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Xtreme Florida Cougar

12/7/2008 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Linda Hogan, seen here at a XFC fight with son Nick and 19-year-old boy toy Charley, was probably saying: "I bet you kids have a lot in common."

Linda Hogan
Yeah, except for one, big thing...


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I'm sorry, but that IS a beer bottle that Nick is trying to hide...One of the "Long Neck" bottles that is either a Budweiser or Coors product, either of which Nick is not old enough to legally consume...
Now, in this picture Linda is showing us a stellar example of her fine parenting skills...Allowing her UNDERAGED son to ILLEGALLY consume alcohol while he's still on PROBATION is so lovely...Linda should be arrested for contributing to minors, and Nick & Charlie should be forced into rehab...Then again, it was Linda who overindulged her kids in the first place, which is why Nick was able to cause the damage to John...
BTW, the medication Charlie needs is Valtrex, or ProActive...

2143 days ago


It is so a beer bottle. It's your mama's arse..

2143 days ago


Little, very little, Nickey is getting that smart ass atttitude back again. Look at his face, it looks like his mother just breast feed him.

2143 days ago


It might look like he is holding a beer bottle, but if you see his shirt, you will notice that there is some kind of reflective design (similar shine on the upper right side of his shirt). I think it's simply the shadow cast on his shirt since he is leaning forward, combined with the design of his shirt which clearly has some reflective metallic design. I have been to many of these events and glass bottles of any kind are not allowed. Security is constantly around and watching people at these testosterone fests.

Having said that, while he is obviously a kid who grew up spoiled and with little positive influence, judging him for what happened to his friend is not fair. We have no idea what he felt when his friend was hurt, and responsibility also falls on the victim, unfortunately, because he chose to be with him that night, knowing full well the risks of stepping into a car with someone who had been drinking. Everyone is always looking for a scapegoat, but sometimes an accident is just that - an accident.

2143 days ago


That jacket Linda is hideous as is the blouse Charley Tuna Eater is wearing.

Hey Linda, you look pathetic hanging out with teenagers. Your sell by date expired years ago!

Cougar? Hardly. She is a war pig.

2143 days ago

Brainy Sly Chic    

HE'S HOLDING A BEER BOTTLE. If you want to back him up, just say so. But don't lie and try to dance around, "it's in the person's hand next to's in his right elbow".

Oh cut the crap! He's holding a beer bottle between his arms and even though the quality of the picture isn't that great, you can still see it plain as day! So get over it!

Nick hasn't learned, his parents don't care (big surprise there) and at some point he's going to be behind the wheel again. And good luck to you people that live anywhere near that entire family when they're on the road. (Maybe they'll at least be on their way to church, God willing.)

2143 days ago


I feel sorry for their daughter brook and at times Hulk Hogan. I'll never forget when hogan told Linda that he needed her help by her getting a job to help with the bills. Her response was the classic elitist spoiled brat response. You got Me used to this life style, it's your job to make the money, not mine. And when he had the nerve to put his foot down, she divorced him and ran away, A first class lazy dimwit. Linda's parents must be so proud.

2143 days ago


Linda Hogan is the epitome of trashy and so is her pizza faced boyfriend. Nick Hogan is the embodiment of the word j@ck@ss.

2143 days ago

Roger Moore    

Wonderful job of raising children by the Bollea's.
Brooke is a talentless fat slam pig with "Baby-Momma" written all over her.
Nick is a functional retard, permanently maimed another human being AND was imprisoned all before the age of 18.
Neither of the Bollea spawn could manage to graduate high school, in Florida of all places.

2143 days ago

The Truth    

Actually it is a beer. There are other photos and a short video shot at the fight when they we interviewing there. Linda bough Nick and Charlie and beer and she had water. When this photo was taken Linda turned to Nick to tell him not to get involved in the shot. And to hide the beer. Problem is the other photos and the video when she bought the alcohol.

Also the photos and the short video clip was sent to the District Atty and the probation office for Nicks case for violation of the terms of his probation.

Linda is under investigation in a 3 state inquiry (brought on by her divorce proceedings) for supplying and buying alcohol to minors. Florida she supplied alcohol at nicks home coming from jail. Las Vegas she bought and supplied alcohol to Nick, Charlie and Brooke. Also in California.

2143 days ago


Yeah that totally looks like the water bottle the hag is holding, if it were brown, and made of glass retards! I get the rocky horror picture show comment, but the guy in the movie was waaaaay better looking than the next endorser for proactive. He actually makes nick look attractive...ewww

2143 days ago


Yeah all of his finger are around his arm, its tucked between his arms and his lack of chest. Kinda like when you tuck your weenie between your legs and pretend to be a girl

2143 days ago



2143 days ago


What an idiot she is, dumb blond. Just yuck on him and lots of freebies. So gross

2143 days ago


I think that stuff on his face is the direct result of putting it in that fat old whore's cooter

2142 days ago
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