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Vinnie Jones Arrested After Bloody Bar Brawl

12/5/2008 8:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vinnie Jones was arrested early this morning in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
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Sources tell TMZ it was all over an incident at a local bar, where Jones was allegedly involved in an extremely bloody fight.

We're told Jones, who often plays a violent thug in movies like "Snatch" and "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels," was smashed in the face with a beer mug and his nose was busted open during the smackdown late last night.

Jones was arrested and booked for misdemeanor simple assault around 8:00 AM this morning. The other guy in the fight was busted for felony aggravated assault.

TMZ has confirmed Jones went to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries. The actor was released after posting a $400 bond. The other guy in the fight is still behind bars.

Jones has a well-known history of violence -- he was found guilty in 1998 of assaulting a neighbor and he had a legendary reputation as a thuggish pro-soccer player back in the U.K.

He is due back in court at a later date.

UPDATE -- Jones' manager tells TMZ Jones wasn't in South Dakota filming a movie -- rather he was there with some friends to do some pheasant hunting.


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yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

God damn British thugs- need to put on pilgrim outfits and play the Mayflower scene in rewind.

2147 days ago


I don't understand.

Did he get his ass handed to him or not? He is supposedly such a bad ass in real life and we all should be quaking when either he or Jason Statham touch our soil. So did he gett his butt kicked in some hick-town in South Dakota? What is this world coming to? Quick, give the lad a pint.

2147 days ago


I don't keep up much with popular culture, but I recently saw an interview Russell Brand did with Vinnie Jones on one of Brand's UK TV shows. The first thing Brand told Jones was that Jones had an air of "menace" about him, and it was true. He practically bristled with what seemed like barely-contained aggression. It was kind of unsettling. And, not surprisingly, he's a right-winger. What?! Another bellicose action movie star being drawn to war-mongering right-wing politics?! I've gotten to where, if I see a bodybuilder, I automatically assume that they're a right-winger, and it's been a sensible strategy so far, what with Schwarzenegger, Stallone, the Rock, Sarkozy, and now Vinnie Jones. There must be some exceptions, but I have yet to see any. Something about wanting to look intimidating.

2147 days ago


Haaaaaaa, hahaha, that right man, don't mess with the Midwest! We don't play soccer and headbutt people and think we're tough because Liam Gallagher is probably scared of us. I'm not saying it takes much to hit somebody with a beer glass, but I bet he pulling the british thug act and got a nice Midwestern Mafia beatdown--nice!

2147 days ago


Exactly. You hit it right on the head. These Brits may have their soccer fights and pub crawls. But here in the mid-West, well we drink beer for breakfast and live 4 months a year well below freezing. Don't mess with us. No matter how bad you think you are or where you're from. Corn fed plow boys will kick ass everytime.

2147 days ago

Kid Charisma    

I would smash a bottle over my own head if I were stuck in South Dakota having to mingle with inbred rednecks reeking of corn and manure.

2147 days ago


#19 Kid Charisma ..... LOL. That was funny.

2147 days ago


Sioux Falls? Well at least if he gets convicted for assault he wont have to go far to State Prison---its located right there. Aint but a few things come from South Dakota'--pheasants being one of them, rednecks that dont take crap from outsiders being another, and a State Prison that boasts more white population than almost any in the Country.

Couple other facts, one good, one maybe not so good about Sioux Falls:

# In 1992, a healthy economy, low unemployment, and a low crime rate led to Sioux Falls being named "the best place to live in America" by Money Magazine.[11]

# In 2006, Men's Health Magazine ranked Sioux Falls as the 93rd Angriest City in the Nation, out of 100 cities studied in the survey

Cousin Vinnie will probably learn lots of other great things about his stay there.

2147 days ago


I think he has an air of j@ck@ss.

2146 days ago


Kid Charisma, I will agree also, that very funny. But you could say that about a million places, but it doesn't make it any less funnier. Great name too, you got the goods. Secondly, someone else said some reporter said he had an air of menace about him, and yeah, the guy is a lunatic, and it's not schtick.

It's just the old adage, and not to sound stuffy, that their is always someone scarier and crazier out there--and that's on any given night. The same guy that would Vinnie or anyone at a bar one night, might stab him in the eyeball that next. Testosterone and rage. So there you go, and I've been friends with guys like Vinnie, my heroes for their badassness, and I'll would bet 8-1 that "Vinnie wasn't bothering anyone that night, he was mellow for once." I could be wrong, but it always seems to go that way.

2146 days ago


Vinny needs to be careful. If you take on someone in South Dakota, you'll be taking on the whole trailer park...

2145 days ago

kyle thill    

lol well all the people who have never been to sioux falls, shut up because we are not a redneck city and we dont get along with farm boys thats why there is so man fights we dont like hicks... for the real story on vinnie and biz the guy that hit him.. here it is and i was standing right there.. vinnie came over callin a couple mexican guys N***ers and stuff like that biz stepped in and tried to separate the guys and vinnie slapped him not once but twice.. and then came at biz and biz hit him with the glass.. then as vinnie was goin to the bathroom he ran into biz friend punched him twice and then the guy gave vinnie back!

2145 days ago


Vinnie aint tough after all!!!

2145 days ago

I'll say this    

If ole Vinn acted in the manner described, he got what was coming to him. End of story :)

2145 days ago

sam n    

Welcome to the midwest vincent, hope to see ya back for your court date. Check out wileys while your in town, might set ya straight

2145 days ago
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