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Robin Williams' Daughter Says Daddy's No Lohan

12/4/2008 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Zelda Williams had a pretty good reason why her famous pops wasn't out clubbing with her last night -- Robin's a recovering alcoholic.
Zelda Williams: Click to watch
Of course Zelda, who was in fact named after the video game, is only 19 -- so she shouldn't be drinkin' either.


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Who said she was drinking? She certainly does not look or act intoxicated.

2151 days ago


Zelda Williams’s semi lesbian? She stated that she had to "take care of her buddies." - Sounds very lesbian. Swing both ways sexually, as long as she gets a baby from one of her male friends before it's too late.

Summer junk film for 2009 - Detention: A group of high school students are sent to detention. Abundant and locked and with images of ghosts appearing they attempt to escape only to find themselves connected to a prior death and being made responsible for with their lives. - A girl of mystery. The video shows Zelda walking over the stars like she does not care. - Very lesbian. If anybody wants to walk his or her dog on the San Francisco beach, the cliff house is the place.

Hollywood, and her new semi-life style would make a cash cow film with legs. - kind of what frank zappa did with his daughter moon zappa when she cut a record "valley girl." - It's now the time of Zelda Williams parody film bio.

2151 days ago

Mork from Ork    

She was named Zelda after her father's favorite video game???

What, Pac Man Williams, Dig Dug Williams, Donkey Kong Williams or Centipede Williams weren't good enough names for his daughter. As a video game, Zelda sucked.

2151 days ago



2151 days ago


19? She looks 35

2151 days ago

~Garp & Triforce Luvva~    

Hey Mork, ya idjit, it was his SON, who was 5 at the time, that named Zelda after HIS favorite video game. If you'd ever seen any of Robin Williams' stand up you would know that!

And Zelda is THE best video game series ever!

2151 days ago


Recovering alkie? Which "round" is this for him? He's the same goof who said when Belushi checked out, that he was swearing off drugs and liquor forever. Cant remember, was this before or after he ran off with the babysitter who he's now divorced from for his drinking.

Yeah sure....guess it was, a Joke, right?

2151 days ago


She looks just like her mom. Her mom was the babysitter that Robin left his wife for. She is not super attractive, but never was good looking. I guess you can only hire some really old nanny to be safe in hollywood.

2151 days ago


Zelda Zonk was the name Marilyn Monroe used when she stayed at hotels.

2150 days ago

Granny Fan    

TMZ - do some homework. Robin Williams IS a recovering alcoholic AND he could not go clubbing with his daughter because HE WASN'T IN TOWN! He is on the road and was performing in Portland, Oregon last night! You all make me laugh.

2150 days ago


Nice going douchebags, loooove the 'I want to bang her' comment made towards a 19 year old as she walks away. Truly disgusting.

2150 days ago

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