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Oprah to Obama: I'm Still Seeing Other People

12/6/2008 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah and ObamaOprah has just announced she will not take a position in Obama's administration even if he asks -- not that he's asking or anything -- but if he did, then she'd say no ... most likely.

Oprah gushed, "I have a few full-time jobs already and a few full-time commitments so, it never ever occurred to me" according to AP Television.

Meanwhile Oprah has been stressing herself silly trying to find the perfect dress for the prom, um ... er ... inaugural ball.


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And her political qualifications are?

2117 days ago

Where's the CHANGE?    

Why would'nt she want to be apart of the Clinton administration part deuce?

2117 days ago

angry white dude    

Maybe Oprah is upset with Obama's tax plan..

2117 days ago


Can't stand the sight or sound of Oprah since the election.

Also, it is hilarious that Obama is duplicating the Clinton admin because during the primary he and his miserable wife kept saying times weren't so good during the Clinton admin. [Of course, they were good which is why he's now scrambling to copy it.]

2117 days ago


She makes me want to puke.

2117 days ago

Obama Blows Chuncks    

Ugh, Oprah is SOOOOO overated and super annoying. She stands for nothing virtuous.

2117 days ago


She is so full of herself.

2117 days ago


Hey O!You're alot less important to all of us, as you are to yourself. Geee. get those feet back on the gorund, gurl! lol

2117 days ago


TMZ, it's "then", not "than".

2117 days ago


TMZ, you guys have been skipping on the pics lately, jeez zoomed in pixelated pics from video, wow, are budget cuts that bad or are you to lazy to look though your back catalog of pics

2117 days ago


There won't be any openings in Clintons, uh I mean Obama's administration. What has this country come to when we get Presidents who even consider putting someone like Oprah in charge of anything. Put someone who knows what it is like to be middle class in this country, I know O came from a poor back ground, but after you have been living the rich life and hob snobbing for a few years you do forget where you came from. But we could get her to help stop global warming by tearing down a few of her mansions. Let's get real Obama is just another liberal left wing I know whats best for all you morons out there people, who the only difference is he was black.

2117 days ago


I used to think Oprah was doing good...
Now she just annoys me...
Shes too full of her own self worth.

2117 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

What incredible egos. Both of them.

P.S. "Office of the President Elect"? No such thing...

2117 days ago


Of course she doesn't want to work him. She makes a million times more money than he does. She's the one who got him his job. Two economists proved she delivered over one million votes in the primary & without her he would have lost the nomination. Obama may be king, but she is the king maker.

2117 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Get ready, PETA,

the breed of dog the Obama's choose will have the puppy mills grinding away for years...

2117 days ago
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