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Fred Goldman Wants to Drain Juice from Dealer

12/7/2008 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fred Goldman isn't finished with O.J. yet -- well, O.J.'s stuff, to be exact.

Goldman's lawyers are filing an action against Mike Gilbert -- the memorabilia dealer who claims O.J. confessed to killing Ron and Nicole -- asking a judge to force Mike to give Fred everything he has that's Juice-related.

A letter to Gilbert's lawyers says the dealer promised to give Goldman the property during an appearance on the "Dr. Phil Show", but he never did.

Goldman is also filling a temporary restraining order against Gilbert -- a hearing is set for Dec. 12.


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I dnt know, this guy seems too interested in the money. Although I feel greatly for his loss.

2153 days ago


GOldman is nothing more than a greedy blood sucking leach. Why is it Ron Goldman's mother who was in her son's life is not doing one thing since all this came out but Freddie boy who was never in his son's life seems to surface every little chance he can at some opportunity to get something for himself and his cu-nt daughter. Two gold digging greedy leaches. Why don't U do like MOST American and get a damn job U loser. I am sick of seeing and reading news about him. I wish he would just go away.

I am sadden that Nicole and Ron both lost their lives and pay they are both in peace with the rest of their families. My heart particularly goes out to the kids of the Simposon's. I pray they are able to live somewhat normal lives considering what they have experienced.

2153 days ago


You have got to be kidding me. Do these people never give up? Nothing...nothing will bring their relative back. Their lust for money and revenge is just unbelievable. ROn's soul will never rest with what this family is doing. Give it up. They got what they wanted..the setup worked..OJ is in jail. Duh! The father and daughter have both aged so much over the years with this hate. I am sure Ron would not have wanted all this. Let him have peace..quit being professional victims.
If any of OJ's stuff is family related such as personal pictures for his kids they should not be able to get that. It would not be worth $$ anyway. I have never and hope to never see any family act like they have after all these years. How they ever got a court to award money for the loss when OJ was acquitted on murder charges is beyond corrupt. I can see why people where calling them names and stuff at court. They should have never been there. Some of those guys need to "sing" on how the Goldman family was involved in the setup.

2153 days ago


I feel bad for the Goldman and Brown families. I can't even begin to understand what they have been through!! But I think there is a time when you have to let go of the anger. It begins to consume your life. I feel that Mr. Goldman has allowed this to happen to him. I hope that this brings some satisfaction to him and that he begins to let go of this horrible anger. O.J. will get his in this life and in the next. He is a sick individual who truly believes his own lies!!!

2153 days ago


Gotta feel for Fred Goldman (I, too, had lost a close family member to murder); however, with that said, he needs to start doing things without sending out press releases and speaking on talk shows, news shows, etc. He definitely got his message out and now he needs to do things in private. There are ways of doing it in private. If it does get out, he should kindly tell the media that he is no longer interested in speaking about this to the world and make sure his attorneys do the same. Enough is enough.

2153 days ago


People seem to forget that O.J. still owes the Goldman's money from the civil trial.

2153 days ago


I smell Greed... give me a break!

That ridiculous the judge stated the sentence had nothing to do with the previous case... complete B.S. These are the same criminal type people we have in office that got your Joke of a President Bush in office. I hate (yes HATE) each and every one of you that wants to run and have everything. This is what also makes me HATE being considered an AMERICAN. Sh!t like this is why our economy is being sentenced straight to hell. This is not intended against all WHITES but you know who you are. You will se to it that this country is destroyed!!!

2153 days ago


To #2: Ron goldman's mom was not in his life - his father was. His mother actually surfaced after he was murdered and there was money to be made. She sold 'her' story to some tabloids. FYI...

2153 days ago


OJ is lucky that he has to deal with Goldman. OJ hide alot of his money and lived very well. Goldman is only going after what the court has given him. It where me, OJ would have been dead the day after the civil case. OJ was force to testify in the civil case and with his own words they proved he kill his wife and Ron.

2153 days ago


My heart goes out to both the Brown and Goldman families. That is an awful loss and tragedy. But Fred Goldman NEEDS A job. He's so hell bent on getting O.J's possesions. I feel as though this isn't about Ron's memory and justice being served for him now (even though O.J. went to jail for something else). It's all about money for this man now and nothing else.

2153 days ago


I admire and back Fred Goldman 300%. Let's not forget his son was brutally murdered and the Goldman family never received justice, only empty promises. I could only hope that more parents would be so pro-active with so unfortunate slams in life.. how many of us would NOT go to the ends of the earth for our children? It isn't money, it is justice... Anyone with half a brain knows that the first trIal WREAKED of DNA Discovery but apparently the jury was too mesmerized and taken with a loser "celebrity" killer and could not get past the glamour of the trial. Mr. Goldman and Kim are the only voices that Ron continues to have, don't begrudge him his fatherly/sisterly love they have for their family member. I truly don' t think they care about money at this point... OJ laughed at them and slandered them for years... It truly is their turn to get their own peace. I would do the same for my children and my husband. To the Goldmans, I have your back and so do many many others.

2153 days ago

Still OJ    

I feel sorry for anyone 300% behind Fred Goldman. He's a poor pathetic man that needs to get a life. I can't imagine being so miserable for so long. It's been 14 years already. I can understand grief but at some point you have to move on with your life. I also feel sorry for Kim Goldman's son. What a life he's having growing up with those two wallowing in their misery for all these years.

2153 days ago


#12 u couldnt have said it better,he is more miserable than oj, so wheres his justice?

2153 days ago

I Love Memphis    

I like so many others have had enough of Goldman and his daughter. I think both put on a show for the cameras. Move on people, I'm sick of seeing your faces... Golddiggers!!!

2153 days ago


This man is no better than OJ. He is full of hate and animosity. He needs to find a way to heal and let it go, ie some serious counseling is in order. To hold to such hatred after all this time is just not normal and makes me think that perhaps his actions are born out guilt that he wasn't the father to Ron he claims to be. No matter how much money he gets from OJ it will never bring back his son and to think that the money is not going to some kind of charity for the betterment of others who may have been victims of violent crimes speaks volumes about this man and his daughter and their hypocrisy.

2153 days ago
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