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Guitarist: Coldplay Cold-Jacked My Song

12/5/2008 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some badass guitarist is suing Coldplay for allegedly ripping off his song -- and once you hear this guy's Cold-case, it's gonna blow your frickin' mind.

It's all over Coldplay's number one hit "Viva La Vida" -- Joe Satriani says "Viva" is way too similar to his 2004 instrumental, "If I Could Fly." Now, he's asking for "any and all profits" ... and given that "Vida" topped the chart in 36 countries, we could be talking about a lot of money.

Satriani has worked with everyone from Mick Jagger to Deep Purple.

A rep for Coldplay had no comment.

: The lawsuit was settled outside of court -- the terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.


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This song has been out forever, if it was stolen, he should have said something when it first came out. He's just looking to make some extra money or be int he tabloids or something! What a douchebag.

2112 days ago


sounds like a lot of songs I've heard from that 80's era. thats why I liked it in the first place all music sounds similar to me!! I still like coldplay. i could have sworn i heard that same melody on a video game before are they going to sue too!!

2112 days ago


TMZ, "You know how I know your gay? Because you listen to coldplay."

2112 days ago



2112 days ago


Three notes happen to occur in the same interval... God forbid two bands play in the same key. Why is this an issue in today's era of sampling? Sounds like Satriani is in need of a paycheck... Maybe he should have gone the John Mayer route and abandoned his talent for pop songs - then he wouldn't have to worry about Coldplay playing three of "his notes".

2112 days ago

Lance Goodthrust    

For it to be called stealing it has to be an exact match for 16 measures. It does not.

2112 days ago


Are you people deaf? How on earth does that sound the same?!! WTF.

2112 days ago

lil jon jon    

yeah, the melody of the chorus is identical. but, the truth is, the Coldplay song is better. I think Coldplay should perhaps give Satch a free CD or tee-shirt. However, it is Satch who should be gratefull to Coldplay for improving on his melody. Our natural world is a result of evolution. It rewards not the organisms that invent , rather the ones that improve.

2112 days ago

he actually wants to take credit for a coldplay song? god i'm glad doesn't play those guys

2112 days ago


29..I totally agree about the Grammy's. It is not about the quality of the music but the quanity of music sold. Unfortunately, kids buy music and the Jonas Brothers are their generation. Hey look, when I was a teenager we were buying Donny Osmond and the Partridge Family 45's. Talk about no talent.

2112 days ago


Come on people!!!! Coldplay is one of the BEST GREATEST bands ever existed in this world!!!
And alot of songs sound alike. This idiot has no other way of getting money so he's suing Coldplay. Its music and its for ALL to enjoy, why cant he just go and make another song. Make money on his own!

2112 days ago


Posted at 4:39PM on Dec 5th 2008 by Babs

You're an imbecile. Find out who your are talking about before you make a comment like, "This idiot has no other way of getting money so he's suing Coldplay".

2112 days ago

Common Sense    

Joe Satriani is a Guitar Legend!! He knows a hell alot more about music then Coldplay does.

2112 days ago


I'm reading a lot of this "he needs the money" crap, and I have to say....a lot of the TMZ readers have their heads up their collective asses. Satch is a guitar legend and Coldplay is that band with that guy that's married to that slut from that crappy movie about that English guy that wrote "Romeo And Juliet".

I swear, it's like the comment section on Perez Fatass's site!

2112 days ago


Babs, just a guess but you must be about 15. Otherwise you would understand that an artist who writes and creates his own work isn't about to let a "beginner" outright steal his work and be OK with that. Your comment "it's all music, why doesn't he just go make more music and make money on his own" totally has me scratching my head - you've obviously never written music before. Satriani's music is his own individual creation, something that is personal to him, it takes time and creativity ... to steal it is like robbing someone's talent when you have none of your own. No artist in his/her right mind would sit still and let some one pilfer off their music and that's exactly what Coldplay has done. I hope Satriani makes millions from his lawsuit - then maybe Coldplay will be forced to write something original and meaningful. (rolling eyes ...)

2112 days ago
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