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O.J. Gets

9 Years!

12/5/2008 3:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson was sentenced to nine years in prison, a judge ordered today.

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O.J. pleaded his case to the judge before she sentenced him, but to no avail.

Simpson was convicted on October 3 of 12 criminal counts, including kidnapping, armed robbery and burglary after he and a few pals broke into a Nevada hotel room in an attempt to recover allegedly stolen sports memorabilia. Two of the counts were dismissed at the beginning of today's hearing.

Simpson's cohort, CJ Stewart, was also sentenced to 16 years. He is eligible for parole after six.

David Cook, a lawyer for the Goldman family, tells TMZ, "Fred Goldman is certainly going to wish Mr. Simpson a pleasant journey."


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While two young people, Nicole and Ron, rest in a cold grave, OJ will still be breathing. He should have received a death sentence for butchering Ron and then practically decapitating Nicole. His temper and arrogance has now put him in a postiion where he can no longer hunt down Ron and Nicole's REAL killers - maybe they can RIP now.

2146 days ago


I cannot understand why The Goldmans have to be a part of this trial. These Goldmans need to stay out of the spot light as to OJ. OJ will pay and is paying for the murders of Ron and Nicole.I do feel Oj is guilty of those murders BUT he was found not guilty. What the hell do these Goldmans want? They look like blood thirsty hounds always waiting for OJ to fall. This makes me sick as hell and i cannot stand them for it. OJ is paying and will continue to pay. The Golmans will never ever be happy about anything!

2146 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

Glad the justice system nailed him this time. I know some of you are annoyed at the Goldmans, because he was found not guilty in the criminal trial. He was found LIABLE in a civil trial afterwards. Not guilty doesn't mean innocent, it means the jury just did not have enough evidence to remove reasonable doutb. Most planned homicides happen in private, with out witnesses. Usually killers who plan such acts, take steps to minimize evidence. Scott Peterson feed his wife to the sharks, etc. Prosecution of such cases is always an uphill battle. In O.J.s murder case, the prosecution wasted too much time trying to infer O.J.s guilt by bringing up paste episodes of violence. Of course, the defense had a chance each time to spin it their way. AS FOR THE GLOVE (correction), it did not fit becuase O.J. gained weight in jail, and had a latex glove on under it for the demonstration in court. Having been dropped on a dew covered lawn, the glove's leather got soaked and shrank a bit.
DNA was new at the time, and the jury discounted it. Had the trial happened today, and had Macia Clark not dragged the trial out seeking to make it a national referendum against spousal abuse and stayed on target, O.J. would not have beaten the wrap. 100% GUILTY as far as I'm concerned.

2146 days ago


Candice, he wasn't found not guilty; he was acquitted. Apparently you don't have children because if you did you would understand why the Goldmans were there and why they're happy about it. You try getting over your child being murdered in cold blood by some douchebag, you douchebag.

2146 days ago


Did oj kill nicole i dont know but a judge and jury said he didnt but all of america conficted him anyway then he if found guilty of a very stupid offense that me or you would only get 2 to 3 years for at best and that would get suspended and you would be placed on probation but oh no not oj he is givin such a stiff sentence because america wants him in jail for killing a white woman and white man. being a law student and cop i have seen the evidence and without a doubt nicole and ron were killed over a bad drug deal bottom line it is a proven fact that oj and nicole have been under investigations for many years for drug trafficing. I feel for oj because he went to court and was found not guilty by his peers and the judge but when he went to court this time it was about nicole and not the actual new crime. so much for being innocent until proven guilty and so much for the double jeopardy law the couldnt find a un bias jury anywhere in america all the minorities who are killed by cops and judges everyday in america but a minority kills a white girl and all of a sudden america wants justice give minorites justice the same as white people and maybe more minorites will fill sorry for white people when something bad happens to them.

2146 days ago

D in NC    

Like the old saying goes............what goes around comes around. Wonder who his significant other will be in the joint?

2146 days ago

Trac Ing    

Now that the radical blacks in the USA have been supplanted in size by the illegal immigrants, they dont really have much of a say in all of this and way less ability to sway the legal system with all their media based ploys and threats of rioting in the street, thats right, America just don't care about that segment of the population that thinks they deserve special treatment and a different set of ruls because they were "dissed by the man" and "aint got no cation to know no better"
Take a gun, tell them not to move, you go to jail for long time, end of story.
He is gone for at least 10 to 12 if not longer
GOOD RIDDANCE you two faced abusive piece of crap.

2146 days ago


Happy Holidays OJ! Have fun.

2146 days ago


How is 15 years too much? He was facing LIFE in prison!!!! So 15 years with the possibility of parole in 6 is a damn good deal when he could be in for LIFE! So I could be saying he got of EASY considering what he COULD of got. Please. There are people in prison for the same crimes doing the same time as OJ, so to think this was because of the murder trial please...cause if this was a "revenge sentencing" he would have got the MAX in prison and that would be LIFE in prison. So he got a pretty could deal considering he might get out in 6 years.

2146 days ago


I would have rather seen him convicted years ago of the double murder
but will settle for this

considering the 10 convictions-including kidnapping-the sentence is more than fair and in no way reflects any bias towards him for doing what the world knows that he got away with years ago. If you compare this to other sentences given out in that state for anyone else tried and convicted of the same things I"m sure you will find this right on par. He chose not to plead guilty in advance possibly thinking he would beat some of the charges like in the past-and this was the result

more than fair!!!!!!!!!

2146 days ago


Racism! Let the juice loose!

2146 days ago


I hope he gets his ass kicked in prison! Better yet, I hope he's the misses to their misters!

2146 days ago


We have a black president now more excuses about how unfair being a minority is.


2146 days ago

Triple Play    

# 10 You are a complete A HOLE. He should be doing life for the two murders he committed. Justice is sweet.

2146 days ago


Hey Pinay

"Buwa ka ng ina mo" & "ang baho ng pekpek mo" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will KO De La Hoya in the 4th round Sat !!!

2146 days ago
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