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O.J. Gets

9 Years!

12/5/2008 3:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson was sentenced to nine years in prison, a judge ordered today.

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O.J. pleaded his case to the judge before she sentenced him, but to no avail.

Simpson was convicted on October 3 of 12 criminal counts, including kidnapping, armed robbery and burglary after he and a few pals broke into a Nevada hotel room in an attempt to recover allegedly stolen sports memorabilia. Two of the counts were dismissed at the beginning of today's hearing.

Simpson's cohort, CJ Stewart, was also sentenced to 16 years. He is eligible for parole after six.

David Cook, a lawyer for the Goldman family, tells TMZ, "Fred Goldman is certainly going to wish Mr. Simpson a pleasant journey."


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It is unbelievable to me that there are people on here who think that the Goldman's have no right to be there. If my son was brutally murdered, I would be anywhere the killer showed his face and I would never stop either. OJ has laughed in their faces since day one. He is arrogant and always believed he would get away with anything. His murder trial was a travesty. He has played golf and hidden his assets so that the Goldmans would never collect. Well, the Goldman's do not need his money. They have now collected what they needed all along. The joy of knowing that this psychopath is off the streets. BRAVO!!

2146 days ago


As for the Goldmans, lets not forget that OJ got off on the criminal charges of the murder case but a jury later found him liable for wrongful death, meaning he was responsible for the murder of Nicole and Ron. So to say that he got off so the Goldmans should leave him alone, please, he still owes them millions of dollars because a jury said he was the reason they were dead. When he was found liable he did all he could to not pay the Goldmans, so if they find justice in this then let them. Maybe now they will be able to move on.

2146 days ago


I guess all the people commenting about the Goldman family being "golddiggers" and saying they should "get over it" have had a child murdered, pictures of their child's dead body all over the internet, and no justice??!!! The Goldmans' don't need the money, it's the principal of the matter.
I won't condem those comments because like I said, only complete insensitive arses would be so cruel, the only people that could possibly criticize the Goldman family are people who've been there....the rest of us should keep our criticizims to ourselves if we have any. I personally cannot fathom how the Goldman's can even go on.....they are so strong....I think if I were to lose one of my son's, I'd die from a broken heart :(

2146 days ago

Triple Play    

# 71 Buchshot. Racism is Killing two white people and robbing four more white people at gunpoint that is Racism Fool

2146 days ago


I hope Obama doesn't pardon him..........oh nooooooooooooo

2146 days ago


punk ass bitch needs to be in jail the rest of his sorry ass life.

2146 days ago


He's going to make someone a wonderful girlfriend.

2146 days ago


Fred didn't give up. I wouldn't either if you killed my child. Fred - this is for you and yours. When he got off years ago, everyone said he will trip up again someday and land in jail and everybody was right - just a matter of time.

2146 days ago


#Candice" Get Over It! What the f--- do you mean, if it were your son I'm not so sure you would be saying GET OVER IT, specially when the murder got off scott free. Maybe justice has been served for Nicole and Ron, like the earlier post an intelligent jury decided this time.

2146 days ago


64. Did oj kill nicole i dont know but a judge and jury said he didnt but all of america conficted him anyway then he if found guilty of a very stupid offense that me or you would only get 2 to 3 years for at best and that would get suspended and you would be placed on probation but oh no not oj he is givin such a stiff sentence because america wants him in jail for killing a white woman and white man. being a law student and cop i have seen the evidence and without a doubt nicole and ron were killed over a bad drug deal bottom line it is a proven fact that oj and nicole have been under investigations for many years for drug trafficing. I feel for oj because he went to court and was found not guilty by his peers and the judge but when he went to court this time it was about nicole and not the actual new crime. so much for being innocent until proven guilty and so much for the double jeopardy law the couldnt find a un bias jury anywhere in america all the minorities who are killed by cops and judges everyday in america but a minority kills a white girl and all of a sudden america wants justice give minorites justice the same as white people and maybe more minorites will fill sorry for white people when something bad happens to them.

Posted at 2:11PM on Dec 5th 2008 by real justice

Did you graduate the third grade? The lack of proper punctuation makes your post as stupid as you are.

2146 days ago

Georgia Girl    

K A R M A ' S A B I T C H ! ! !

2146 days ago


OJ Simpson - Double murderer, and the dumbest human on the planet. All he had to do was play golf all day, party with his dumb blonde girlfriends (and I'm blonde), and try not to get arrested for smacking them around every now and then. His massive EGO just wouldn't let him lie low. You finally got PART of yours, OJ. God will handle the rest later on, you throat slitting animal.

It's a good day! It won't bring back the two people he killed, but it's a start in the right direction. Thank you, thank you!

2146 days ago

Trac Ing    

The judge did NOT find him guilty, a jury of HIS PEERS selected BY HIM found him guilty. On the counts he was found guilty of, the judge MUST follow sentencing guidelines, the judge does NOT have the discretion to say "its ok, I give you probation you may go home". the judge DID have the discretion to say what would run concurrent and consecutive, and SHE cut him a LOT OF SLACK, He FACED LIFE IN PRISON, and had she made the time CONSECUTIVE, he would never have ANY chance of getting out in his lifetime. She cut him slack, and gave him a possible chance to get out in 6.5 years and a definite out in 16.5 (not 15 as reported everywhere including TMZ). Had she made the senstences for all count CONSECUTIVE, the juice would be in jail until he was dead.

Judges do not MAKE the law, they, unlike the juice, merely follow the law as dictated to them by the legislature which in turn was placed in their position by the people of Nevada. The people of Nevade have spoken, the Juice is a felon and used a deadly weapon in the course of felony robbery, of COURSE he should get 6.5 to 16.5 minimum on a first offense with 10 felony charges upheld against him, wheres the evidence now that OJ has been wronged by the man ?

To say otherwise proves your ignorance of the basic repsonsibilites required of a citizen of society.

Stop being a victim and blaming your color for your problems, YOU are you problem, no one else.

2146 days ago


“I really hate the GOLDMANS.they have NO business to be there at all. GET OVER IT! GOLDDIGGERS! This is a get even game and if they were really good people they would know they have no business in that court room. They wanted to make the judge know they were there to feel pity on them. OJ was found not guilty in the murder trial period. Goldmans need counseling period. A good dose of shut the hell up and get on with it! - by Candice”

I read this post slack-jawed and in disbelief. How can you possible think that they should “get over it”? Their 26 year old son, who was merely returning eye-glasses, was brutally butchered and left in a pool of this own congealing blood. The overwhelming evidence pointed to O.J. and the Goldmans had to sit idly by for over a year only to be slapped in the face with his “not-guilty” verdict. O.J. was not acquitted because he didn’t do it, he was acquitted because of the manufactured racism and slick lawyering of his “dream team”. They confused the jury to reject the DNA evidence (which at the time was relatively new) and to chalk the whole thing up to a dubious conspiracy contrived to bring down a well respected and like black man for no other reason than because he was black. For 13 years this family has had to watch as images of a free O.J. attended parties and played golf. They had to sit by and know that this is the man who murdered their son because their son happened to be caught up in O.J.’s jealousy, revenge and blood thirst.

You experience so much injustice and tragedy and simply “get over it”. Tell me how that works out for you.

2146 days ago


....................The OJ supporters sound like the Michael Vick supporters.................the same style thinking..........ignore the facts and just focus on black and white dislike.................OJ broke the law.........He brought all this on himself.............stupid man.....

2146 days ago
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