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Xtreme Florida Cougar

12/7/2008 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Linda Hogan, seen here at a XFC fight with son Nick and 19-year-old boy toy Charley, was probably saying: "I bet you kids have a lot in common."

Linda Hogan
Yeah, except for one, big thing...


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A few things:
1. I am a professional retoucher. I opened this photo and examined it. It is indeed a brown glass "beer" looking bottle. Although, I have never seen a beer bottle that didn't have a clearly visible label on it. It could either be root beer or the actual beer label could have been removed.
2. Does anyone else find it weird that he is holding a purse? I am guessing since glass bottle are not allowed at the fights themselves, that the bottle came from his mother's purse, and that is why he is holding it. And at that point, why would you hide root beer? I'd have to say it's an actual beer.
3. Although what happened to his friend is horrible, and I believe his sentence was too light, the fact is his friend chose to get in the car with him knowing what might happen. I wouldn't jump out of a plane after packing my own parachute, and then after I died from my mistake expect my family to blame the person flying the plane for letting me jump.

2115 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

17. Looks like Nick does have a beer bottle in his hand. That should be a parole violation I hope that his parole officer gets notice of this and sends him for a drug test to see if he is drinking and if so sends his sorry butt back to JAIL

Posted at 8:43AM on Dec 7th 2008 by sweet

One of Nick's hands is making that idiotic "V" sign, and the other hand is holding his left bicep. Where is this beer bottle? What am I missing?

I still think that Nick is an unrepentant lowlife, by the way. He doesn't need to be holding a beer bottle here to demonstrate that.

2115 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

21. The bottle in nicks hand is absolutely a beer bottle. The bottle beside him belongs to the guy sitting beside him. Nick has the bottle tucked kinda under his armput. ...

Ah, OK. Now I see what you people are referring to. I got confused because the bottle isn't actually in his hand. I should have read more comments here before posting my previous one.

But really, how can you tell that it's a beer bottle? The photo does not give enough visual information. Have you seen other, better photos? Were you there in person, perhaps?

Like I said, I still think that Nick is a lowlife. There's no need to imagine a beer bottle.

2115 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

Linda's boyfriend looks like he's bored to tears. He probably has no interest in Linda or her life, but simply in the financial aid she is providing.

2115 days ago


#36... Mrs. Palmetto (AKA Grammar Police) Honey, you are a bitch.

2115 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

48. #36... Mrs. Palmetto (AKA Grammar Police) Honey, you are a bitch.

Posted at 2:29PM on Dec 7th 2008 by Nobody likes a crone

Nobody likes people who defend illiteracy and engage in immature name-calling.

2115 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

49. They have one thing in common...they both have gone in and out of the same spot....only the boy toy more often..LOL

Posted at 2:31PM on Dec 7th 2008 by Abs

Don't be so sure. Given Linda's preferences in men, it could easily be that she spent lots of time teaching her little Nicky how to satisfy a woman.

2115 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

Each letter in the formula below represents a unique digit between 0 and 9. What is the mapping between letters and digits? None of the rows of numbers start with a 0.


2115 days ago


#48 - I have no problem with the Grammar Police title. However, I see your vocabulary is quite limited also, And please don't call me honey. Not on the first date, anyway.

2115 days ago

Team Anniston    

It does look like he is wearing a girls blouse...what is up with that?

2115 days ago


I am the original Grammar Police, so I guess I am the b!tc#. Oh, and don't call me honey. It's not my fault you never made it past junior high.

2115 days ago


By the way Nobody likes a crone, I'm not to be confused with the Grammar Rehab Center or Ms. Palmetto. You sound like someone who has had a post or two corrected for you.

Bitter ... table of one!

2115 days ago


Linda Hogan looks foolish hanging with all these kids.LOl

2115 days ago


i AM the greatest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS look at the ZITS on that guy...if i punch his face and pimples, it will squirt all over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2115 days ago


I figured the "one big thing" was that huge zit on Charley's cheek.

2115 days ago
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