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Robert Pattinson's Internal Hair War

12/4/2008 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In the age-old battle of man vs. hair product, man always loses.

Robert Pattinson's douchey, '80s new wave, over-gelled bird's nest weave proves there is actually something more ridiculous than his awkward close-ups, pauses and lines in "Twilight."


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Translation: I'm an obsessed stalker who sends him crazy fan mail saying "we we were meant for one another" with photo collages and pieces of my hair included.

Nope not true, I am a happily married 28 year old mother who appreciates a good looking person! The only person I was "meant to be with" is my hubby whom I find equally as hot! I really don't put effort into photo collages sorry to dissapoint

2092 days ago


I´m the #33. And I also want so say, look at his hands....beautiful hands. perfect for a pianist....just saying!!!

2092 days ago


I love how beyotchy Robert Pattinson makes guys. There's something about him that really brings out the mean girls. Especially if those guys are ugly or bald. I wonder what cateogory the guy who put up this post fits in. The reality is this guy is like a virtual land of a 1,000 orgasms times a couple million cause every woman I know wants to jump his pretty, pretty haired bones.

2092 days ago


Yikes...and I though I was having a bad hair day.

Aside for the hair, Robert P. is a cutie. But I don't think he's hot. Chin pubes, huge honker, and fire plug eyebrows just don't revv up my motor.

But seeing as how he is a huge star...thanks in large part to Twilight....he most likely doesn't care at all what I think.

2092 days ago


Effff me. This guy is fine. Seriously, dude who wrote about his "douchey"hair sounds like a scorned lover. That or he caught his woman pleasuring herself to a picture of Robert. There's a Edward Cullen doll that just came out, TMZ, so look out. Your girl may be working with a doll next time you catch her!

2092 days ago


I really don't think his hair looks as bad as everyone says. I do believe that it's in his contract that he can't cut it due to his roles in the Twilight movies. I just think if it has something to do with his career, then no one should have anything to say about it. I think Rob it hott as hell and I'm 25! Age doesn't matter people!

2092 days ago


All the guys on this thread sound like fat broads ripping apart a picture of Megan Fox in a bikini--while they dunk their doughnuts in Vitamin D milk! That goes for the guy who wrote the blurb too. All the guys are jealous cause this skinny, pasty white, 22 year old guy with no muscle defition is getting so much attention. I think it's cute, dirty, skinny boys need love too!

2092 days ago


his hair looked like it's usual self that day.... this photo is of him getting out of a car and it was extremely windy in london that morning. the photo was taken of him going into the tv studios for a british morning talk show.

2092 days ago


His hair is like that more than it probably starts out as because, if you watch his interviews, he messes with his hair all the time. I think it's a nervous reaction, like biting your nails, or fidgiting. Plus of course websites like this find the worst picture they can of someone for every story no matter what it is. Leave him alone.....and he is very hot! (not 12 lol)....O and loved Twilight!

2092 days ago


ummmm.....i'm not 12, i'm 34 and i think this guy is hot! Sexy, funny, humble, british accent, and the hair....what more can you ask for!

2092 days ago

Shannon L.    

Hes gorgeous man , and he has a great personality from what i can tell from his interviews with people, and hes funny as hell.
Of course i would love to find that out myself haha ;] I like Rob Pattinson hes a cool dude, and so is his hair hahaha

2092 days ago


*sigh* i love Robert Pattinson and would take him anywhere anyway i can get him...i read the first book over the summer didn't think it was anything special, saw the movie and loved it. Then I caught a bunch of his interviews on youtube and now i love Robert. He's an original. I'm not sure what's going on with his hair, I think he lights to put on like he's too lazy to really take care of himself, when he's clearly a very driven and focused person.i also think he has the potential to look pretty at times (particulary as Edwar) so he tries to work against that. look at chace crawfod, he's so pretty people think he's gain. i seriously doubt there's any gel in that hair..
oh and i'm 26 and know plenty of other women in their 20's that love him....

2092 days ago


tiene el pelo asi por el viento, en las otras fotos se puede ver que esta haciendo viento, aparte es muy atractivo su estilo natural no hace sexy y mas porque no se la pasa posando. El es bello al natural, aaah y no tengo 12 sino 26

2092 days ago


Having met the young man when he was in Portland filming the movie, I can attest to him being a very quiet, nice guy; however, his neanderthal-like facial features render him even more unattractive in person without make-up than they do on the big screen. He is not a good looking individual.

2092 days ago


Norma--James Franco? He's 30--Robert was barely young enough looking to play 17 as a 22 year old. James Franco is too old to play Edward's dad in the movie

And Ed---I've seen Robert in person in Los Angeles. Get your eyes check--the guy is so pretty, it's a good thing he's got a strong jawline and a lot of facial hair to butch him up some. Caveman like-give me a break.

2091 days ago
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