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Dead MTV Star's Mom: Don't Cut My Daughter Out!

12/7/2008 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kandice hutchinsonThe mother of Kandice Hutchinson -- the "Double Shot at Love" star who died in a car accident -- is telling MTV thanks but no thanks for cutting her daughter's craziest moments from the show.

Valerie Campbell told us she's not happy MTV edited out scenes of Kandice's most outrageous moments -- something MTV did out of respect for the family -- because she says that's just how her daughter was, and that's how she wants to see her.

One thing Valerie is grateful to MTV for: The fruit basket they sent her.

Kandice died in a car accident in October -- after a driver rear-ended her, causing her to be ejected from her car.


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~alis volat propriis~ "*she flies with her own wings*"    

alright. just to let everyone know: i will not respond to any biggoted or immature comments posted after mine. if you can't handle this, then that's your problem. and sure enough, some ignorant individual will still say something. and that's fine: but it will make it all the more amusing when someone does comment about this....
the only reason why i'm even commenting on this is to point out how cruel some people can be. utterly and brutally cruel. and there's no excuse for that. look, you may not have known her... but i did. you wanna judge someone? judge yourself. spending all day commenting on a TMZ site? you don't have a job? homework? barbie's to play with? anything? the ONLY reason i'm wasting my precious time on here is to say one thing, and then i'm getting back to my career: grow the eff up. if you're some 14 year old, thinking you know ANYTHING about life, get one. if you're some 20- something college kid passing judgement: you're not living your own life to the fullest, so don't judge someone's that you don't even know. if you're some middle aged spinster sitting on the computer, reading gossip columns and wishing that your life had been a little more meaningful.... then i feel sorry for you... i really do.

what gives any of you negative people the right to judge this girl? nothing, that's what. yeah, its easy for you to look at pictures of her, or talk crap about her life choices. who cares?! this was a living, breathing young woman who was our friend. our FRIEND. and we're hurting. .. calling her a whore and branding her for her mistakes. unless you were there holding her mothers hand while she weeped.... or standing at her funeral paying your respects... or feeling like you couldnt breathe because your friend was taken from you... seeing her beautiful face posted everywhere with RIP under it... wishing that you had kept closer contact with her when you'd gone off to college, because now its too late... then you don't have the RIGHT to say anything. nothing whatsoever. you can sit behind your little computer screen and judge all you want... she was phenomenal. and nothing you say can change that.


to make yourself feel better? to help you sleep at night? why? why? wHy?!?!?

you didn't know her. listen to me: you did NOT know her. you didn't know her. but we did.

it didn't matter if you were her best friend or you passed her in the hallway when we were in high school: she knew how to live life to the fullest.

the saddest part is this: she's laughing her @$$ off somewhere right now reading what you people have posted. in hysterics with that crazy little laugh of hers. she didn't care what people thought. that's why she was the way she was; why she wore what she did; why she was on the show that she was: she wasn't living life for you.
she lived it for herself.
and some of you will never know that kind of freedom. your own ignorance and cruelty will imprison you all on its own.

some of you will look at this and laugh. you can't change. you can call someone you never met a whore. and no one's making any excuses for her mistakes. but we're not judging her either. the last time i checked, its not my job to judge others. its my job to be a person worth loving and respecting.

and that's exactly what kandi did.

and stop judging her mother as well. its not your job in this world to be their family's judge and jury. its your job to be people worth listening to. and as far as i'm concerned, you're not. if ignorance is bliss, then some of you must be sitting poolside in barbados with a daquiri full of merry effing sunshine....

don't assume that you know how God will judge anyone. that's not your responsibility. it's His. thou shal not judge, and before you throw that Bible around any more in anyone's face, i think you should also remember not to idolize yourself (a little guy names moses had a tablet that said something like that on it... if i remember correctly.... and yes, that was a joke).

so, say what you like. but if she wanted to be crazy on MTV, flash people, sing, laugh, dance, drink, and if she lived life the only way she knew how... then by God, i feel blessed to have known her. it breaks my heart to think there are people in the world like you. but it puts a smile on my face to know that all the moments you judge her are the moments you are wasting in your own life.

and oh what a life that must be.

i bet you didn't know how unique she was, or that she had a beautiful voice, or that no one who has ever come into contact with her has anything bad to say about her... you don't know her favorite food or what songs she sang at talent shows in high school or that she was a sweet little blonde cheerleader in high school who could light up a room with her outrageously unique la

2090 days ago


To fire nina
I am kandi's cousin and in my opinion if your not going to watch the show then grow up and get a life. I think that it is sad that you sit on a computer and bash people you did not even know. If we want to remember her that way it is our buisness and not yours. If something traggic were to happen to one of your family members you would get the same respect. So just stay the hell out of it.


2090 days ago

Taylor Walker (italy,tx)    

i can't believe what people would say about Kandice when they don't even know her. actually i can believe it, immature kids talking trash on someone that they know nothing at all about. do u think because she was on tv that that gives you the right to say hurtful things about her? she used to be a cute little shy blonde and finally grew into her personality. Kandice wasn't just an artist with make-up, she was an artist period. i still have a mural she made me for my birthday 6 years ago that is on my wall. a wonderful voice, great sense of humor and a laugh that i'll always remember. i wasn't able to make it to her funeral because i was sick and i regret it so much. we'll always have memories and nobody can change those, no matter how much meaningless crap flies outta their mouth.

2090 days ago


To the Family & Friends of Kandice:
May God Bless you & wrap his arms around you.
Please, for the sake of your sanity, don't bother reading these posts anymore. People can be so cruel as you have seen displayed here. It is horrible to lose a loved one, unimaginable to lose a child. You are suffering enough & don't need to read what these people have written, hopefully one day they will understand just how damaging words can be.
Just know that not all people are heartless, some of us really do care and hope you will find strength and peace in your loss.

2089 days ago


For your info.....her car blew up so she either A was ejected or B burned to death......God obviously needed another Angel! I dont care if you dont like Kandi or her Mother but put your self in their shoes and see if you would like people saying things about your family. You only talk crap on here cause you are Anonymous you wouldnt say this to there faces. I think that is the shame of the internet its a getaway from being your real self! Even how much I hate the things you are saying about her I would never want you to have to experience it! and why should her mother cancel her myspace and pictures that was kandi and that is what she would have wanted. Dont like it dont look!

2089 days ago

Lacey Faye    

Well.. as one of Kandis close family members.. this doesnt make me happy. I dont understand why people choose to sit online and bash people who for 1 arent here to defend themselves. and 2 dont deserve it. But as kandi would say screw all yall.. i think that you must be unhappy with your own lives. Kandi was a great and i mean great person. Even though she was crazy she lived life to the absolute fullest she loved with her all.. My cousin should be remembered for who she was. If you didnt know her you have no right getting on her gossiping. Yall say she is a bad person pretty much saying that she was full of sin and deserved what happened. But you sit here sinning gossiping and may god help you all. It is not right to belittle people expecially my aunt. She loves her family and would give anything for them. So please when you go to write another comment sit back and think how would you feel if this was your daughter, sister, cousin, niece, grandchild. I believe you would not like it one little bit. There is no words to describe the greif our family is feeling. we lost someone who has meant so much to us for our whole lives. She was like my sister and no matter what there is not a day that goes by that i do not think of her. so when you decide to write mean hurtful comments i really hope you do think about it. Cause having to read this hurts us and there is no reason we should have to hurt more. WE LOVED HER DEARLY. and i am personally just thankful she left us so much to remember her by. Some people arent that fortunate. Well anyways in closing i love you kandi, Val, Kameron, Kasondra and Robert keep your heads up cause we all kno what a great person she was regardless of what 2 bit people think or say that never meat are wonderful kandi..
I LOVE AND MISS YOU BIG CUZ... -lacey faye

2089 days ago


I knew Kandi personally and yes she was wild and bi-sexual..... WHO CARES! What matters is the FACT that she was a beautiful person with a heart of gold and anyone who knows her... is missing a part of themselves now that she is gone. Just because she was on a show doesn't label her a bad person... SHE WAS FAR FROM IT. Her mother requested that MTV NOT edit anything about Kandi because that was the way she was... A strong woman that stands her ground and expresses herself.

If you are someone who labels people without ever even meeting them… than you are no better than a piece of trash in the wind. So please, if you did NOT know Kandi....keep your rude and degrading comments to yourself.... have some respect... She deservers respect. Take it from a military wife and mother who knows the value of honor, integrity and the value of a human life.

2089 days ago


Are you kidding me?! Would you say that to her mother right now?! I watched the first episode, and will continue to watch, out of respect, and support for her. This is a great show! And she seemed like a good person.

2087 days ago


As bad as I feel for everyone's loss, stop saying that she was an amazing singer. She may have been an amazing person, but your standards must be quite low when it comes to singing if you classify her abilities as 'amazing'.

2081 days ago

Lil red    

you know what, all of you are pathetic. would you just leave this girl and her mother alone. no matter how she died let her be remembered by those who love her without making judgments. what has this world come to? you all make me sick.

2067 days ago
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