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O.J. Gets

9 Years!

12/5/2008 3:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson was sentenced to nine years in prison, a judge ordered today.

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O.J. pleaded his case to the judge before she sentenced him, but to no avail.

Simpson was convicted on October 3 of 12 criminal counts, including kidnapping, armed robbery and burglary after he and a few pals broke into a Nevada hotel room in an attempt to recover allegedly stolen sports memorabilia. Two of the counts were dismissed at the beginning of today's hearing.

Simpson's cohort, CJ Stewart, was also sentenced to 16 years. He is eligible for parole after six.

David Cook, a lawyer for the Goldman family, tells TMZ, "Fred Goldman is certainly going to wish Mr. Simpson a pleasant journey."


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Thank you for those that have seen the light! I believe that OJ's intent was to get his belongings, but in the end... he finally got what was coming to him!!! Nicole and Ron Goldman paid a price years ago, and OJ got off scott free for what he did, but now it's time to PAY THE PIPER OJ. You've had your freedom while your children suffered without their dear mother...never having her around to read to them when they were children or go to their games in middle school and high school as they got older. You've put your children, the Brown and Goldman families through hell and back, and your stints never seem to end. Justice was finally served.

2105 days ago


Khaida White:

You are so incredibly stupid, I hated to even respond to your post. Anybody with an IQ over 25 knows that Simpson killed those people, and was FOUND RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR DEATHS in the Civil Trial. I don't wish death on him - I hope he lives a long, long time and realizes that the whole time he's either alone in his cell, or fighting off his girlfriend in the shower, he KNOWS that Fred Goldman is still collecting his stupid old sh(T and selling it to the highest bidder - just because it belonged to a double murderer. I hope O.J. thinks about it EVERY DAMN DAY! How Fred is still rounding up O.J.'s stuff and how incredibly stupid O.J. was to get away with murder, and then instead of going away and staying out of trouble, to let his massive ego believe he could continue to thumb his nose at justice. Live long and prosper in the slammer O.J. - I don't wish death on you at all!

2105 days ago


oj, prisoners scream 24/7, this is just a preview of hell for you!
i hope youare too stupid to ask God to forgive you. i think you are, i wouldn't want to see your face in heaven, it would start a riot. how did it feel to beg for your life in court!
did anybody see the accidential video taken of oj walking to his jail cell (before the trial) wearing orange rubber flip flops, chains & prison uniform? guards were taking him to his waiting tiny cell & each jail cell had a big number on it, and his cell was #32.

2105 days ago


Iam tiered of my words getting twisted around by some of you haters here. Fred Goldman is a bitter bitter person. I feel for Ron and Nicole because they were taken from this earth in that horrid way. Fred Goldman is a murder in his heart also. Just listen to him,he will never be happy never ever even after Oj dies Goldman will not be happy. He needs to get over it!Fred Goldman needs to be in counseling if he hasnt already. He should take all of his hate and bitterness to help someone like Kim and him. Does he have anything going for Ron his son a fund or setting up a group to help others like him? Fred is always about Fred. What is Oj,s money going to get him? More revenge on OJ? I bet ya. I wonder if Fred does get money from Oj if he,ll do something constructive as to help families of murder victims? There never will be closer in this matter i know,BUT you can take the hate and bitter and focus on something else to bring some kind of peace to the Goldmans hearts. I dont like Fred because of his bitter mouth and YES i know his son was murdered .....Oj,s life is over and has been over will never be the same . Fred look you are finally getting to see Oj going under he did not win and never will. That is what i meant by get over it. Be stong and help someone out thier who needs you. I just see how bitter and full of hate the Goldmans are and it all sickens me. You have to see Oj,s life is a huge big mess.........HE NEVER GOT AWAY WITH ANYTHING. Nicoles children will never have a good mother as Nicole. I feel for them period. Then they see Goldman wanting to take all of thier monies away. Fred what about Oj,s children thier victims to. I cannot see why you want all of Oj,s money and all he has what about Sidney and Justins lives? I hope you all who cut me down wont say to bad for those children no matter what age they are . I feel so sick for them . Fred Goldman is wanting to hurt them to? I think so. I guess it is justifiable now right. NO!

2104 days ago


C, and Me........................ I know why you don't like Fred Goldman. & so do you, but it is not for the reason that you state on this post. O.J's children are O.J.'s responsibility. No-one elses. His life is over, you say.......... a mess. That is his own fault. His children are hurt because of him. Why are you excusing Simpson, and trying to turn the blame & responsibility onto others. Fred Goldman's son was butchered by Simpson........Mr. Goldman has to live with that,, FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. The mother of Simpson's children was butchered to death by Simpson. They have to live with that for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. Simpson has spent his life before & after the murder., pimping himself out for money...........golfing, clubbing womanizing , living the high life. He has not cared for his children, as with their mother..Sydney has had to call in the police to protect her from his abuse. Goldman is not bitter..he is seeking justice for his son...........until now, there has been none. Without justice, a grieving heart continues to grieve. I give a flying rat's ass about Simpson's life being over................he is ratfilth. As for you..........the "money" theme is all that you prattle on about. You are too dense & obtuse to comprehend the underlying principle. O.J was in full control of his life.he was the orchestrator of his own destruction...............the blame is his , no-one else's. Fred Goldman owes neither O.J or his family anything. .........O.J. is the one whom owes his own family. Nga.

2104 days ago


They know they are doing OJ wrong. I mean Mark Furman did some dirty stuff to get OJ and it did not work now they want to do thr brother wrong. Keep your head up OJ

1618 days ago


He should rot in jail for the rest of his life, not for this robbery of course, as everyone knows he killed his wife and he friend and that's why he deserves to be in jail... God is good, they didn't sentence him the first time, but the second time did the trick. He is an evil man who murdered his children's Mom. Imagine how hard life has been for his poor children knwoing their Dad ikilled his Mom.

1617 days ago


Had my son been murdered where Ronald Goldman was,,,you damn right ,,,,i would be in the court room...every single min...,,all of you downing the Goldmans,,would you be there if it had been your son,,or would you have forgotten about it by now?

1556 days ago


Max & Mike, you're both imbeciles. I can tell that you both didn't follow the trial. The evidence when examined by forensic scientist overwhelmingly and irrefutably indicate it was planted or fabricated. The LAPD even destroyed evidence and lied under oath. The evidence overwhelmingly indicates a drug deal gone sour. Nicole & Ron's throats were both cut Columbian neck tie style. There are strong indications that Ron was the primary target. Ron was over $100,000 in debt. Plus he had a circle of friends who were murdered before and after he was. Ron's brused knuckles indicated that he forcefully punched his attackers. Coroner Irwin Golden reported two different knives were used to kill Nicole and Ron. Lets not forget Faye Resnick, Nicole's roommate who had no money but who had drugs on hand. She checked into a rehibilitation center three days before the murders. Mark Fuhrman should have gotten Mr. Simpson's glove size before he decided to plant the infamous glove behind his guest house. Fuhrman also wrote in his report that the glove was still wet with blood when he found it. Back up, Mark Fuhrman, Mr. Simpson left for Chicago seven hours before you found the glove. How long does it take blood to dry? How did the anti clotting agent known as EDTA get into Mr. Simpson's blood that was allegedly collected at the murder scene. The blood drops were spaced so many feet apart but they were all round. That means who ever deposited the blood there was standing still. Fred Golman is a pathetic excuse for a human being. If he cared for his dead son, he would be demanding the police find his son's real killers. In most major cities across the U S, many drug lords hae the police in their back pockets. When you anti O. Js keep blaming Mr. Simpson for Nicole and Ron's deaths, the real killers are saying to themselves, "thank you for being fools."

1522 days ago


The fact that "thing" is in prison will keep a smile on my face for years to come!!

1437 days ago
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