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O.J. Sunk By Classic Arrogance

12/6/2008 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oj SimpsonKiller O.J. Simpson's killer arrogance torpedoed his chance for a get-out-of-jail card.

The man who hacked two people to death (relax, a civil jury said he did) was offered a plea deal but rejected it. According to the prosecutor, "Mr. Simpson wanted something just short of a public apology" and rejected a deal that would have kept him in the pokey for less time than his sentence -- 9 to 33 years.

Like we've said before, it was only a matter of time ...


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tmz you guys are wrong for saying that about O.J. he was never convicted of murder there for he never kill any one, we have laws that we live by here in america follow them! secord O.J. has no crimanal records an gets 9 to 33 years!!!

2148 days ago


leave him with a razor blade and rope in his cell.

2148 days ago


77. Like Chris rock said "I would not have killed her, but I understand".... Think about it his ex wife is driving around in his car with her new boy friend living in his house!!!...Nicole did not break NFL rushing records OJ did, she deserved non of his assets. she did not deserve to die, but I understand.. Just like if Paul McCartney killed his crippled legless wife I would side with Paul, she blew him for what 5 years how is that worth nearly what she made off that so called marriage. Did she write Yesterday NO Paul did!! Spritzers $5000 prostitute was cheep compared to Paul's whore of an ex wife.

Posted at 7:16PM on Dec 6th 2008 by Matthew
She may not have broken rushing records, but she did take plenty of "hits". The way I look at it, he was paying her for every time he busted her in the face.

2148 days ago

Elaine 27    

Nothing new, this is America, racist as ever. If a white man did what O.J. did by trying to get back is stuff from his so called friends who wanted to sell his stuff on eBay, that white guy would have gotten a slap on the risk. However, if black man were to do the same thing, throw the whole book at him and give his ass 33yrs in prison (a life sentence). This is America and I do not care the heck what anyone wants to say, justice for the blackman is different from that of the whiteman. The all black jury, based on the evidence could not beyond a reasonable doubt convict him of murder. I followed his murder trial daily and I could not found him guilty based on the evidences. In his civil case where the burden of proof was so much lower and the prosecutor did not have to prove reasonable doubt, the all white jury found him guilty and strip him of his entire possessions as a means of compensation for the Goldmans. O.J. was left with no other choice but to hide his stuff (after all the man had two minor kids to support). Now in this latest trial with an all white jury, they send his ass to the slammer on all counts. They charged O.J. for kidnapping - which is a joke, the judge was so sarcastic in handing out the sentence, that one had to wonder if he was being tried for murder. I will say it again; justice for the whiteman is not the same as that for the blackman. I am not condoning what O.J. did, but the sentence was too harsh. Even one of his so called friends who brought this judgment against O.J. had to confess that O.J. did not have a gun. All these so called friends of O.J. who set him up, if you check their background; they are jail birds and wrong doers. O.J. was stupid to walk into their trap. This is just the characteristics of how some white people behave, if you check history, white people plunder and kill other people for their stuff and leave a trail of destruction (just look at what is happening in Iraq, Saddam had no WMD it was all about the oil).

Anyone who was not familiar with this case form the inception would of thought that O.J. got 33yrs for stealing other people's stuff, when infact he went to retrieve his stuff from his so called white friends, when he got word that they were going to sell his stuff. I am not condoning the manner in which O.J. went about getting back his stuff, but 33yres is just too much, that sounded like a vendetta for him getting off the murder trial. I do not trust any white man representing O.J. they are a bunch of sell out. O.J. needs another Johnny Cochran. Also the fact the white guys who set up O.J. taped the incident and sold the tape for profit does not sit well for me. This is just a lesson for other black people who are moving up the ladder need to learn form. With that said, I am giving this fiasco a burial

2148 days ago

Elaine 27    

49. Hey Dolly #40, what an idiot you are. Do you have any idea on earth how cases are tried? The Brentwood killings were in Los Angeles County and the District Attorney of the county prosecutes. And the county court houses are where O.J.'s trial took place. Those are in downtown Los Angeles. The pool of jurors was controlled equally by the defense and prosecution. Where jurors live is not where necessarily the accused lives. You can't "try" a case in Bel Air! And it wasn't tried in South Central Los Angeles! Please do not breed.

As for this case, it seems like a hell of a lot of prison time for a man who wasn't holding a gun. It's a miscarriage of justice that the two guys with guns rolled themselves under the bus pretty quick for their turn to cop a plea. OJ made a horrible decision but he didn't rob anyone at gun point. He was sentenced for manslaughter yesterday is my guess. Not quite murder, but more time than what was deserved for un-armed robbery.

Posted at 3:12PM on Dec 6th 2008 by Dolly #40 : Oh My!
Oh My!, you got the point. Thanks for your post. I hope that some of those who are gloting about the sentence will get some common sense. This sentence was too much for the crime when O.J. did not have gun. How can O.J. be charge for kidnapping? Who did he kidnapped. The white guys, his so called friends called him to the hotel were they were staying so that they could set him up and he fell for i the bate hook line and sinker. This prosecutor was trying to make a name for himself and get some fame, just like the judge. The jury must have been a set of high school drop out who cannot think rationally. Thanks again for your post.

2148 days ago

Mary Worth    

The only sympathy I have for him is that his dad died of AIDS complications.

2148 days ago


Hey OJ --
Merry effing Christmas from the silver state !!!

2148 days ago

Elaine 27    

53. OJ did not receive a stiff sentence. He could of received a lot more from my understanding he was found guilty of the 12 charges, including kidnapping and armed robbery with a deadly weapon. Twelve charges, twelve guilty verdicts, and the possibility of life in prison. Please! He got what he deserved......

Although the 94 trial had nothing to do with this verdict, (YES NOTHING), he got away with murder and should have taken advice to lay low. He continued to live in the spotlight, due to his ARROGANCE! He is an individual with serious mental issues. He and he alone did himself in....... Good Riddance!!!!

Posted at 3:33PM on Dec 6th 2008 by Sandra Brooks

How strange, you agree with the all white jury, but you do not agree with the all black. I will forever maintain my stance that justice for a black man is different for that of a white man in this country. The verdict in this case was a miscarrage of justice. Can you please remind me who again did O.J. kidnapped?. Was it the wrong doers, the jail birds white friends who lur him to the hotel room where they were all staying to set him up so that they could tape the incident and sell the tape for a profit to Harvy Levin of TMZ. Again, justice for a friging black man in the USA is not the same for that of a white man.Look how many blakmen have been to the electric chair innocently or how many times a black man spent 25-30yrs in prison for a rape that he did not do. This was pay back for the innocent verdict of the murder trial. Giving O.J. 33yrs and he did not have a gun in his hands is A MISCARRAGE OF JUSTICE.

2148 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I guess the lesson to be learned is this: If you are going to commit a crime, wear an industrial size
electromagnet on your back (with battery) to erase all the audio tapes within a 20 foot radius

2148 days ago


I 'm white and I do think the charges against OJ in Nevada were over the top. He was just trying to retrieve some of his stuff and he was clearly unfamiliar with the ptential ramifications of his actions.

Unfortunately, OJ did kill his ex and Goldmann. The jury in that case did not understand the ramifications of DNA results.

He shoull have been convicted for the two murders but the Vegas charges were too harsh.

2148 days ago


My, my, my, Joyce31.... you sure do have a lot of opinions on what everyone is saying. Too bad your grammar is that of a fifth grader. You ramble on and on in your posts and the only message that you getting across is that you are a whiny b!tc# that loves to play the race card. Your posts are so effen stupid and off base that I feel embarrassed for you just reading them. You truly do not have a clue, do you? In your opinion this was nothing more than "wrong doers" setting O.J. up. Seriously? Are you effen kidding me? You have to be, hands down, the stupidest person I have encountered in a long time. Did you even hear what O.J. said in his crybaby speech that he gave the judge? He knew exactly what he was doing and knew exactly what was going on. You are a MORON! Oh, and way to keep writing posts to yourself. Stay classy!

2148 days ago

Creepy Bill    

OJ didnt do it, he was just trying to find the real killers who robbed those guys.

2148 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

Hey Joyce 31, you and OJ can both drop it, you racist pig bitch? STFU.

2148 days ago

Creepy Bill    

I bet that piece of s**t thinks he'll be able to play a round of golf where hes going.

2148 days ago


Joyce31 .... SHUT UP! You are ignorant and a racist to boot. Nobody cares about your retarded opinions. Get lost, clown!

2148 days ago
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