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O.J. Sunk By Classic Arrogance

12/6/2008 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oj SimpsonKiller O.J. Simpson's killer arrogance torpedoed his chance for a get-out-of-jail card.

The man who hacked two people to death (relax, a civil jury said he did) was offered a plea deal but rejected it. According to the prosecutor, "Mr. Simpson wanted something just short of a public apology" and rejected a deal that would have kept him in the pokey for less time than his sentence -- 9 to 33 years.

Like we've said before, it was only a matter of time ...


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Rip M 2 Shreds    

Die you murdering bastard, die!

2113 days ago


I cannot imagine what OJ's kids have been through throughout the years and will be going through going forward. Obviously neither could OJ...... I certainly hope they got the counceling they needed and hope they can have HEALTHY, productive lives. So sad!

Max61- I am the the same Sandra, and yes we do.......Thanks, Sandy

2113 days ago


I love it.....a female Judge Judy WIPED that smirk right off his face! LMAO

2113 days ago


Max61- I am the same Sandra, and yes we do.......Thanks, Sandy. Quite frankly the deja Vu I am experiencing from the VIck articles is quite scary......

2113 days ago


OJ is going to find his bhole full of juice..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

2113 days ago


Up until now, he has always been able to beat the system but this time it's just didn't go his way. He deserves his time in jail.

2113 days ago

Lovely Rita    

Way to go Nevada! Yee haw! Not only is OJ Simpson a murdering sociopath, he is STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!! You do this shi*, they DON'T aquit. Rot in hayel!

2113 days ago


I wonder if the men in prison are as infatuated with celebrities as the outside public. I’ve always thought that Cindy Crawford was the ultimate woman. I just hope the prisoners are as equally impressed with OJ and that there’s a line for an evening with him.

2113 days ago


It's a new juicer...called the OJ...he bends over and juices the boyz.......ha ha ha ha

2113 days ago


I would love if they left him in the yard....

2113 days ago


This is wonderful,I was wondering what other people were thinking about O.J. Thank You TMZ wonderful Job...Sally-O

2113 days ago


They have a special room that OJ will find out he won't like.
It's called the SHOWER!!

Watch Your Back OJ.... Bubba wants your ASS and he won't take NO for an answer!

2113 days ago



OJ never lived in Bel Air... he couldn't afford that.

He lived in BRENTWOOD..

.....and race has nothing to do with it, the man is a psychopathic killer.

2113 days ago

Paul R    

I wonder if any thought was given to placing a mirror in his cell, so that he'll finally be able to do what he ssaid he'd do following his acquittal: find his wife's nurderer.

2113 days ago


The arrogance of this guy is just unreal. I think because he walked for killing Ron and Nicole that he thought he was untouchable. That bumbling, rambling half-@ssed apology to the court was reminiscent of every drunk guy or druggie busted on the tv show "Cops" trying to talk his way out of a jam. He had it all; the world by the tail and all the money and fame you could ever dream of but he let his jealousy, temper and ego take it away. I hope the knowledge that he will spend awhile in jail will bring the Browns and the Goldmans some peace of mind. I also hope his two younger children will be able to at some point live their lives without the spectre of who their father is and the things he has done hanging over them.

2113 days ago
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