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50 Cent: Get It Open or Die Tryin'

12/5/2008 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Add one more person to the unemployment line -- the guy who locked the keys to 50 Cent's Rolls in the car.

With their livelihood -- and probably lives! -- on the line, members of Fiddy's crack security team hastily used coat hangers to jimmy his ride's door open in London this morning.

Go shawty, it's yo last day.


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2113 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Is that a WIRE coat hangar?!

2113 days ago


that car costs over $300,000. It should not be accessible withe a hanger or such. You should just be able to make a phone call and have it unlocked remotely at that price.

2113 days ago


It is a very slooooooow news day. Who the frig cares that somone locked the keys in the car? Call a friggin locksmith!

2113 days ago


What a shock- 50's "security team" is adept at breaking into cars...

2113 days ago

barry wills    

i would think aaa is world wide or afford more than one set of keys for a rolls..i should work for a rich person so they dont have to think of any thing but there money...and drive them when there drunk cause you never see them in a cab

2113 days ago


what a hilarious scene that must have been!

2113 days ago

~Garp & Triforce Luvva~    

Are there NO locksmiths in London? Really?!?! The FIRST idea is to BREAK into the car?!?!?!?! Are ANY of us surprised?

2113 days ago


I see new jobs opening up.

2113 days ago

To see or not to see    

Hello... Grammar Rehab Center calling....

#10. Posted at 10:10AM 2008 by barry wills
"....i should work for a rich person so they DONT(1) have to think of any thing but THERE(2) money...and drive them when THERE(3) drunk cause you never see them in a cab"

1) DON'T have
2) THEIR money
3) THEY ARE drunk
("there" is the opposite of "here")

2113 days ago


Thank you, Grammar Rehab Center! What is it with people on this site not knowing the difference between their and there? Instead of saying "drunk cause you never see them in a cab", shouldn't it say "SO you never have to see them in a cab"?
Don't feel bad, barry wilis.. at least I got the point of your post unlike some people on this site that just put down complete gibberish and expect people to be able to translate the moron language.

2113 days ago


So, that's where my car went!! Bastards.

2113 days ago

Marty? Is that you?    

i love the title of this lol

2113 days ago


with all the money this ass wipe has he should clap and that door should open...... Doesn't anyone believe in onstar these days? What a jerk!

2113 days ago


Uh Hello, Why are you sticking a coat hanger into the door of a Rolls. They have professions who will come and do that and not damage your car. I drive a Chevy Monte Carlo and On Star can unlock it with a phone call. This is crazy. Rolls vs. MC, I think I got the better service package. Fifty try GM, those On Star people are no joke.

2113 days ago
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