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Robert Pattinson's Internal Hair War

12/4/2008 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In the age-old battle of man vs. hair product, man always loses.

Robert Pattinson's douchey, '80s new wave, over-gelled bird's nest weave proves there is actually something more ridiculous than his awkward close-ups, pauses and lines in "Twilight."


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You need to shut up! R Patts is hawt!!

2156 days ago


Wow....haters....slow news day huh, TMZ?

2156 days ago


hot!hot!hot!! am not twelve and i would get with him in a heart beat!

2156 days ago



2156 days ago


I think his hair is cool. He seems like an interesting guy and I have nothing bad to say about him. Don't get why people are so anxious to criticize.

2156 days ago


His didn't style his hair like that, it's the wind. What retards. TMZ you failed.

2156 days ago

daisy chain    

Usually, this site is spot on with its snarkiness but I have to say, Rob's hairstyle isn't douche-y. Usually, it's better to reserve that term for people with zero-personality that are brainless. And judging by this picture, his hair technically has a mind of its own. Time to brush up on your Urban Dictionary, TMZ.

2156 days ago

Native Girl    

I'm older than #36 and all I want for Christmas is Rob wearing nothing but that hot smile! His hair is sexy and so is his personality...totally charming, doesn't take himself too seriously, and a good sense of humor. It's great to see someone be themselves and not fall prey to the Hollywood "gotta be perfect" syndrome. He is definitely HOT!!!

Hey #33 - You are so right! With that accent - I'd pay to hear him read the phone book!

2156 days ago


I saw in one interview that he said "they" won't let him cut it. So yes, it's an image thing right now. All the girls go "squee" over his hair and they are playing it up. You can tell by how often he touches it that he's very self-concscious of it anyway. I think he's absolutely adorable. He's got that adorable accent, he doesn't think he's special in the least, he's smart, talented and funny. He comes across as very insecure to me, which is actually sweet. I actually think he sometimes looks like a mess on purpose to prove to girls/women that he's not that special. He can play piano for me with bed-head anytime.....

2156 days ago


I seriously like Robert Pattinson. I think he's really HOT! I like the grungy, just got out of bed look. His look just appeals to me. I think he's very gorgeous. I think he did a GREAT job playing Edward.....he made the girls swoon for him and that's basically what Edward does in the book as well.

I love it when he does interviews because it always looks like he's searching for words and he's always playing with his hair but overall he seems very humble and yes, he doesn't understand what all the fuss is about over him....but he should get used to it because there's plenty more coming to him.

2156 days ago


"People are so negative and critical. I don't necessarily think that he's hot but I enjoyed his performance in the movie even though it wasn't as close to the book as I would have liked. Who cares if his hair is crazy and weird? It doesn't affect us in any possible way so people just need to leave him alone and get over it."

^^ i completely agree.

2156 days ago


I agree, he did not do a good job in Twilight.. what were they thinking?? The right guy for this movie was James Franco. He is a good actor. He has the looks. He has what it takes.
where is James Franco when we need him???

2156 days ago


sexual monster! i love rob! god he is so gorgeous i can't take it.

2156 days ago


Stalk much KellyAnne?

2156 days ago


Robert Pattinson did a great job in Twilight. I'm not 12, I am 31 and I find him attractive. I love his crazy hair.

2156 days ago
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