Hes awesome, and the books are great and Twilight is great too!
So give him a break!
His contract might not let him cut his hair anyways!

2095 days ago


Rob has fabulous hair. I'd love to run my fingers through it. AND it isn't a weave. It's Christmas time, can't you guys EVER be nice???

2095 days ago

Leno sucks, Conan rocks    

24. Dude he's hot, his hair is hot. He doesn't style it, it just does that. He's also totally NOT a douche

Posted at 7:24PM on Dec 4th 2008 by Michelle
Translation: I'm an obsessed stalker who sends him crazy fan mail saying "we we were meant for one another" with photo collages and pieces of my hair included.

2095 days ago


Love Robert. There is no getting around this,he is our next star.

2095 days ago


I am 29 and I would LOVE to pull on his hair in the worst/best possible way. I think TMZ is just jealous that this hawty can evoke an overwhelming amount of estrogen pumped hormonal reactions...more than the deuches on their staff can.

2095 days ago


Robert is a down to earth guy. He did mention a few weeks ago in another interview that he was frustrated that he couldn't get a hair cut. The studio/producers of twilight won't let him until he finishes promoting the film. That's why he wears hats so his hair doesn't fly away. Besides, he is a very handsome and sweet guy. I actually love how he acted in HP and the BBC's the haunted airman. Twilight was not his best performance. I predict a very long and successful acting career for him. Rob, you should just go back to London to get away from the paps....

2095 days ago


20. i love this guy but not his hair hes so hot and cute i am ten and i have been reading the first book of twilight and its amazing i want to marry the book character and ive never seen the real edward cullen until the picture i just saw i cant quit reading i love him.

Posted at 6:53PM on Dec 4th 2008 by alyssa


Sweetie, you do know that Edward is a fictional character and vampires are not real, don't you? Anyone that tells you they are a vampire is a poseur.

2095 days ago

northern gypsy    

i can see why female's (12 yr- ???) dig this fella...he looks moody...tortured...and turn on to woman of all ages !!!

2095 days ago


He´s hot!!!! I´m a cougar (32) and I do him easily.
He´s funny, humble, sexy, and the brit accent, WTF!!!!
Call me RP!!!

2095 days ago


Robert Pattinson is extremely attractive and is an exeptionally talented actor AND musician. He seems like a genuinely good guy and I hope that I will act alongside him one day, and no, i'm not 12, im 16 years old.

2095 days ago


I personally don't go for his type, but I'd rather hear about him than Spencer Pratt and his moron wife Heidi.

2095 days ago


northern gypsy,
moody... tortured...and sensitive---That reminds me of James Dean.

2094 days ago


TMZ get it straight, the reason why his hair is like that is because of the winter winds that were blowing after he finished an interview at a station called GMTV studios.
You want proof go here...

get your information straight before you post something that is absurdly inaccurate.

2094 days ago

Just me    

Ok first off I am a 35 year old married woman and I think this kid is handsome but not handsome in the same way that lets say Brad Pitt or Eric Bana is handsome. He is very unique and that is part of his appeal. As far as the other part of his appeal, its because he is playing a very popular character from a book series. (I know I am waiting for the Duh comments)
My 13 year old wanted to read the books so I decided to read them first. (shocking a responsible parent) I got hooked. I read all four books in four days. Then I went and saw the movie, which I felt considering the budget they had to work with was done well. They filmed this movie in my state. It was fun to recognize the places they were at. I am not a 12 year old girl, I think these books and in turn these movies will be enjoyed by probably more women than men. The men on this site that are making hateful comments are just oddley jealous or not secure enough in there own manhood to admit that this kid has something.

2094 days ago
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