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Dancing Before Seeing Stars

12/6/2008 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vinnie Jones is seen here dancing with a woman at Wiley's Pub in Sioux Falls, SD, just moments before receiving a cold pint of beer across the face.
Vinnie Jones
Jones is reportedly MIA after a bar fight that led to his arrest and subsequent bailout. Meanwhile the guy he allegedly picked a fight with is still recovering in the hospital.


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2056 days ago


I guess what I was trying to say is: WHO REALLY CARES?

2056 days ago


who is vinnie jones. really... never heard of the clown.

2056 days ago

The man    

Who is Vinnie Jones,
Okay, well, he was a very well known British Soccer player for many years, then he has been in over 30 movies, 20 of which are probably American....

2056 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

this may be a dumb question, but who is Vinnie Jones?

2056 days ago


Wow TMZ! What is this, like 4 posts on this guy? You know when you posted the first one and everyone responded with "who?" and "who friggin cares?" that should have been your first hint.

As I said, TMZ, I used to love you, but now you are focused on Rappers, Politicians, Athletes, and either people so old no one knows who they are, are so z-list (like this dude) that no one cares.
I really hope you snap out of it soon :(

2056 days ago

tha guv    

he should've kept his guard up

2056 days ago


well when he returns to Sioux Falls for court he wont have far to go for his state prison term he'll surely do for hurting a local---the State Pen overlooks the City and he can look out of his cell window and be reminded every night why its better to not make a scene when you're in a town not of your own.

he better hope the guy he hurt recovers...local judges dont take kindly to Brit types coming in acting all uppity and hurting people there. Only nice thing is its mostly white guys at the SD State Pen---they'll still rape you, but at least it will be one of your own kind...oh, and it dont matter how tough you are, unless you can fight 10 guys at once, you'll go down and you being rich, you'll also pay for future protection. You better ask for OJ custody.

AP story on why X man wants to punch people:

2056 days ago


All of these folks going - who is he! What are you all - the Brittany Spears Club? Get out, watch a decent movie, read a little. Stop being so proud of your ignorance by going.........."who is he?".....or....."who cares, I never heard of him"....

You all must be like the dumb ass students in school who moan - "When will I ever need this?"

2056 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

they should 'snatch' this 'x-man' up and 'transporter' him back to his island 'in (less than) 60 seconds' so he can 'lock, stock and smoking gun' one of his own kind.

2056 days ago


Deport this thug.

2056 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

#8.. for the record, I LOATHE Britney Spears... I honestly just have never heard of this guy....

2056 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

Oooo I looked him up on IMDB and I know who he is now, he doesnt look the same in these TMZ pictures.

2056 days ago


Whoot, whoot!! Puttin' Sioux Falls on the map!! I'm just happy that TMZ managed to find a story that left people asking who the subject was and not the location! Not an easy thing to do!!

2056 days ago


I know who he is. I also don't give a s#!t about him.

#8 littlewhinerscan'tadd is a closet Britney Spears fan.

2056 days ago
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